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How Is Fabletics Using Amazon’s Selling Techniques?

Fabletics and Amazon are quite similar in their approach to sales. They both use a technique known as reverse-showrooming that offers product previews to customers before the items are found in a brick-and-mortar store, and the tactic is catching on around the world. There are several different ways that Fabletics will benefit from such a program, and this article explains how the company will expand its business using a time-tested sales method.


#1: How Is The Showroom Reversed?


Amazon did not start with physical stores to carry its merchandise, and every product is seen in pictures on a website. The company built its business by selling online for less, and they are moving into the physical store market as Fabletics wishes to. Fabletics sells clothing to women online, and they will soon have 100 stores open in America for customers. Every current customer knows the brand from pictures online, and they are coming to the store to see more.


#2: How Will Fabletics Capitalize?


The Fabletics brand will improve its sales using their stores, and each new store allows women to try their clothes on after taking a look. They do not try on clothes online, and they have come to the store knowing they enjoy and appreciate the Fabletics brand. Women who are most interested in the brand are more likely to visit the store because they know what they are getting into.


#3: What About New Customers?


New customers of the brand turn up in the store knowing their friends love Fabletics. Their friends wear slimming and fitted clothing from Fabletics they rave about, and they turn up in the stores looking for the same experience their friends get. Each woman who wishes to have a similar experience in the store will find what she needs when perusing or trying on in the store. The store becomes the place where she falls in love with Fabletics, and she knew about it long before she visited the store.


#4: What Is Fabletics All About?


Fabletics creates fitted clothing for women to use for casual purposes. A trip to the gym or around town is quite simple when women are wearing Fabletics clothing, and each new piece is designed to help women feel beautiful in a new setting. They may wear light clothing for the gym, or they may bundle up in something made for winter sports. The catalog includes alluring swimwear, and there is a section for athletic swimsuits. The company wants women comfortable, organized and less stressed, and they achieve this with beautiful clothes that fit.


The Fabletics brand stands for passion and innovation. Kate Hudson stars in her own commercials for the brand, helps design the clothes and wears the clothes herself in public. She has built a brand that will use the finest of sales techniques, and they will continue with reverse-showrooming to combat companies like Amazon. Teaching women of the clothes before they come to a new store ensures brand loyalty for every woman who wishes to be comfortable.