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Transforming Cancer Treatment with Dr. Clay Siegall

About 40 percent of people in the USA will have cancer at a point in their lives. These statistics are according to the National Cancer Institute. Yearly, over six hundred people succumb to this illness in the country. These figures may suggest little efforts are being made to fight this illness. It is contrary to the truth. Seattle Genetics has never pushed boundaries of cancer treatment, and research like it is doing now.

Men like Dr. Clay Siegall and others, real progress is being realized. Improving treatment begins with understanding the root of the problem. For one reason or the other, genes may develop problems. As a result, this problem causes cancer. Approaches such as radiation and chemotherapy are expected to address the problem from the cause. As these forms of treatments are enhanced, we anticipate less loss of lives in the future.

Apart from Seattle Genetics, other facilities and institutions are also striving to discover better treatments. For instance, the University Hospital of Lyon, UK has researchers who are developing a new test with a high accuracy of predicting bladder cancer recurrence. This information and more is great progress in cancer research and treatment.

In the year 1998, Dr. Clay Siegall was part of establishing Seattle Genetics. He is the company’s CEO, chairman of the board and president. Dr. Siegall first pursued a degree in zoology at the University of Maryland. He later attained a Ph.D. in genetics. He got it after studying at George Washington University.

Dr. Clay’s interest is mainly in cancer therapies, but he has also participated in other areas. The organization is based on innovation, research and developing drugs. The greatest inspiration is to help patients. Through Clay’s leadership, the company developed antibody-drug conjugates. It first happened in 2011, after FDA approved Adcetris.

According to Dr. Clay, the success of his organization comes from hard work. So much effort has been put to get where the organization is today. This is certainly not the end because more work is needed to fill in the gaping hole of knowledge that is there. Therefore, Seattle Genetics will continue doing research as well as working with other organizations around the world. This journey is not to be done alone.