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David Osio’s Davos CAP Calculator


Davos Real Estate Group has recently released a mobile app called the “Davos Cap Calculator,” meant to assist in financial investments of US properties. It allows one to calculate the net income, capitalization rate, and cash flow of real estate investment. One of the capabilities of the Davos Cap Calulcator is a function that allows one to enter mortgage information to see how the terms and conditions of this impact the profitability and cash flow of the investment. More functions of the application are already planned, such as the implication of search properties in MLS (Multiple Listing Services) in order to calculate mortgage and other industry-related services. CEO David Osio states that having a property as an alternative asset in an investment portfolio is important because it diversifies the portfolio. This gives a balance in yield spreads and can improve returns and reduce risk levels. The Davos Cap Calculator is available now to download for free on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

The Davos Real Estate Group is led by CEO David Osio, and is just one of the companies that make up the Davos Financial Group. Osio graduated from Andres Bello Catholic University, a leading university in Venezuela, in an advanced management program for International Banking Law. He started his career as the President and CEO of the company OPED Enterprise in 1981, where he worked with coffee export programs. He later climbed the ranks of Letco Commercial Companies, structuring marketing programs for industrial products in the US. Eventually, Osio obtained a leading position in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International (BLI) in Miami, and was promoted to Vice President of Banking Commercial in less than two years.

David Osio decided to start his own business ventures in 1993, which became the Davos Financial Group. The Group was the first in Venezuela to provide financial advice for such exclusive clientele. Something that David Osio considers of the highest importance is maintaining and promoting social responsibility within his companies. Osio and his companies have consistently collaborated with nonprofit organizations, especially those with a focus on helping communities and people in need through art and culture. Osio supports many different foundations, both national and international, including the UMA Foundation, Fundana Foundation, and Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. The Davos companies have also won many international awards due to Osio’s management performance and social contributions to the community.

Bob Reina Inspires, Gives to Great Causes

Bob Reina is a rare CEO that has a mission to change the world. He is known by his associates a great leader with a shining light on what should be done to better the lives of others. And it isn’t just a physical manner he wants to help people. He truly believes that he has a “greater responsibility” to help others realize their dreams due to his success.

The vision and commitment to changing the world is apparent. It seems to trickle down the organization, as it now a part of their corporate DNA at Talk Fusion, the technology company he founded in 2007.

It seems that the goodness Reina is spreading in the world starts right at home in the business. He provides instant pay for all associates, so they aren’t waiting around to get their funds. This way, they are able to better pay their bills, medical expenses, and help out friends and family with their monetary needs.

But Bob Reina doesn’t leave it at that. He is always finding more ways to give back. In fact, he allows his employees in over 140 different countries to help out by offering one free account to a charity that they choose. This free Talk Fusion account is not just the basics either, like some other companies do. It is loaded with all the best features of a premium custom account. They can access video email, video newsletters, video conferences, email templates, live chat, and more. Reina feels that every great nonprofit deserves a voice, and like a great leader he is giving it to them. Learn more about Bob Reina at Home Business Magazine.

More About Reina

Bob Reina has personally broken donation records by giving $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Florida. He also donates to orphanages in Nepal, victims funds in Nepal, earthquake victims in Japan, and animal rights shelters.

Reina began as a criminologist with the police force. Clearly, he has a history of helping as a public servant. But he saw an opportunity to help even more people and change the world with video marketing services, so he founded Talk Fusion in 2007. He has continued to give back consistently, which you can see more about at

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Doe Deere Defines Her Style

Doe Deere is one woman that clearly has her own way of expressing herself. Her unique style also paved the way for a makeup line that attracts millions. The name of her cosmetic line is Lime Crime. The makeup colors are whimsical and very vibrant. Thus, allowing the user to create their own style that is very original. Doe Deere believes in breaking the rules that some women follow religiously. She believes that you have to break the rules to find your own true style. In a recent interview, the CEO of Lime Crime defined her very unique style.

Doe Deere’s Style
Doe Deere’s style starts with breaking a few traditional makeup and beauty rules. The fact is that people are individuals first. It is boring to follow everyone else. Find your own style and real path. It begins with defying traditional rules that state that you should never wear bold colors together. There is no fun in wearing boring drab colors. Deere also firmly believes that mixing patterns are fun too. Now, put this look together. Crazy patterns in the same color family along with bold colors. This is a look that is fun and fabulous. Clearly, Doe Deere’s style catches your eye. The fabulous colors and unique style helped to define a very exciting line of beauty products.

Doe Deere
A lot of people might wonder about the Lime Crime founder. Well, Doe Deere started small and achieved amazing success by staying true to herself. The fact is that she started out small, but with big dreams of achieving world-wide success with her makeup line. She has clearly reached that goal.

Doe Deere is a very successful woman entrepreneur. Achieving success on your own terms is difficult, but achievable. Today, Doe Deere enjoys sharing her success story with other women entrepreneurs that are eager to start their own business. The Lime Crime CEO frequently speaks on the subject at major events across the country. Doe Deere believes that young entrepreneurs should find a mentor. Perhaps, a brilliant business-person. Read everything that you can about that person. This will prepare you for success.

A Few Important Things You Should Know About CCMP Capital And Stephen Murray’s Sad Demise

Those that follow private equity matters know CCMP Capital very well. It is a global company of repute in matters related to buyouts as well as growth equity transactions. Since it started operating, the company has invested not less than $16 billion. The company operates according to NY Post in four targeted areas namely; industrial, consumer and retail, healthcare as well as energy and chemicals. The company has been able to create a reliable reputation as a world-class investment partner through its powerful value creation model.

Since 2006, the company has been operating as an independent firm. However, its professional managers continue to manage the private equity portfolio owned by J.P Morgan partners. The firm has had a 31 years heritage that it takes pride in and cherishes a lot. It also has a lot of industry experience that can only be attributed to its very important experience in the four industries it operates in. With time, it has been able to know when to invest, how to invest and in what market conditions.

The company has a strong team that it relies upon in all transactions that it makes. It also has very reliable resources that are in form of very reliable advisers who have a lot of experience in terms of the years they have been in operation. The firm also ensures that it maintains a professional but very close working relationship with the managers of the companies it partners with.

When it reaches an agreement on the different financial targets and objectives, its professionals are involved in very active monitoring of the initiatives by frequently making interactions with the portfolio company top management. CCMP professionals have a firm belief that teamwork, partnership, diversity and integrity are all very important ingredients to the success of any partnership.

CCMP Capital suffered a very big blow when its President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Murray passed on in 2015. Stephen had been one of the longest-serving members of the team, and his sad demise was as a result of a long ailment.

He was one of the most seasoned and respected members of the Stephen Murray CCMP Capital team. Many who knew him said that he used to work hard, was known to embrace teamwork and was willing to go the extra mile to see to it that his company remained on top of its game all the time.

When matters related to being qualified for his job were concerned, Murray was on top of the game. He was a Boston College Economics graduate of 1984 and a Columbia University Master’s of Business Administration graduate of 1989. He was also a respected philanthropist who donated a lot of his personal money to community organizations related to development. He also used to sit in different company boards before he passed on.

A GoFundMe is Started for Autism Rocks

Autism is a common issue among children. Fortunately, there is a new GoFundMe campaign that has started for a program called Autism Rocks. This was started when Sanjay Shah, a philanthropist born in the UK had sat with a famous rapper called Snoop Dogg and he had recently gotten this idea to put together gigs throughout the world in order to raise money for his autistic son. In 2014, he has launched the campaign in which he has included Autism Rocks as his choice in charities. He has been passionate about the research of autism since his child had received the diagnosis. He has invited stars such as Lenny Kravitz to perform top hits in order to raise funding for Autism research.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks. He was always interested in helping children. He has been sponsoring kids in India for 10 years with through Plan International. For a while, he was not sure of any other forms of charity. However, he has started well with his pursuits at sponsoring children that are in need. While he was doing charity work, he was also working at Merrill Lynch, an investment bank. He also followed up with other investment banks which included Morgan Stanley. He had a profitable career when he worked for investment firms.

Sanjay worked as the head of the trading department until sometime in 2009. The turning point came when he has decided that he wanted to escape office life. There were a few things that he hated about the office. The commute and the long hours have proven to be very tedious for him. He wanted to have a greater effect on people. He also wanted to help his child develop. With his desire, Sanjay Shah and his wife has founded Autism Rocks. This provides a platform for Shay to find the causes of autism so that he could not only find effective ways to treat it for his child, but also for other families with autism. His GoFundMe campaign to fund his research on autism is a big step in the right direction. Check out his website for more information.

Doe Deere Compliments Fashion As She Breaks All The Rules

There are leaders made every day and Doe Deere is a self made leader of fashion. To say the least she doesn’t mind breaking a few rules that someone (who knows) set into print what is right and wrong with fashion. Ms Deere shares a few secrets of her own as to how she decides what colors, styles and the matching of wardrobes.

If Doe Deere could be a fairy princess, she would be one who makes the magnificent color schemes found throughout the world. She has numerous times stated how much she loves colors of all kinds. She has made known a few combos she is favorable too. It is pink and green, peach and periwinkle, hot pink and lavender. She pairs them up often and loves how the colors make her feel.

Intimidating? Not for Doe Deere. She lives to mix colors and patterns. With the right combination of patterns She has been quoted saying that patterns are fun! The more the merrier. While others are browsing their closets for the right look, Doe Deere has a knack for bringing patterns together and it looks great. If you want to be brave, but not too much out of your comfort zone, match up different patterns, but keep the same color scheme. Once you are more comfortable matching different prints you can be more adventurous.

Who ever makes up the fashion rules doesn’t keep Doe Deere from marching to a different “tone” of her own fashion rules. With that in mind, remember your makeup and hair can be part of the fun too. You don’t have to stop with color for your hair, mix it up and let it be a tiny bit on the wild side.

Whoever said bold fashion has to age, has not met Doe Deere. The same person who made the color patrol, most likely wanted you to tone it down when you hit a certain age. Not so for Ms Deere. Colors make us feel. You know they have done studies after studies on what colors of walls need to be in different building. If blue walls at the doctor’s office calms you down, can you imagine how you will feel once you start wearing the bold colors that make you feel happy. Your age doesn’t need to be a factor in deciding on the color or pattern of your garments.

Ms Deere continues to explain how she feels about her clothes. She loves her special day clothes which is every day. She explains by telling about a fancy sequined sweater she was dying to wear, but doesn’t have a special day coming up anytime soon. She feels clothes were made to be enjoyed and wears her fancy sequined sweater whatever day she feels like it.

Colors were made to make us feel, sorta like expressing who we want to be. Patterns and styles can be fun to wear regardless of the occasion. Love who you are and be that person who stands out in the room. Go ahead, you know you want too. Live a little, be adventurous with your colors and mix patterns. Yes, go ahead and wear that special day dress even when it’s not a special day. You will love how you feel.

The lesson? Wear whatever it is makes you happy, because that’s what fashion is about. Pleasure, creativity, and living out loud.

Check out her cosmetics line at

Investment Banking and The Benefits Investors Can Reap

Business persons have been searching for modern methods that can help to make operations easier and more affordable. Technology has responded positively to offering many solutions to issues that businesses have been facing. Each investor wants to achieve stability while at the same time maintaining efficiency and enhancing competitiveness. Business can sometimes get tricky due to factors like changes that occur from time to time. As a result, one may end up making losses, which will wk against the attainment of success within a business. Investment banking offers solutions to many fears that people have to deal with while in the financial markets. It is one of the easiest ways to manage transactions and to get the assurance that no losses will be recorded.

Businesses need research to emerge successful. This is one of the elements investment banking has invested in. They have a well trained team of professionals, who are tasked with research and the development of strategies that can help one to navigate through the market. Investment banking seeks to establish the future of a venture and the market as a whole. They also work to get information about barriers to business and help to offer ways in which some of these challenges can be eliminated. Most professionals will confirm that investment banking has been a great solution to business issues that seem too technical for ordinary persons to deal with.

Different professionals will confirm that it is necessary to hand over services to well established professionals, who have been in business for many years. This helps one to enjoy the benefit of working with well trained professionals who are able to avail solutions to different issues that affect business. James Dondero is one of the many professionals who have invested in ensuring their businesses achieve success in the most competitive markets. James Dondero is the founder and president of Highland Capital, which has been offering financial management services for businesses across the world. The firm is well established and able to offer the most reliable service. Through the help of James Dondero, the firm has been able to absorb the best talent in the market and this has worked in their favor by having seamless services delivery. James Dondero is also a mentor to many young professionals who attest their success to his support and efforts. Jim Dondero has been crowned in many instances for helping to maintain professionalism.

Also necessary for business success is the management of risks. How a business handles risks and how they lay strategies to help curb harmful effects that come with business risks matters. Investment banking offers solutions to some of the issues that emerge while running a business and has been able to assess different risks in the financial markets. Getting the real picture of the risk portfolio of an investment allows one to make the right decision. With investment banking, one is able to prepare for the future to ensure some risks do not hit the wrong way when one is not aware.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s success as a business and technology executive

Technology plays a significant role in every business aspect from customer communication products, accounting to product design and development. It is hard for a business to succeed today without injecting a heavy dose of technology. The advance in technology has increased and eased ways to run and grow new enterprises. For a company to grow, it needs a properly designed website. It would help in using adopting software that could enable the company to manage its operations.

One person who has made great strides in business and technology is Shaygan Kheradpir. He is the current CEO and board chair at Coriant. He joined this company after working closely with the management team for some time as the operating partner. Shaygan’s active role in the Coriant strategic planning and operations steered him to the top position as the driver of the company’s growth. He was appointed to focus on providing solutions to the customers in today’s competitive and dynamic markets.

Shaygan has traversed the world since his birth. He was born in London, but spent most of his early childhood in Iran. He attended high school in Swaziland at Aidlon College and later moved to the United States Cornell University where he earned his bachelor’s to doctorate degrees in electrical engineering. The reason for Shaygan Kheradpir living in many places is partly due to the fact that his father was a doctor and had to travel a lot. This helped Shaygan understand different cultures and blend well with others.

Shaygan Kheradpir started his career at GTE Laboratories where he gained experience in network routing management and controls before being promoted to chief information officer in the same company. After GTE merger with Bell Atlantic to for the Verizon Communications, Shaygan became the president of the e-business division in the new company. His innovative ability contributed to the diversification of the telecommunication services and automated all the operation in the company. He has climbed now to become the CEO of Coriant management team on September 28, 2015, replacing Pat DiPietro.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a renowned business and technology leader with more than 28 years of experience as an executive in technology, financial and telecom services. It was not a mistake that accredited companies like Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks found it fit to hire Shaygan Kheradpir as business and technology executive. It was because success in business requires people with great business knowledge and superb skills in working with technology. Shaygan has proven to be a valued asset to all the companies that he has worked because he can identify the problem and address them. He is also able to create and update their technology, which boost their business operations.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an admiration and inspiration to many for his success in the business technology. He has contributed to the modern way of running a business. He is the man to watch in the business and technology development.

Attributes of Chicagoan Business

Chicago is gradually growing and turning into a great hub for business. Being home to some 66 companies out of the 1000 companies listed in the world’s fortune list, the country is a great economic force in the world of business. This growth has attracted some of the greatest global marketing executive including Majeed Ekbal. Majeed Ekbal graduated from American University but he has spent most of his career life in Windy City. He is a well-respected entrepreneur especially in the Chicago market where he has established his line of products. He began with a grocery shop which grew into a great venture in the Chicago market. His fist venture the grocery was known as Expresso.

He identified the difficulties that peoples where having in locating some of the food stuffs they needed and ventured into the business of availing such products to the clients. Satisfying this need, he built a great business venture that has become a great outfit in the market today. He worked hard and in the process he created another overseas investment company and currently he is a proud employee of the Razorfish firm where he works in the public relations department and he has been very effective. Majeed Ekbal is also a brand manager and client’s relations manager in this firm. He still lives in Chicago although he has been showing interest in the Middle East markets.

Business in Chicago is on the rise as the country is experiencing exponential potential and business executive are refocusing on the state’s economic viability. Business here have been registering great profits with the greatest records having been in 2014.the business growth has been in different fronts especially in the innovation and technology and the growth is currently increasing. According to several reaches done in the country, the growth has been on an upward trend and this is expected to continue in the same fashion for quite some time. The business community is actually anticipating a better yield in 2015 going by the current trend.

In the Chicagoan market, it is evident that the representation of gender is gradually taking a fair stand. The recent promotion of several female executives is one of the major indications that the market is responding to the need for gender equality to b enhanced. In Chicago, business is booming in all sectors, internet, the banking systems, electronic devices and even in the health and education sectors. The economy is building up as result and the future looks bright forth Chicagoans. As the expansion of business goes on, the economy is benefiting from the great growth and the viability of the Chicagoan industries. The great business opportunities that are coming up are as a result of the continued activities in the economy.

Investment Banks Do Provide Help For Small Businesses

Investment banking is commonly thought off as something very large corporations engage in. Corporations most certainly do meet with investment banking firm representatives. These businesses positively must put their money to work in viable vehicles. The investments have to be safe ones and the funds in those investments must grow. This is also something individuals do with their money when the discuss matters with a financial or investment advisor. What can small businesses do? Is there an avenue for them to turn to safeguard money and allow the funds to grow? Yes, small businesses should turn towards investments banks.

Investment banks do work with large corporations. Small businesses also are taken on as a client by investment banks. There are several unique ways an investment bank could help a newly established business or an entrepreneurial endeavors.

Investment banks commonly serve as lenders to small businesses. Small businesses can go to any type of institution and request help with financing. An investment bank might prove to be the better choice for certain businesses in particular situations. The professionals like James Dondero working at an investment bank could also serve in an advisory capacity in regards to business plans and goals. A standard lender does not do this. Businesses small and large are frequently reliant on advisors in various business matters. An investment bank may provide multifaceted advice in addition to facilitated a very important loan.

If there was one major benefit that an investment bank delivers to a small business support for a growth strategy would top the list. Growth comes in many forms. A a small business may wish to open up two or three more stores in a five-year period. Another small business may have a multi-year plan that lead to an IPO. Going either route can be a difficult task for any enterprise with limited assets and personnel.

James Dondero, Highland Capital Management’s President and Co-Founder, is an example of someone who is able to serve as a “guiding light” to businesses in need of advice. Dondero has a wide range of experience in investing, lending, and even philanthropy. Experience and expertise are two traits an advisor must possess and Dondero is an example of someone who would be a source of help to a growing small or large business.

Small businesses may have very large plans. With the right funding, support, and advice, the business has the potential to achieve those desired goals. Investment banks exist as a potential source for help in all these matters.