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All You Need to Know about Malcolm CasSelle, President of WAX and CIO of OPSkins

OPSkins is a company that deals with the sale of in-game virtual assets. However, the marketplace provided by this company is centralized, an aspect which poses technological issues that affect its effectiveness. Under the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle, the company’s CIO, OpSkins hopes to decentralize its marketplace by establishing another blockchain platform known as WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). WAX will enhance the effectiveness of virtual trading through two ways; first, it will foster fragmentation of the market and also reduce fraud. In the recent past, language and payment processing procedures have deterred flexibility in virtual trading. Therefore, WAX aims at ensuring a frictionless trade between buyers and sellers of virtual gaming assets. Additionally, through the use of tokens, the WAX platform will help to do away with intermediaries who are needed when the cryptocurrencies differ. Most importantly, this platform will promote security during transactions and reduce the instances of fraud.

Having pioneered the establishment of several digital platforms, it is quite clear that Malcolm CasSelle is smart and his IQ level on a high level. His career began in 1995 when he became NetNoir’s CTO. His prowess in digital marketing has been built through participation in several projects. Before heading OPSkins, Malcolm was Tronc President and CTO. Other institutions where he has contributed his skills and talent in the digital world include Digital Media, MediaPass, XFire and PCCW among others. Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is WAX President and Opskins CIO. Both of these companies are concerned with virtual trading. Under his authority, he has seen OPSkins become one of the leading marketplaces for online game assets.


His background in computer technology heightens Malcolm CasSelle success in the digital world. He studied Computer Science at Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has expressed his ability to solve problems about virtual marketing. Blockchain technology is growing at a breakneck speed, but fraud and other security concerns are acting as deterrents to its success. The WAX platform comes in handy to solve such issues. It not only addresses security issues but also facilitates frictionless interactions between participants of virtual trade.


David McDonald’s Exceptional Achievements at OSI Group

David McDonald is the president of OSI Group LLC. He works as a project manager for the company. OSI Group is the world’s largest protein supply company, based in Aurora. It is a private firm with over 50 branches in 17 countries. The food solution company deals with the production of sausages, sandwiches and pizza. Since 2008, he worked at Mafrig Global foods as an independent director. David has also been a board of directors in the OSI Group and director of OSI international foods. He serves as the chairman of North America meat institute. David McDonald acquired his bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University in 1987.

David McDonald was born and raised in Northeast Iowa. He joined the OSI Group upon graduating, and he has remained to be an active alumni of the Iowa State University. He has used his resources to impact and support the students at the school. He has shown continuous support to the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity by giving scholarship funding. He has also provided students with internship opportunities at the company. In 2004, he was awarded the Young Alumni Award by the ISU Alumni Association.

McDonald joined the company more than 30 years ago. His hard work and exceptional management skills earned him the position of the company’s president. David’s mission is to ensure the company has sustainable growth. Under his leadership, the company has expanded its services to Geneva and Hungary. They have also launched poultry faculties in China with a vision of making it the largest poultry products producer in the country. He has led the company into the construction of beef processing facility in Poland and frozen foods processing plant in India.

To ensure the company’s growth and development, the company has expanded its market capabilities through acquisitions. OSI Group purchased the Baho Foods, a Dutch food processing company that operates in Netherlands and Germany. David believes the company’s decision to acquire Baho Foods will broaden the OSI Group market presence in European. On acquisition of Baho Foods, he retained the company’s employees to bring their experience and expertise since they are essential in improving the OSI group service delivery. Under David’s supervision, the company has grown worldwide and provided employment opportunities for many people across the globe. In his interview with CEO CFO Magazine, he stated he is committed to ensuring they provide quality services and quality products through thorough food safety measures. David McDonald has remained hardworking and dedicated to all the company’s endeavors.

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Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion Mission

Bob Reina is the founder as well as the CEO of the video marketing and communication solutions company, Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion was started back in 2007 as a response to what Bob Reina thought was a rapidly growing marketplace: video marketing for customers looking to connect directly to their clients. Reina has done a lot of great work since then in order to guide the company to the next level and we’ll dive into his theory on the craft of entrepreneurship. Learn more:


Bob Reina wasn’t always working in internet marketing. In fact, Reina was on the police force for nearly ten years before he was ever introduced to the concept. Reina was working at an off duty gig when a chance encounter with a network marketer opened up the concept of eventually starting his own business. Reina took this kernel of information and kept it stored, slowly working on different concepts that he would eventually bring to life. Reina calls this his big moment but it wouldn’t be for a few years that he put his plans into action. Learn more:


Reina believes in having passion for his product and utilizing it to really get his product out into the world. Reina says, “Success arrived pretty rapidly for us, because we created the right product at the right time.” Reina goes on to say that the reason for Talk Fusion’s success was that he was charismatic about the Talk Fusion enterprise. Reina talked up a storm about the products that Talk Fusion was creating before the company was ever going to market. So by the time Talk Fusion was ready to open their doors, the company already had legible steam within the community.


Reina goes on to say about Talk Fusion, “Our excitement instantly started making waves.” Reina launched Talk Fusion around the Video Email application and it has long since been their flagship program. The Video Email application allows customers to embed videos directly into their emails in order to streamline the promotional process. Talk Fusion has also developed a slew of other marketing programs including in their marketing suite for online entrepreneurs. Learn more:


Philanthropist Adam Milstein – Influencing the World

The name of Adam Milstein is well circulated within the real estate world. As a partner of Hagar Pacific Properties, he helps manage more than two billion dollars worth of assets. Born an Israeli native, Adam came to America and obtained his education from the University of Southern California. He then began his career in commercial real estate. As his reputation grew, he became a prominent investor in Israeli properties. Adam was not satisfied until he was able to give back to the Jewish community. He is now one of the most recognizable contributors to the Jewish people, as his name is now included in the top 200 list of philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.


Adam’s work is so much more than monetary value. He is seen as one of the most active within his community service. He founded the Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation, along with his wife. The foundation’s main priority is to keep the Jewish people connected with their heritage. His foundation makes sure the resources are available for those of Jewish ancestry, to learn to read and write in the Hebrew language. He strives to keep the connection alive between the Jewish people and their customs. Adam did not stop there, he also established the Israeli – American council. This council’s priority is to nurture the Israeli-American relations. His continual work now aides in the development of American foreign policy regarding Israeli connections. He is a true philanthropists. His persistence and hard work has expanded his reach across the globe. His voice is to protect the Jewish people and stand for the oppressed worldwide.