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OSI Group Embraces Growth And Diversity

OSI Group has continued to grow throughout its existence. The company has been in business for over a hundred years and shows no sign of slowing down. OSI has embraced the idea of change in every aspect of the organization. It currently operates in 17 countries with 65 plants worldwide. OSI has a workforce that features tens of thousands of people from all walks of life. Leadership at OSI has been able to create a culture that allows it to recruit and cultivate talent that want to stay with the company.OSI Group is an example of the American dream in its own unique way. The original company was known as Otto and Sons. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, who was an immigrant from Germany.

Otto opened his doors for business in the early 1900’s and ran a local meat market with his family. Over the years he became a trusted supplier of product to local food businesses in the Chicago area. By the 1950’s Otto Kolschowsky’s son’s were running the organization. They got the opportunity to work with Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the leader of the McDonald’s Corporation and was looking to expand his restaurant chain into the Illinois area. He needed a product supplier that he could count on. Otto and Sons was recommended for the job. The McDonald’s Corporation exploded around the world during the 1950’s and 60’s. Otto and Sons experienced the same type of success.

Their innovative techniques and progressive vision lead them to become the exclusive supplier of meat to the McDonald’s Corporation. Eventually the organization started to do international business on its own.Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group and continued to spread its influence throughout the international food manufacturing community. OSI Group has managed to increase its stature within the industry by taking on a diverse business model. It has conducted mergers and acquisitions of other food manufacturing companies that specialize in unique areas of the business. OSI Group was ranked by Forbes as the 58th largest privately owned company in the world with a net worth of over six billion dollars.

OSI Group Improves Over A Hundred Years

OSI Group started out as a family meat market, and it has grown into one of the best suppliers of food in the world. They have shared a special bond with McDonald’s because the restaurant needed OSI Group to be their first supplier of products. They have followed the model that McDonald’s followed as they grew over time to be great.

  1. Supplying McDonald’s

OSI Group supplies many different people and companies with foods for their needs, and the company has been very good at delivering fresh to every client. They started out with McDonald’s where they were asked in a handshake deal to deliver as much fresh product as possible.

  1. Growing Beyond McDonald’s

OSI Group still works with McDonald’s, but they have become a global empire that now has many plants and suppliers around the world. They have worked out ways for their clients to get the best possible products, and they have expanded to places that other food suppliers do not go.

  1. The Family Touch

OSI was actually Otto and his sons when the butcher shop started. They grew beyond helping just McDonald’s, and they became a worldwide company with a family touch. The family touch of this company still exists today because they still offer the best service to their clients with that understanding that most small businesses are family companies. The drivers, corporate office, and staff are all extremely kind.

  1. Increased Productivity

Every company that works with OSI is much more productive because they have received the freshest products in a timely manner. Schools, businesses, and shops are all performing better because they have the food coming from OSI Group and one of their distribution centers.

  1. Conclusion

OSI has distribution centers around the world that are positioned to buy and produce locally. They deliver to the customer that is closest, and they arrive with fresh products that customers will be very happy with. They are hoping to give their customers a better experience, and they also believe that it is better to keep prices low for their loyal customers.

How the Fortress Investment Group revolutionized operations management.

Operations management is no mean task. This means that you take over the operations of an organization and redesign its operations and streamline them to fit the current market requirements ensuring that an organization remains functional and profitable. This has been one of the key areas that Fortress investment group has developed tools in. The group led its Co-CEO Peter Briger has been very focused on improving its operation management capabilities as its operations in asset management involve a lot of this aspect. Softbank Group recently acquired the Fortress investment group currently overseeing an estimated forty billion in assets as of 2018 for a whopping 3.3 billion dollars.This was a culmination of events that began in 2017 and had been waiting for the various regulatory approvals that included federal and shareholder approvals.

In July 2017 the shareholders approved this request, and the deal came to pass which meant the Fortress Investment Group or FIG as listed on the exchange was back to private hands.This came at a time when there was a general decrease in private equity inflows, and it meant that only a focused investment bank like Softbank would be able to help drive its ambitious expansion plans. The group had been concentrating on various investments that had been quite promising this included the Brightline train services which recently opened the Miami Fort Lauderdale passenger train service. Railroad has been of keen interest to Fortress investment group as it has been seeing growth as commuters look for new ways to cut down on time spent traveling. This route is notorious for traffic, especially at rush hour when a thirty-hour drive can easily turn into a two-hour ordeal not even counting events or accidents.

These are some of the investments that fortress was keen on continuing and as such had to ensure that they had sufficient backing in terms of capital. Under the leadership of Peter L. Briger, Jr who is the Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer heading the San Francisco offices, Wesley R. Edens a Co-Founder, Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer heading the New York office and his other partner Randal A. Nardone the group has shown some solid returns. The acquisition by Softbank did not come with a change of leadership , but instead strengthened their positions as they work towards the expansion of the group. The group continues its commitment to growing its expertise and asset portfolio even as it goes back to being a private entity. Learn More.

Accomplishments of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a co-chairman and principle of the Fortress Group. Peter took up his role at the firm in 2002 and he has overseen the fast growth and development of the firm. His educational background has formed the basis for his the impeccable skills he has showcased in the field of entrepreneurship. Prior to joining the Fortress Group team, Peter served as a partner at the Goldman Firm. Since the beginning of his career, Peter Briger has seen the Fortress Group firm rise into one of the largest asset management firms in the country.The renowned entrepreneur pursued his education at the University of Princeton, where he graduated with a BSc in Business administration and later undertook his masters from the same university. Since the beginning of his career, Peter has showcased a great understanding of the business sector and he has worked closely with a vast number of business experts through which he has acquired great skills to manage the firm.

Peter Briger is the head of real estate and credit fund division at the Fortress group and he has overseen the smooth operation of the sectors. His commitment to achieving the best has seen him help many firms deal with their debt issues effectively. Besides, the renowned entrepreneur has also ensured that firms benefit from the finances that the Fortress Group offers them to address their financial challenges.Through the vast knowledge he gained from the various firms he served, Peter has ensured that the Fortress Group firm goes public. Through his collaboration with other firms executives, he has ensured that the firm achieves most of its goals, a step that has seen the firm receive a high ranking at the Forbes millionaire companies list.

The firm also caters for the financial need of both privately owned and institutional based entities with an aim of helping them achieve their set objectives.Peter Briger also likes maintaining a close relationship with other executives and former employers so as to share developmental ideas with them. He is also a board member at the Princeton University Investment Company and he also supports the operations of other companies in the country.Besides, Peter Briger is also a great philanthropist and he has strived to shine a light on the less fortunate individuals in the society. He is an active supporter of the Tipping Point, which is a nonprofit firm that seeks to offer their service to the low-income families in San Francisco and other parts of the country.

Randal Nardone Has an Illustrious Career

Randal Nardone started working at Fortress Investment Group when he started the company. People saw him as a strong leader and, as the co-founder, he managed to show them they could do things that would be helpful in different instances. He knew what it would take to make the company better and was sure there were things he could take advantage of on his own. It went back to the hard work he put into the business and how he made things easier on people who did things right. By looking at all the opportunities Randal Nardone had, he knew things would get better for him and for others in those situations.

Even though there were times when Randal Nardone struggled with the company, he was sure it would help him make things better. He was also sure there were opportunities he could take advantage of that would make the business better. He searched for these opportunities and found them with new investment opportunities. He showed people what they could do and how they’d make money if they were choosing the right investment options. He also felt confident he could give them the right ideas for their business.When Softbank took over Fortress Investment Group, some people wondered about the issues going on in the business. They didn’t know what would happen or what would help them make more money. They were also concerned the company would lose the things they valued about it because of the takeover.

It was their goal to make sure people knew things were getting better and they tried everything they could to make it easier on those who were a big part of the business. For Randal Nardone, the point of the company is to always make things easier on them while they’re helping other people out with the issues they’re facing.About Randal Nardone he is so dedicated to the company, he plans to always give people the help they need. He also plans to make sure they’re doing things the right way. If Randal Nardone makes the right choices, it pays off. As one of the top billionaires in the country, Randal Nardone has made sure things are working for him. He even made the Forbes list because of how hard he worked on the business when it was starting and now. He continues giving people the chances they need by offering them new opportunities for success with Fortress Investment Group.

Agora Financial Provides Great Investment Advice

Agora Financial is going to be one of the best companies for anyone that is interested in actually going into a better investment strategy. This company has become very well known for the publications that are provided for people that are trying to make long-term Investments and read full article.

There is a great amount of passion that is connected to the concept of investing, but it can only be effective if the right strategies are utilized. The only way that people can secure a good strategy is by doing their research. This is where Agora Financial comes in. There are analysts in place that research companies and actually find out what companies are going to provide the best returns on investment and Agora Finanical’s lacrosse camp.

This is something that people really need to pay a lot of attention to. It changes the way that people allocate their money towards different companies, and it also brings about a certain amount of clarity about what is happening with certain market trends and Agora Financial on Facebook.

People that are looking for unbiased information about different market should definitely consider what these world-class analysts are offering. People that are truly interested in the ways that they can maximize their profits should consider the income boots and strategies that are provided by people like Jim Rockards, Ray Blanco and Robert Williams. These are all growth stock and Geo economic strategists that know a lot about the market and how it is changing. These are the people that are checking out the next big things and they are part of the Agora Financial team. These editors have a better insight on what is going on, and anyone that is investing can benefit from their input and

Agora Financial provides the tools for investors. This is why there are a growing number of subscribers that want to know more.

Eric Lefkofksy is revolutionizing the ways in which oncologists treat cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is best known as the founder of volume discount juggernaut Groupon, an innovative company that allows consumers to form temporary buyer’s coalitions that enable them to get deep volume discounts on their favorite goods. The company has brought billions of dollars to businesses across the globe. It has saved customers even more and more information click here.

But recently, Lefkofsky has embarked on an even greater challenge. Through his latest startup, Tempus, he is seeking to completely transform the ways in which physicians interact with data, allowing for levels of real-time medical analysis that have never before been dreamed of.

Tempus is marrying the power of machine learning with the vast new wealth of data created by such technologies as gene sequencing. In fact, Lefkofsky predicts that, within 10 years, almost everyone will have their entire genome sequenced. This is a direct result of the extreme diminution of cost involved with such an undertaking. Since 2003, the year that the first entire human genome was sequenced, the cost of committing to computer code a person’s entire DNA architecture has dropped from well over $100 million down to just under $5,000. This incredible pace of cost-cutting hasn’t slackened much, either. By 2030, Lefkofksy predicts, the cost of sequencing a person’s full genome will drop to below $100 and learn more about Eric.

What this will do, says Lefkofsky, is create a trove of actionable medical intelligence, the likes of which have never before been seen. The ability of doctors to have, at their fingertips, the entire genomes of every patient who has suffered from a given disease, undergone a given treatment or taken a given drug will allow for an explosion of nuanced understanding in how best to optimize treatment protocols for a patient. In fact, Lefkofksy predicts that in the future, medical treatments will be tailored to the precise genomic makeup of the patient. This will even extend to drugs, which may be synthesized on the spot, leading to different patients with, nominally, the same disease being given radically different courses of treatment, all optimized for their particular genomic makeup and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Such possibilities are, to say the least, exciting.

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Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion Mission

Bob Reina is the founder as well as the CEO of the video marketing and communication solutions company, Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion was started back in 2007 as a response to what Bob Reina thought was a rapidly growing marketplace: video marketing for customers looking to connect directly to their clients. Reina has done a lot of great work since then in order to guide the company to the next level and we’ll dive into his theory on the craft of entrepreneurship. Learn more:


Bob Reina wasn’t always working in internet marketing. In fact, Reina was on the police force for nearly ten years before he was ever introduced to the concept. Reina was working at an off duty gig when a chance encounter with a network marketer opened up the concept of eventually starting his own business. Reina took this kernel of information and kept it stored, slowly working on different concepts that he would eventually bring to life. Reina calls this his big moment but it wouldn’t be for a few years that he put his plans into action. Learn more:


Reina believes in having passion for his product and utilizing it to really get his product out into the world. Reina says, “Success arrived pretty rapidly for us, because we created the right product at the right time.” Reina goes on to say that the reason for Talk Fusion’s success was that he was charismatic about the Talk Fusion enterprise. Reina talked up a storm about the products that Talk Fusion was creating before the company was ever going to market. So by the time Talk Fusion was ready to open their doors, the company already had legible steam within the community.


Reina goes on to say about Talk Fusion, “Our excitement instantly started making waves.” Reina launched Talk Fusion around the Video Email application and it has long since been their flagship program. The Video Email application allows customers to embed videos directly into their emails in order to streamline the promotional process. Talk Fusion has also developed a slew of other marketing programs including in their marketing suite for online entrepreneurs. Learn more:


Bumble BFF Takes The World By Storm

Whitney Wolfe, The founder, and CEO of Bumble Dating App began her first business on campus at the age of nineteen. She then made bamboo tote bags sales, and the returns were given to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill survivors.

In March 2014, Whitney left Tinder, a dating site, which she had co- founded, and began her separate dating app called Bumble. Within the first eight months of Bumble’s initiation, five million conversations were initiated, and this was a mark of success. Bumble is headquartered in Austin Texas, and it has a workforce of 35 people.

The new York times reports reveal that after three years of Bumble’s operations, the app registered 10 billion swipes and 800 matches on a monthly basis. Women were also named the highest users of the app. On average, the users spend an hour daily swiping, viewing other people’s profiles, or chatting.

Bumble BFF is a subsection of Bumble, and it is designed to help women connect and to form friendships. It got more than 1 million swipes in its first week. Bumble BFF was initiated because the American woman was taking a longer period to get married as compared to earlier days. Consequently, Best-Friend-Forever App was launched to create safety, support, and companionship. Whitney Wolfe says that she hopes that the app will assist women who relocate and have a hard time locating new friends in their new neighborhoods. Whitney Wolfe says that she had relocated six times since her college graduation and she understands the loneliness that comes with the move.

To use the app, download Bumble App on your phone. It immediately links with your Facebook account and algorithms select the right matches according to the Facebook information. For privacy purposes, the app does not display the Bumble operations on Facebook. Furthermore, the app allows its users to update their bio and select how far they want to travel to meet their matches. The app uses geolocation such that if you travel outside your original area, you are unable to see your friends in your former location. Instead, you meet friends from the new locality.

Whitney Wolfe Profile
Whitney was named on Forbes 2017 list as the top 30 under 30 for her achievement.


Jay Z’s historical deal with Live Nation worth $150 million is almost done. The rap star is calling out on other heavyweights in the music industry to invest in his business at Roc Nation. The big deal was signed by Live Nation the Jay-Z in the year 2008.Sources within Live Nation revealed that it will no longer be part of the side of the recorded music but will hold on to the touring deal with Jay-Z. The ‘360’ deal will not be extended. Initially, Live Nation had been buying Jay’s recorded music, but they no longer are interested in continuing that relationship. More to read on

Desiree Perez who is the top executive at jay’s Roc Nation had a meeting with the CEO and chairman of Universal Music Group Sir Lucian Grainge. The meeting suggested that maybe UMG might buy some shares in Roc Nation. Sources close to UMG said that there already existed a distribution deal with Roc Nation, just a small stake of the business belonging to the artists.If the said artists had a significant investment, then UMG would have a big share of artists under Roc Nation.  Hop over to for related article.

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For close to twenty years, Desiree Perez has been working closely with Jay Z. Des Perez as she is popularly known has a long history in leading enterprises. Her prowess in crunching numbers has propelled her to great heights.Besides the numbers, she is also a harsh and brave negotiator and closing deals. She was involved in the negotiations on the Beyonce Formation stadium and the Samsung deal for Rihanna, more of this on  She is part of the group that oversees the standard operations at Roc Nation; this includes the management, publishing, and labeling. Most of the success of the big deals at Roc Nation can be attributed to her efforts.

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