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How to Boost Your Credit Score, and how Freedom Debt Relief Could be of Assistance

Innumerable Americans struggle with their credit scores, having taken out too many credit cards in the past, being unable to pay back student loans in a timely manner. Failing to pay department store debt, among many other reasons for less-than-optimal credit scores. Fortunately for you, here are a few safe, secure ways to raise your credit score.

Although it might seem contradictory to what you want to achieve, it’s important to maintain an active balance on a credit card. The purpose of credit reports and related scores is to inform interested parties about your likelihood to reliably pay back debt. If you don’t pay back balances on a regular basis, your score is likely to be lower than those who do. As such, consider taking out a secured credit card, similar to a debit card in requiring users to place a down payment of its maximum balance.

Take out an unsecured credit card with a cosigner. If you’re able to prove that family members, friends, or others have your back in the event of default, your perceived financial responsibility is sure to rise.

Ask someone close to you if they’ll add you as an authorized user to their credit card, as long as they’re responsible. When they use their card and pay back their balances, your score will rise, just as theirs will.

Freedom Debt Relief is a popular debt consolidation and settlement company that’s been active since 2002. Many people in the United States have likely seen their commercials, as they’re often aired on nationally-syndicated networks. Using its tried and true tactics, Freedom Debt Relief has helped over 100,000 clients reduce their outstanding balances, effectively waving “goodbye” to debt collectors in many situations. Freedom Debt Relief founded the American Fair Credit Council and currently holds an A+ rating on behalf of the Better Business Bureau, making FDR – as their name is often shortened to – a leading debt settlement service provider.

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