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Brian Bonar’s cuisine investment at Bellamy’s

Brian Bonar is a Scottish mogul who started a restaurant in North Country going by the name Bellamy. San Diego has the best cooks in the country, and Bonar made sure he got the most qualified staff for his restaurant. He searched for them from some of his favorite restaurants including El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn.

The restaurant had already announced the workforce turnover which was a nice step if you can Brian Bonar. He gladly employed them in his new restaurant, and this move landed the Bellamy to front-of-the-house man Trevor Da Costa. Among the staff was Mike Reidy, a young cook who was to serve as an executive chef.

Near the Bonar’s restaurant was the Ranch at Bandy Canyon which was holding a big piece of the restaurant Mini-empire. With the green 144 acre land, Bonar intended to make it a four-star event area with a signature eatery of which he would require a marquee chef.

Ponsaty was one of the best chefs in town serving as a Master Chef of France at Escondido and Brian Bonar went for him. It was a great step to have him at Bellamy’s which would qualify it a signature restaurant.

Significant changes are expected to show at Bellamy’s__ talk of corn soups blended with cream, Parsley-cream risotto with poached salmom, crunchy with sea salt, and more other cuisines. Let’s just say that at Bellamy’s you get what you want including the millie-feille that you rarely find in other bistros.

Ponsaty and Reidy were just good and creative in their cooking where they just put the correct pucker through the fatty proteins. They are both not timid with the guiltier treats from France.

At Bellamy’s the chefs ensure that their customers enjoy a whole change of experience when it comes to what they eat. Kyle who is one of the servers explains all the dishes at the restaurant with a lot of professionalism. He also directs them on how to eat a composed dessert without sounding annoying. He is the kind of a person anyone would like to talk to again after meeting him once.

Apart from having the most polite staff, Bellamy serves the finest food in San Diego cooked by skilled chefs, served and explained by knowledgeable service team.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the experienced financial experts and a business mogul as well. He graduated from Strathclyde University with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Stafford University with Master’s in Business Administration as well as Ph.D. in international business development from the same institution.

Bonar started his career as a procurement manager at IBM in 1969. He has worked in several companies holding executive positions including Dalrada Financial Services Trucept and Bezier among others. Earning great experience, he was to build a booming restaurant in San Diego, Bellamy’s. He was recognized in 2010 as the Who’s Executive of the year.