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Springtime Beauty with Lime Crime

This article gives the hottest trends of Spring, 2018 and highlights the makeup brand, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup line that is cute, trendy, vegan and cruelty-free. They have beautiful highlighters and lip products, but the celestial company’s claims to fame are their super-pigmented Venus eyeshadow palettes. There are three 8-color palettes, and an 18-color one. Their names are Venus (neutral, soft), Venus 2 (more smoky and dramatic), Venus 3 (different hues of pinks and purples), and Venus XL (18-colors for neutral and pinky, soft and bold).

The article lists the 15 hottest makeup trends in Spring, 2018. Two of the trends that will never go away: matte lip and fierce eyeliner!

Matte Lip

No one can ever go wrong with a matte lip. It can be nude and simple, bright and loud, bold and dramatic, deep and seductive. No matter how you wear a matte lip, It screams LIP! A matte lip has no shine and no shimmer. Matte lip color is highly pigmented and has longer wear than other lip color formulas. There is also versatility in a matte-textured lip. Whether you go soft with mascara and a soft eyeliner, or go crazy with 6 eyeshadow colors with thick liner and 2 strips of lashes, the matte lip in any color will ALWAYS the long. You can’t go wrong with it!

Fierce Eyeliner

Eyeliners brings out the eyes. There are colors that can give them a wider, more open look. There are colors that define and give a bolder, more smoldering look. Either way, eyeliners never go out of style. Liquid, pencil, or cake formulas all give you the look you want. You can use all three formulas (cake needs a lining brush) to line the top lid into a dramatic cat eye, or a simple natural line. For the bottom, using pencil is best for more precision. You can use cake formula under the lash line and if it is waterproof, in the waterline.

Check out Lime Crime to look amazing in Spring, 2018!