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WEN Says No-Poo, No Problem When It Comes To Strong, Shiny Hair

A limp, stringy mane isn’t considered a beautiful thing, but many of us struggle with this type of fine hair. We follow the rules by heading to the salon regularly, not over-doing the hot styling tools and shampooing and conditioning with the right products.

Famous Hollywood hair stylist Chaz Dean claims the problem is in the shampoo department, where most women are unaware of the chemicals and detergents casually tossed into their hair care formulas. Nasty stuff like parabens and sulfates are going on to your scalp and strands every time you wash and condition. Those are the same harsh elements found in your household cleaners.

That’s why Chaz Dean developed the original no-poo method. His incredible cleansing conditioners are no lather shampoos made of herbal and plant-based extracts. These wonderful ingredients found in nature contain healing properties and strength-building factors. One bottle acts as a shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and stay-in conditioner. Talk about economical and modern hair care, this brand is it.

Bustle beauty writer Emily McClure decided to go the WEN way for seven days and write about her findings. She chose the Fig Cleansing Conditioner designed for added moisture.

Emily discovered smoother, fuller, shinier hair after washing with WEN every morning. She snapped selfies and showed off her new hair to her readers. Her close friends noticed Emily now had a smoother, shinier mane with zero frizz.

Emily enjoyed using WEN By Chaz when she had the time to pamper herself, blow-dry and use hair styling tools for the ultimate Hollywood do. The only problem she ran into with WEN, is if she skipped a daily wash or just used WEN at nighttime before bed. She felt her hair did not have the same bounce.

Other than that, she enjoyed WEN’s no-poo system.

To order Wen, simply head over to the website, or the official Chaz Dean store (


8 Fun EOS Lip Balm Flavors

EOS lip products were first introduced to the market many years ago. When they first hit the market celebrities everywhere were pictured with the bright colorful fun lip balms. Till this day they are still one of those top selling lip balms on the market. These are just eight of the most popular flavors they have available.

Strawberry Sorbet

Possibly one of the most popular flavors that EOS has the strawberry sorbet offers a light strawberry flavor. It comes in pink packaging and it’s available online as well as in stores.


The sheer variety is one of the most unique EOS lip balms. Not only is it black but it also adds a bit of shimmery color to the lips. Although it can be found in many stores it is most readily available online.


Much like the sheer variety pearl is available in black packaging. It is one of the only black EOS lip balm products available. It offers a pearly white Sheen to the lips. Pearl is available online as well as in many stores.

Sweet Mint

Mint is probably one of the top lip balm flavors. EOS offers a sweet mint flavor that is both refreshing as well as tasty. The sweet mint is not only moisturizing but very nourishing. It is available in most stores but can also be found online,

Medicated Tangerine

Medicated tangerine is a medicated variety of lip balm that offers a citrus tangerine flavor. It is both moisturizing as well as protective and comes in bright orange packaging. It is available in most stores and is also available online on eBay.

Blueberry Acai

Blueberry acai is a very unique and fun flavor. It is fruity yet very refreshing. It offers a great blend of blueberry and acai flavors for a moisturizing yet tasty lip balm. It can be found online as well as in many different stores.

Vanilla Mint

Vanilla mint is the perfect mix of sweet vanilla and refreshing mint. It offers a smooth moisturizing texture that leaves lips softer and smoother. The vanilla mint is available in many different stores such as Well and Walmart and is also available online.

Lemon Twist

Lemon twist is a bold fun flavor. It offers a very energizing and refreshing lemon flavor. It is available in bright yellow packaging and can be found online as well as in many stores.

These are just eight of the most fun EOS lip balm flavors. Check online ( or in your local drugstore or Pharmacy for even more varieties.


Makari Is A Leader For Skin Whitening

What Is Makari?

Makari is a skin care company that is exclusively dedicated to providing skin care products for ethnic and colored people. The founder of Makari believed that this is an under served part of the beauty market. They set out of to create products that are especially tailored to enhance ethnic skin types.

Another reason behind the founding of Makari was that most skin whitening creams created contained harmful chemicals that could have serious side effects. Makari set out to be a safe and all natual alternative for skin whitening for those with a darker ethnic complexion. The company also focuses on using all natural products that will gently lighten skin, without the negative side effects of controversial products such as hydroquinone.

What Are Some Of Makari’s Skin Whitening Products Available Right Now?

Makari has a special exfoliating and skin whitening soap. It sells for about $14 per bar and is gentle enough to be used for all skin types, including dry and combination skin. The whitening and exfoliating soap from Makari contains all natural ingredients such as apricot seed, mulberry extract and sodium chloride to gently lighten and exfoliate the skin while not drying it out.

Another skin whitening product from is the body beautifying whitening milk. It retails for about $48 dollars for a single bottle or about $85 dollars for a two pack. The body beautifying whitening milk will moisturize the skin and lighten its tone with daily use. It contains natural ingredients such as licorice and hawthorne extract and carrot oil for moisturizing and lightening.