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Susan McGalla Steps Up in Marketing Arena

Susan McGalla has become one of the most exciting forces in the world of advertising. There are not a lot of women that sit in this field, but Susan McGalla has the perfect amount of experience because she started in this area and continued to utilize her degree in marketing for decades.

Susan has been aware of what it takes to create a successful marketing campaign. This ability to bring this type of advertising into mainstream market has allowed her to lead a major clothing brand like American Eagle. This skill has also allowed her to work as a consultant when she created her own consulting company.

Marketing is something that has to be done when it comes to clothing, and first impressions are very valuable. That is why Susan McGalla made a decision to revamp the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line when she became the creative director of development. She could not go off of the designs of others that were in place before her. She knew that in order to make this clothing sell better she had to do it her own way. She had to create fan gear that would actually appeal to the crowd that she felt like she was marketing to.

Susan McGalla has found a way to create a niche in the business world by standing out as a branding leader. Women that want to get into marketing will need to consider just how well this works. Few people will have the ability to get into a network where they are simply able to sit back and follow what someone else is doing. The women that make it to the top are the ones that are innovative. They are the ones that take control and create something that is not typical to the market that they are working in. This is what Susan McGalla at did in her efforts to become a CEO. She studied people that she worked with. She found her niche when it came to the advertising and designing of clothes. McGalla also researched the best strategies for treating her young consumer base.

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