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Anil Chaturvedi’s History in the Banking World

Before finding success as an prominent international banker, Anil Chaturvedi was born and raised in India. Chaturvedi has amassed an impressive amount of experience in private banking, corporate baking and investment banking. However, Mr. CHaturvedi’s niche within the banking industry is cross-border transactions between Europe and India. It is this area of the banking industry in which Anil Chaturvedi puts his expertise to work. Anil Chaturvedi finished his schooling in the 1970s after graduating from Delhi University. He holds an MBA in Financial Management as well as a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics.


Although he began his career back in India, Chaturvedi made a big move to United States a number of years later. Making New York City his new home, Chaturvedi found a new position at New York’s State Bank of India, where he was the leader of the company’s planning and development operations. While working with the State bank of India the primary demographic that made up his target market was non-resident people from India.


After his initial New York job at State Bank of India, Chaturvedi then found a new position at ANZ Grindlays Bank. He worked at ANZ Grindlays for a few years before landing his best position during his time in New York: International Managing Director at Merrill Lynch. Chaturvedi then spent almost two decades serving a diverse range of clients, who hailed from India, the United States, Europe and Asia. After spending 18 years doing this, he made yet another international move. This time he moved to the Swiss city of Geneva and found a position with Hinduja Bank. He is currently their Managing Director, a position that his many years of experience have prepared him well for.


Chaturvedi’s duties at Hinduja Bank also involve assisting in the formation of partnerships between European firms that wish to make international alliances, typically with India. Credit syndication, acquisitions, mergers and the raising of capital are also other activities in which Anil Chaturvedi is involved at Hinduja Bank.

Susan McGalla Steps Up in Marketing Arena

Susan McGalla has become one of the most exciting forces in the world of advertising. There are not a lot of women that sit in this field, but Susan McGalla has the perfect amount of experience because she started in this area and continued to utilize her degree in marketing for decades.

Susan has been aware of what it takes to create a successful marketing campaign. This ability to bring this type of advertising into mainstream market has allowed her to lead a major clothing brand like American Eagle. This skill has also allowed her to work as a consultant when she created her own consulting company.

Marketing is something that has to be done when it comes to clothing, and first impressions are very valuable. That is why Susan McGalla made a decision to revamp the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line when she became the creative director of development. She could not go off of the designs of others that were in place before her. She knew that in order to make this clothing sell better she had to do it her own way. She had to create fan gear that would actually appeal to the crowd that she felt like she was marketing to.

Susan McGalla has found a way to create a niche in the business world by standing out as a branding leader. Women that want to get into marketing will need to consider just how well this works. Few people will have the ability to get into a network where they are simply able to sit back and follow what someone else is doing. The women that make it to the top are the ones that are innovative. They are the ones that take control and create something that is not typical to the market that they are working in. This is what Susan McGalla at did in her efforts to become a CEO. She studied people that she worked with. She found her niche when it came to the advertising and designing of clothes. McGalla also researched the best strategies for treating her young consumer base.

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Getting Access To High Quality Banking Services

Nexbank is an innovative financial services and investing institution in Dallas, Texas. Philanthropy is one of the top priorities of this highly regarded bank, because they understand that giving back to the community is a great way to build a great reputation and trust.

NexBank is pleased to be a strong advocate of the Foundation that supports women’s economic stability and advancement. Nexbank donated $100,000 to the Dallas Women’s Foundation to support the organization.

Nexbank offers excellent resources and services that enable people to strengthen their financial status and achieve the success they desire. The bank offers affordable loans, credit lines, credit cards and other essential financial products and services. Numerous consumers in Dallas turn to Nexbank to meet all of their banking need.

In Dallas, real estate is costly and most people find it difficult to afford a home. Dallas Neighborhood Homes provides guidance to low income residents to ensure they have a comfortable place to live.

Nexbank is happy to step in and provide the capital for this project. Often, low income people need money, and getting help from a non-profit mortgage is crucial. Nexbank is dedicated to helping its community, by getting involved in real estate deals in order to raise funds for college education, and provide a safe capital foundation.

Nexbank has a team of experienced professionals who is fully committed to rendering top notch services and products to customers. These professionals include financial planners, investment advisory experts and money management advisors.

Nexbank comes highly recommended in Dallas, Texas. With three bank branches, investment, commercial, and mortgage, Nexbank caters to the diverse financial needs of its customers and clients. Nexbank has been providing services for many decades, and the bank has numerous positive reviews.

Nexbank has an rating from reputable regulatory agencies, and aims to maintain their quality reputation. If you are looking for a renowned bank in the Dallas area, look no further than Nexbank.

When you get in touch with Nexbank, the professionals at this financial institution will assess your situation and guide you in choosing the right account plan for you.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: President Of Bradesco Means Room For New CEO

A recent transfer of power has led to changes at the international giant, Bradesco Bank SA. Based in Brazil this bank has been an important part of the global economy for sometime. Under the leadership of Lazaro Brandao they have scaled to become the second largest bank in Brazil. This feat is accompanied by a recent merger that included more than five billion dollars worth of retail centers distributed by HSBC Bank. Since there are so many unique standards of operation that have guided the establishment of this organization, it is clear that they have continued to grow and reshape the way that they have been established. These changes contribute greatly to the way that the organization has been able to identify itself among the competition.

Brandao has been the President for more than twenty five years. His long time at the company shows that there is a consistent attention to detail when ti comes to promoting from within. This trend will continue in the new appointments that are set to take place. Presently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been identified as the successor for Lazaro Brandao. This decision is based on his excellent track record and contributes throughout the position of CEO. He has created steadfast changes that are influential on multiple levels and have contributed to the current state of operations at the Bradesco Bank overall. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has shown that he is capable of the responsibilities that are associated with leadership and is a great addition to the upper level management infrastructure of this organization.


Since Trabuco cannot hold the position of both President and CEO it is becoming increasingly important that he is able to find the successor. While Brandao is stepping down from the position as President he will continue to maintain authority over the holding companies that own the organization. Therefore, Luiz Carlos Trabuco may also play somewhat of a role in the way that the CEO is selected.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s excellent leadership will be followed by one of the most remarkable executives that is presently working at Bradesco. It is clear that seven executive candidates in particular have been identified in the process of evaluating potential clients. Nevertheless it is possible that these candidates bring different skill sets that may work with future challenges of the bank in unique ways. The selection process has been difficult because of the fierce competition and high level of talent presented by all individuals. The decision is to be announced in March regarding the shift of power.

Some of the candidates have been at the company for years too. Mauricio Machado de Minas is one example, and has been serving int he information technology department to a great degree according to His precise attention to detail as well as interest in the overall standards of operation present in digital currencies has made him a forerunner for the position. Not only has been able to facilitate change but he has made a big difference in the way that organizations are able to support digital transactions. These changes are instrumental and speak to the way that he can address novel problems while effectively implementing solutions.

Another candidate, Alexander Gluher has been an important part of the overall organization. His management techniques and strengths can be seen in the way that the organization handled their recent multi billion dollar acquisition of the HSBC retail centers. By using his resolute skills and creating meaningful relationship throughout this process it is evident that Gluher has the skill sets and know how to make a real difference. His familiarity with the current acquisition as well as well known presence also make him a great candidate.

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Madison Street Capital and Investment Banking Sense

The M&A Advisor has just revealed the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards’ lucky winners. The organization did so on November 17th while at the Metropolitan Club located in New York, New York. The M&A Advisor was in attendance at the M&A Advisor Awards Gala for 2017. The awards organization gave Madison Street Capital the distinction of the “Debt Financing Deal of the Year” award. This was thanks to the company’s efforts in handling a WLR Automotive deal. That’s not where the excitement ended for Madison Street Capital, either. The firm was a Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year finalist. It was even a Financials Deal of the Year finalist. This was for the “under 250MM” category. Madison Street Capital is the name of a reputable investment banking company. It concentrates on clients all around the globe.


Madison Street Capital focuses on all sorts of values that move it forward on a day-to-day basis. Examples of these key values are leadership, excellence and integrity. The staff at Madison Street Capital works hard to provide clients with service that’s honest, truthful and straightforward. The company specializes in corporate financial advisory and all subjects that are part of that vast umbrella. It accommodates the needs of all different kinds of businesses as well. The team at Madison Street Capital aids privately held entities. It also frequently aids public ones.


The people who work for Madison Street Capital know a lot about the world of corporate advisory. They can assist clients with subjects that pertain to categories such as bankruptcy, reorganization, M&As (mergers and acquisitions), private placements, corporate governance and capital restructuring. People who have in-depth questions that involve buy out advisory matters regularly turn to the specialists who work for Madison Street Capital. People who have concerns that pertain to ESOP advisory matters routinely do the same thing. There are a good number of other focal points for the team at Madison Street Capital as well. These professionals know so much about asset management, financial opinions, financial reporting valuation and business valuation. They can teach the general public all about financial sponsor coverage, share based compensation, tax compliance, wealth building, tax planning and restructuring overall. People who want to gain insight into matters that involve wealth preservation regularly depend on Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital’s team members routinely talk about the undeniable power of business exit planning operations. They have well-rounded knowledge. Learn more:


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