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A GoFundMe is Started for Autism Rocks

Autism is a common issue among children. Fortunately, there is a new GoFundMe campaign that has started for a program called Autism Rocks. This was started when Sanjay Shah, a philanthropist born in the UK had sat with a famous rapper called Snoop Dogg and he had recently gotten this idea to put together gigs throughout the world in order to raise money for his autistic son. In 2014, he has launched the campaign in which he has included Autism Rocks as his choice in charities. He has been passionate about the research of autism since his child had received the diagnosis. He has invited stars such as Lenny Kravitz to perform top hits in order to raise funding for Autism research.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks. He was always interested in helping children. He has been sponsoring kids in India for 10 years with through Plan International. For a while, he was not sure of any other forms of charity. However, he has started well with his pursuits at sponsoring children that are in need. While he was doing charity work, he was also working at Merrill Lynch, an investment bank. He also followed up with other investment banks which included Morgan Stanley. He had a profitable career when he worked for investment firms.

Sanjay worked as the head of the trading department until sometime in 2009. The turning point came when he has decided that he wanted to escape office life. There were a few things that he hated about the office. The commute and the long hours have proven to be very tedious for him. He wanted to have a greater effect on people. He also wanted to help his child develop. With his desire, Sanjay Shah and his wife has founded Autism Rocks. This provides a platform for Shay to find the causes of autism so that he could not only find effective ways to treat it for his child, but also for other families with autism. His GoFundMe campaign to fund his research on autism is a big step in the right direction. Check out his website for more information.