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Notable Creations Of Jon Urbana

There are many fields that one can choose to apply themselves, but rarely will you ever find a person that is successful in more than one field of study. Jon Urbana is an exception to this idea because he has traversed the fields of many industries to provide quality services and high quality performances in different areas of the creative world, the business world and other areas of life. Jon has created some impressive works with his cameras and video equipment. He has a guitar and sound equipment that he uses to publish his music on Soundcloud. He also has affected his community positively. We’ll discuss some of Jon’s greatest achievements in this short post.

Creations Of Jon Urbana

When people visit the WordPress blog¬†of their friends and colleagues, they will often see countless pictures of nonsense from peoples’ daily lives. This is not the case when it comes to Jon Urbana. His Instagram and personal website reflect a soft lens for beauty in a busy world. His subjects for Facebook photos are usually nature. He sometimes will capture different parts of preparations used for cooking, which can reveal a lot about our society.

His taste in music and influences brought Jon to the point where he felt confident to start producing his own music. He likes to create music that is electronic in its style. He will often use his recording software and instruments to combine his skills with some other artists that he samples.

Jon’s videography work is absolutely stunning. It may be his greatest achievement because it is so personal. It is through Jon’s lens that we see this world of color and beauty. His subjects are often from nature, but some of his tweets are a different kind of artistic design that the world is grateful for having seen.

Lastly, Jon’s creative activities also include creating and co-founding a camp for young athletes. The camp is a Villanova-influenced lacrosse training camp in Colorado called Next Level Lacrosse Camp. It features the bold leadership of Jon Urbana and some of lacrosse’s top professional athletes in order to give kids direction.