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Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Student into a Community That Brings Change in Education

ClassDojo is an education technology application that was that was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The application connects parents, teachers, and students into one community.

The joint effort is aimed to bring a ground-up change where students are encouraged by both parents and educators to work hard to achieve academic excellence. Likewise, parents stay abreast with their children’ development while at school. The ClassDojo app has been likened to Slack for enabling everyone in a child’s life to have access to his or her progress in school. For instance, numerous teachers and parents have commended the app for bringing them together in a bid to enhance the learning experience for the children.

ClassDojo has been undergoing continuous developments to make it fully adaptable to all classrooms. The founders have been organizing venture funding exercise to help them raise capital used to employ more development experts and increase sales to more schools.

In ClassDojo’s new Series B of venture funding, they raised an estimated amount of $21 million. The series B venture funding was attended by General Catalyst organization, GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.

The investment funds could be used to add more feature into the application. ClassDojo’s executive officers were confident that in future parents could purchase learning materials like books and videos. Furthermore, they could use the application to pay tuition fees. This move comes in handy with the company’s desire to introduce a freemium model for the app in a bid to monetize it.

ClassDojo allows students to share various learning experiences with their relatives. For this reason, students are empowered to find an actual skill which they will add to their portfolio. Positive compliments from parents encourage them to develop life skills like honesty, responsibility, hard work, and teamwork.

ClassDojo has helped to improve education. Teachers can effectively communicate with parents on various issues concerning students. In turn, parents can follow up on such matters to ensure that they address the issue.

To date, ClassDojo is used in two-thirds of schools in United States. Teachers have confirmed that ClassDojo has played a significant role in addressing a gap that had been left out in the education system. Indeed, most of the teachers using it have expressed their willingness to pay for more services that would be offered on the ClassDojo platform.

For this reason, ClasssDojo ranks top when compared to other education technology applications developed by Remind, FreshGrade, Nearpod, and Kickboard. In a day, Class Dojo is downloaded by thousands of people.

The Skout App Encourages Interaction

Skout is a social media app that has been exponentially growing every since it was created. With hundreds of millions of users of this social media app, Skout has expanded into over 180 different countries all around the world. this global platform has been designed to perfectly fit in with both the at home desktop or even the mobile platform. Skout was build for social interaction on many different levels. Individuals can use this app to meet new people, talk to new friends, or even practice a little flirtation. The steps for joining the Skout app is free and is an easy process. The only recommendation is to not only add a photo that is up to date, but to also add accurate information about likes and dislikes. This information will be used by the Skout company to match people up accordingly.

In recent news, this global platform was acquired by MeetMe after this company purchased Skout for almost $30 million. The deal of this exchange was to let Skout continue as a standalone brand in exchange for 5 million shares of the company. MeetMe has taken the role as Skout’s new investor that has made plans to improve the technology, the chat interface, as well as the search filter of the company. Within the next two years, MeetMe has estimated that Skout will profit over $100 million if all goes according to plan.

MeetMe took special interest in Skout due to the popularity and the unique features of the site. Within less than ten years, Skout has already been able to attract over 3.5 million users to the app per month. In addition to this number, it has been estimated that around 42,000 individuals are joining the Skout app each day. With the many improvements on the way thanks to the new investments, the creators of Skout are excited to continue enhancing this unique platform.

One of the most unique features of this app is the shake feature. What this feature does is creates a random chat room with another random individual. Users who use this shake feature can either stay and chat with the individual or can continue using the feature to find new people. At the end of each chat, individuals can even bookmark each other that will notify each individual when the other comes online. The point of this app is to encourage both online and offline interaction.

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Things Just Keep Getting Better for Prolific Dating App Skout

There is certainly no doubt about it, people have a tendency to spend a lot of time on various dating apps these days. If there was ever any doubt about their popularity, one only has to look at the sheer number of dating apps and accompanying websites that exist. They seem to be all over the place. After all, this is the main way that most people meet someone in today’s world. Long gone are the days going on blind dates or meeting someone through a friend or at work.

What you stop to consider the busy schedules of everyone these days it is easy to understand why dating apps are so popular as a means of meeting someone new. As a matter of fact, they have become this popular because they easily fit into everyone’s schedule instead of forcing people to fit dating into an already jam packed schedule that scarcely allows people the time to turn around. Clearly, one of the most popular dating apps is Skout.

There are a lot of things that make Skout as popular as it is. Of course, the main thing that makes it such a popular dating app is the fact that it is versatile enough to be used by any individual whether they are serious about dating or not. It works just as well for casual relationships as it does for finding someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. This sets it apart and it makes it more popular than any other app .

In fact, it looks like the app is primed to have the best quarter it has ever had during the first part of 2016, more specifically around Valentine’s Day. This is a time when people automatically start to think about having a relationship with someone special or just getting together with someone for the day and it is easy to turn to a place like Skout in order to accomplish that goal.

While dating apps in general have increased in popularity a great deal over the years, this is a particular app that has always managed to be just different enough to get everyone’s attention. Many people love the app simply because it is so easy to use and just as many love it because they can use it for whatever their needs are without having to worry about some of the expectations or pressures that come with using other dating apps. Perhaps these are the reasons that Skout is so popular today. Without a doubt, developers figured out long ago what clicked with consumers and they have stuck to that business model for the entire time that the app has been in use.

The truth is, it looks like this is an app that has no intentions of slowing down. There is every reason to believe that it will continue to be among the most popular dating apps that have ever been developed and that numerous people will be able to take advantage of everything it has to offer. For that reason alone, it is worth taking a second look at.

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What Everyone Needs to Learn About Using Skout

When it comes to dating, no one wants to end up with the wrong partner. In fact this is among the worst scenarios one can ever imagine. Getting the right person entails more than just choosing an appealing personal image. It is necessary to search for someone in the same mission as you are. This means it is advisable to first understand what the other person wants in a relationship. However, using traditional methods of dating it can be difficult to get all this information. Platforms such as Skout has made it easier to locate the right partner and to offer information about the person that one needs to get in touch with. Skout is a leading developer that has managed to create different dating platforms for all users. The Skout application has been so popular for the many useful features that are incorporated in the product and many people have been able to find love through this platform.

Looking at the interface, one will realize that Skout is created for all levels of users and is made to offer as much flexibility as there can be. The system is created with easy-to-use features and comprises of a great looking interface. It does not matter whether it is the first time on the application because all details that are useful to guiding users are provided precisely. When installed, Skout does not need much space to run. It is available for users both on Android and iOS systems. Unlike most applications that when installed slow the system, Skout does not offer such an effect and rather maintains the speed that is supposed to prevail for the system to run seamlessly. Even when one looks at the rating and reviews left by different users, it will be easy to realize that Skout is a reliable dating application and website that allows users to express their freedom.

Searching for information about different uses on the platform has been made easy by the fact that Skout offers a system that allows for easy navigation through the many members that are available on the system. Skout is one of the biggest dating platforms and it can be difficult to locate the right partner without features that help users to sort through easily. The sort feature is designed in a manner that allows members to browse for information using criterion like age and location. This makes it easier to get specific results about the type of persons one is looking for.

It is also worth noting that Skout has been instrumental in ensuring all details provided by members are secured and made secret to the users only. No information is released for public access, something that offers members the confidence of browsing through the system. Also among advantages members are guaranteed to receive is the pricing offered by the Skout team. They offer affordable rates that are fair for all users and are always available to offer support services especially for new members who are struggling to understand the system.