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Storied career of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a role model to many. A successful business lady and above all, she is a Global CEO. Her success story dates back to her early life. She always wanted to excel and be successful just like her elder siblings. She had dreams and targets in life. This was her guiding light. As per now, the world can clearly see that she has achieved most of her dreams.


Her area of expertise is sales and marketing. Just like any other person, she went through hardships before making it. Despite this, her commitment and talent enabled her rise to the top. Lori has the ability to turn whatever she works on into a success.


According to GC Report, her innovation skills enabled her spearhead the launching of TAG Ideation in 2003. She is learned and has skilled in various areas. Her broad knowledge and experience in data analytics has enabled her work with popular brands in the world. They include Xbox, Nabisco among others.


Senecal was later promoted to head the sales and marketing division as a result of the success of TAG Ideation. This was the start of her achievement story. From then, she was made an accountant management director and Executive Vice President of McCann World group.


Due to her excellence and good reputation, Lori Senecal became the President. She was then made the chief executive officer of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. In 2015, Senecal was the Worldwide CEO of the Crispin Porter and Bogusky. This is a big position that comes with great responsibilities. She oversees the company’s global growth. Lori Senecal is tasked with managing and coordinating the ten international offices. Her main aim is to ensure expansion and continued development of CP-B.

She has a passion for digital advertising trends. According to her as a leader in this sector, creating outstanding images and videos is paramount. The trick behind standing out is making videos that capture the attention of crowds in the jam-packed advertising landscape. Below are some of the key things she listed:

  • Aiming for the heart
  • Using strong colors
  • Making viewers laugh



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Lori Senecal’s Advice on Using Facebook for Advertising

Social media has become the platform to use for almost everything. People can watch videos, listen to audio, and even make money with the use of certain social media platform. Lori Senecal has advice on how to use Facebook among other social media platforms. One of the reasons that Lori Senecal focuses on Facebook is that it has for the longest time been one of the largest social media platforms. After all, it has beat out other platforms such as Twitter, and LinkedIn. Therefore, it is only fitting that Lori Senecal would give advice on using Facebook for advertising.

According to GCReport, the first thing to understand about Facebook advertising is how not to use it. One of the worst things to do on Facebook is to just advertise, especially if it is going to be done for no extra cost. Many newer marketers make the mistake of posting a link without actually doing anything else on Facebook. The most important thing to do on Facebook is to engage the community. As users engage, they build a following. Once they get enough followers, then they can bring people to their business. Another benefit to engagement is that social media platforms like Facebook give more weight to people that are active. Therefore, their posts would be more likely to appear on any given topic.

Another thing that Lori Senecal advises is that a company’s marketing should go past the sale. This is the one factor that makes the difference between a successful company and a struggling company. A company that takes the time to give the customer a chance to provide feedback is going to have a better chance at success because they are going to have pointers on what the improvements they can make to their company. Also, it allows the customer to feel as if the company cares about them. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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CP+B Grooms New Generation Leaders as Lori Senecal Plans on Exiting the Agency

Lori Senecal was appointed in 2015 as the first CP+B’s global Chief Executive Officer. She uses her role to influence the global growth and expansion of CP+B. Lori Senecal also oversees the coordination of CP+B’s international interests. Currently, CP+B has ten international offices. Recently, Lori in conjunction with the agency announced that she would be quitting the agency sometime this year. CP+B is currently looking for her replacement. Lori joins a list of other high profile CP+B’s employees that have announced that they are planning to exit from the agency. Visit Adweek for more info.

Chuck Porter, CP+B co-founder and chairman, sought the services of Lori in 2015 because of her renowned expertise. Today, he is happy with his decision to make Lori part of the CP+B’s team. Porter acknowledges that Lori has accomplished a lot for the agency; she won big clients such as American Airlines and structured global management and communication processes. A year after she joined CP+B, the agency’s revenue grew by 21%. According to Lori, the decision to exit CP+B in 2017 was an understanding between Porter and her that was arrived at immediately she joined the agency albeit privately. Lori was tasked with creating unique management structures that would enable the agency to carry on with its activities with the entrance of new generation leaders. Lori and Porter are concerned with developing capable leaders who would take on the main positions at CP+B.

According to Fast Company, recently a promising employee, Danielle Aldrich, of CP+B was made the president CP+B West. Before her promotion, Aldrich was one of the directors at CP+B Boulder. She has worked with CP+B for over 14 years, and she has dealt with high-value clients such as Burger King. She was also credited for winning American Airlines from Tim Advertising, the agency behind American Airline’s advertisements for the past 25 years. Aldrich’s new tasks, which include managing CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles, will enable her to take on new challenging responsibilities that will make her as valuable as Lori. Lori gave Aldrich her blessings for her new job and described her as the type of employee that will take CP+B forward. Check out Crunchbase for more.

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