Brian Bonar’s Advice About Investing Post French Election

Investors are always waiting for the news to role in when an election takes place, and Brian Bonar’s position on the financial markets is clear. Bonar’s position is that post the French election, ETF’s are the right choice.

These European exchanged traded funds may be a thing of the past right now in the minds of investors that feel as though their future is very uncertain, but Brian Bonar has a different outlook. Given the news, there is still much more to come in European news, so Bonar believes it isn’t over just yet. As an investor, he doesn’t believe it’s wise to throw in the towel, rather that this decision is a bit premature.

Some of the events yet to come include the legislative elections in France, as well as the national elections in Germany. These events are on a different schedule than the U.S., giving way to more attention as they occur. What this means to investors is that there is in fact more room to grow. The investor can watch hopefully and wait with the anticipation of the best is yet to come, if they are patient.

Bonar sees that these ETF’s have plenty of potential, and that they could generate tremendous wealth if given enough time. The discriminating investor will most likely keep a close eye on the elections and other political events to come before making a final decision in regards to ETF’s. The French expected the winner to be a leftist, Emmanual Macron, who was in fact the clear winner.

As a result, those investors that invest internationally were quite pleased with the outcome of this election, feeling confident of how they would invest their money. This is because those investors believe that Macron is more economically stable, holding promise for the country, giving him an easy victory in the election.

The European economy shows promise, and it no doubt will have to catch up to the strength of the U.S. dollar in order to make long-term progress. The European stocks are what investors want to buy because they are less expensive, and while they are they should purchase what they need to boost their portfolio to prepare for coming growth as the landscape changes in Europe.

Brian Bonar is the CEO of Trucept since the company’s change in 2010 from the old name Smart-Tek Solutions. Bonar has held numerous top-level positions with companies since his career began. Today he is noted for his expertise in international trading and investing.