Ara Chackrian The Beacon Of Hope to the Healthcare Startups

While most other sectors are experiencing economic expansion, the healthcare sector has also not been left behind especially with startups venturing into the vigorous economic segments in existence. However, to Ara Chackerian, a healthcare investor this doesn’t come as a surprise, since he is a veteran in the healthcare sector especially in the side of medical imaging, and, therefore, understands that the value and innovation in medicine are driven by the new “player” in the field. Despite this being the case, most investors are still anxious concerning the startups they are underwriting not graduating to the initial public offering, or to acquisitions and mergers.

To Ara Chackerian, the medicine business has very promising and potential innovative areas such as AI, digital imaging, Robotics, etc, which are capable of elevating the patients’ results and streamline the field. Chackerian champions for concepts such as TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and sought investors with the assurance that the healthcare sector will be more sustainable with innovation. For advancements such as advanced diagnostics, and “Big Data” computing to be big investments, innovation, and ability to sell the innovation were involved in this what is still needed in order for big returns to be experienced to both the industry and to the investors.



According to the New York City data for 2017, 79 healthcare startups in the city managed to raise a venture-capital funding of $703 million. A health business report in NYC notes that conditions such as capital, higher learning institutions, local government support, etc are favorable for startups in the healthcare sector, technology, services and others. However, most health tech startups mostly face money loss at the initial stage making it a challenge for them to find a buyer. This may result in less health tech investment in 2018. You can visit for more.



However, with successful entrepreneurs like Ara Chackerian, there is hope for an early cash flow and limited IPOs delays in the healthcare startups. Not only are these startups the backbone of the healthcare service today but also the treatment of tomorrow.


Ara is a healthcare investor and a philanthropist. He co-founded TMS Health Solution, to which he is also a board member. He also works at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, as a managing partner. Both of these companies are in the healthcare sector in which they are involved in either directly or indirectly. You can visit to know more.