All You Need to Know about Malcolm CasSelle, President of WAX and CIO of OPSkins

OPSkins is a company that deals with the sale of in-game virtual assets. However, the marketplace provided by this company is centralized, an aspect which poses technological issues that affect its effectiveness. Under the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle, the company’s CIO, OpSkins hopes to decentralize its marketplace by establishing another blockchain platform known as WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). WAX will enhance the effectiveness of virtual trading through two ways; first, it will foster fragmentation of the market and also reduce fraud. In the recent past, language and payment processing procedures have deterred flexibility in virtual trading. Therefore, WAX aims at ensuring a frictionless trade between buyers and sellers of virtual gaming assets. Additionally, through the use of tokens, the WAX platform will help to do away with intermediaries who are needed when the cryptocurrencies differ. Most importantly, this platform will promote security during transactions and reduce the instances of fraud.

Having pioneered the establishment of several digital platforms, it is quite clear that Malcolm CasSelle is smart and his IQ level on a high level. His career began in 1995 when he became NetNoir’s CTO. His prowess in digital marketing has been built through participation in several projects. Before heading OPSkins, Malcolm was Tronc President and CTO. Other institutions where he has contributed his skills and talent in the digital world include Digital Media, MediaPass, XFire and PCCW among others. Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is WAX President and Opskins CIO. Both of these companies are concerned with virtual trading. Under his authority, he has seen OPSkins become one of the leading marketplaces for online game assets.


His background in computer technology heightens Malcolm CasSelle success in the digital world. He studied Computer Science at Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has expressed his ability to solve problems about virtual marketing. Blockchain technology is growing at a breakneck speed, but fraud and other security concerns are acting as deterrents to its success. The WAX platform comes in handy to solve such issues. It not only addresses security issues but also facilitates frictionless interactions between participants of virtual trade.