Adam Goldenberg is taking JustFab to new heights

While New York is known for having some of the biggest business headquarters in the world, they do have several rivals. The glitz and shine of Los Angeles are extremely attractive to businesses in the fashion industry, and many companies choose to locate there. There are hundreds of successful business leaders live and work in Los Angeles, and Adam Goldenberg is one of them. Adam Goldenberg currently serves as co-CEO of JustFab and has already had a great career.

Adam has always wanted to change the world with his business skills. At the age of 15, Adam founded Gamers Alliance, his first company. The company was incredibly successful, and three years later he sold it to Intermix Media. Intermix wanted to add him to the leadership team, so he quit high school and joined the company. When Adam was just 20, he was named Chief Operating Officer. Adam Goldenberg was the youngest COO of a publicly traded company at the time. During his time at Intermix, Adam met Don Ressler. The pair would go on to make a major impact on the business world.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became friends and they started several companies together. They started by creating a brand incubator platform called Intelligent beauty. The company was successful, so the two moved on to other projects. Adam and Don have founded numerous successful health and beauty brands over the years, and they started to work out the details of a personalized shopping experience on crosscut.vcthat would live online. They wanted the excitement of social media to merge with the fashion world. Adam and Don also wanted this experience to be completely affordable.

The pair knew that their idea was largely untapped, so they had a grand opportunity to capitalize on the situation. Successful online endeavors have to be fun, social, and engaging. They launched JustFab by expanding Intelligent Beauty on YouTube. JustFab is a truly unique service that captures the excitement of the fashion industry in the online world. The service allows members to receive a selection of fashion items tailored to their personal taste on a monthly basis, and it only costs $39.95 a month.

Adam and Don are determined to make JustFab a revolutionary product. They are not just a subscription service, they are a way to keep engagement high. They interact with their customers regularly and are working hard to meet their needs. The company is constantly expanding and Adam has left a major impact there.