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The Mina Ebrahimi Decision That Changed Her Path in the Food Business

Mina Ebrahimi really stays on top of things when it comes to catering. She has put her time and effort into building a great catering service called Saint Germain Catering, and this business has grown in a way that most people would have never expected.


It has become one of the hottest catering services in North Virginia, and she continues to be ranked as one of the best by the people that she services.


It is good to have the support of fans that give accolades about the services that she is providing. The ability to connect with your clients is very important, but Mina I also realizes that connecting with her staff is just as important. She has talked about how she has been able to empower her employees. This can be something that changes the entire perspective of her workers. When you have someone in place that feels empowered they work harder.


Mina knows the catering business well because it has been in this business for a long time. It is the trial and error of this business that has made her successful. At one time she was the owner that took over a restaurant that was previously owned by her parents. This would be a great start for Ebrahimi, but this business would eventually fail. She would have to make a decision on whether she would rebuild her her life as a woman that with a restaurant business or if she would pursue some other the area in the business world.


What Mina made a decision to do was somewhat interesting. She chose to stay connected with food, but she made a decision to break into the catering business instead of opening another restaurant. This has proven to be a far more successful adventure for Mina, and she feels thrilled about the decision that she has made. Her customers love her food, and she has clearly shown that there is quite a bit of success in this industry if you know who you are catering to. That may be the thing that has actually served Mina Ebrahimi best when it c catering. She knows her clients.


Anil Chaturvedi’s History in the Banking World

Before finding success as an prominent international banker, Anil Chaturvedi was born and raised in India. Chaturvedi has amassed an impressive amount of experience in private banking, corporate baking and investment banking. However, Mr. CHaturvedi’s niche within the banking industry is cross-border transactions between Europe and India. It is this area of the banking industry in which Anil Chaturvedi puts his expertise to work. Anil Chaturvedi finished his schooling in the 1970s after graduating from Delhi University. He holds an MBA in Financial Management as well as a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics.


Although he began his career back in India, Chaturvedi made a big move to United States a number of years later. Making New York City his new home, Chaturvedi found a new position at New York’s State Bank of India, where he was the leader of the company’s planning and development operations. While working with the State bank of India the primary demographic that made up his target market was non-resident people from India.


After his initial New York job at State Bank of India, Chaturvedi then found a new position at ANZ Grindlays Bank. He worked at ANZ Grindlays for a few years before landing his best position during his time in New York: International Managing Director at Merrill Lynch. Chaturvedi then spent almost two decades serving a diverse range of clients, who hailed from India, the United States, Europe and Asia. After spending 18 years doing this, he made yet another international move. This time he moved to the Swiss city of Geneva and found a position with Hinduja Bank. He is currently their Managing Director, a position that his many years of experience have prepared him well for.


Chaturvedi’s duties at Hinduja Bank also involve assisting in the formation of partnerships between European firms that wish to make international alliances, typically with India. Credit syndication, acquisitions, mergers and the raising of capital are also other activities in which Anil Chaturvedi is involved at Hinduja Bank.

Wes Edens’ Balance between Career and Family Success

In the current corporate world, one has to be an expert investor to thrive in it, for example, an American investor by the name Wes Edens has proved to be a specialist private equity investor, a businessman, and owner of a sports team. Wes Edens was born in 1961 in the United States, and he undertook his studies in Oregon State University where he received B.S. in Finance and Business Administration in 1984. Wes is also a father of four Kids, and his wife is known as Lynn, Mallory their youngest daughter caught public attention when she appeared as Milwaukee Buck’s representative in the 2014 lottery draft.

Wes Edens began his career journey as a partner and managing director in Lehman Brothers and also being his first workstation until 1993, and later on, he joined Blackrock where he performed the same functions of management and as a partner until 1997. Despite being co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, Wisconsin and Marc Lasry, Wes was also the co-founder principals of Fortress Investment Group jointly with Randal Nardone as well as League of Legends Team used his name.In 1998, Wes Edens was one of the five partners involved in Fortress Investment Group founding, and the other partners were Robert Kauffman, Peter Briger, Randal Nardone and Michael Edward. Also, he was featured in Wall Street Journal article published in 2007, and it described that his investment lifestyle was based on creative financing, and growing business via making investments.

In a publication which was dated 28 Jan 2017, he described Fortress Investment Group as an energetic company capable of investing in Jamaica. He also stated that the legal and regulatory framework is one of the significant things to consider before one decides to spend, and Fortress had always applied these legal frameworks to deliver something of value.Currently, Wes Edens appears in the list of world billionaires, and he seizes position 962 in a report that was dated 2008 by Forbes. Wes net worth stood at $1.6 billion, most of his fortune was from self-made and also being the vital source of income in Fortress Investment Group. Even, according to biz journal, Wes would take-home pay of $54 million.Lastly, it is clear that Wes Edens is a legend in the corporate world owing to all his achievements such as adverse experience in management of both private and public corporations and also has an extensive credit in private equity finance.

Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender was born in the year 1957, 17 October in Bronx New York. He was born to two Jewish parents. His mother was a kindergarten teacher, while his father was college history professor. He was raised in New Jersey, USA. He had the opportunity to join Cherry Hill High School East. While still in secondary school, he wished to be like his grandfather who was a civil engineer by profession. After completing his high school education, Lawrence was privileged to join the University of Maine. There he enrolled for civil engineering classes. In the year 1979, Lawrence graduated with a degree in civil engineering. Bender decided to pursue this course because he had earlier heard that there were steady jobs in the field.

While still attending his course at Maine, he developed a passion for dancing. Most of his free time he would watch and admire the school team dancing. After graduating, Lawrence Bender decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional dance. He danced for several years. He joined a dancing squad that used to travel all around the USA performing in shows.

However, after years of dancing, Lawrence Bender incurred an injury that made end his pro-dancing career. This frustrated him so much and left him with no other option but to seek another career path. Today Lawrence Bender is a celebrated American movie producer. He came into the limelight when he produced the movie Reservoir Dogs in the year 1992.

Since then, Lawrence Bender has been able to produce other films like Inglorious Bastards, Safe, Pulp Fiction, the Great Raid, Four Rooms, the Mexican, An Inconvenient Truth, Django, Quentin Tarantino and the Hateful Eight among. These significant efforts have made him land very prestigious awards. Also, he has been nominated for other awards especially for best picture awards. Lawrence Bender is now 60 years of age and will be turning 61 years on October 17th. He has quite a quiet life. He has a passion for social and political support .most of the time he spends doing fundraising for social and political clauses in Los Angles in the United States of America.


Shervin Pishevar: America And The Stock Market

America is a great country full of innovative people who come up with great ideas. However, they may be handcuffed in the future when it comes to creating wonderful startups that benefit the social good. That is the way that Shervin Pishevar sees it anyway.

He was an early investor in Uber before that was something that had really caught on. He believed in the promise of the company and wanted to put his money where his mouth was. Therefore, Shervin Pishevar made the investment and has reaped the rewards of it ever since. He has always been able to credit this to himself and has been able to say that he did that when few others did. This is what makes him so worthwhile to listen to for his ideas now.

One of the first things that Shervin Pishevar said that you should know about is that he believes that the stock market is headed for a correction of at least twenty percent. That is a big drop in the market in historical terms. It is actually the kind of thing that we are simply not accustomed to seeing at all. However, it is one of those things that can happen from time to time when prices get too high. Pishevar is suggesting that prices are currently too high.

He is not just going after the stock market. There are concerns in other asset classes as well. Bitcoin is a great example of an asset that a lot of people thought could only continue to rise in value but which has actually the potential to do exactly the opposite.

Pishevar thinks that if there is going to be a run on anything it might be Bitcoin. He says that there is value in Bitcoin, but he is also skeptical that it is as valuable as people are pricing it at today. He would like to see it in the two to five thousand dollar per coin range before he would ever consider purchasing some for himself.

All of these big thoughts and ideas are critical to the philosophy that Shervin Pishevar preaches as related to the economy.

Clay Hutson Shares Secrets in the Music Industry

All you Need to Know About Clay Hutson

The Idea of Starting His Own Firm

According to clay Hutson, the idea of founding his own live performance show came as a result of the financial market crash in 2008. His previous employer had been hit hard by the financial crisis. At first, it was risky for Clay Hutson to venture immediately into his firm. He stated that his belief in his skills and talent motivated him towards his goals.

Factors that have led to the success of his career

Clay Hutson sites hard work, dedication, and working for long hours. He has always been dedicated to provide a spectacular show to the musician and fans in conjunction with his crew. Before opting for any live performance show, Clay Hutson checks for the possible mistakes repeatedly that could have a negative impact on the show. He adds that a serious mistake could have a negative impact on his reputation which can harm the rest of his career. He meticulously plans for the event and organise his crew and event in the right manner.

Clay Hutson states that planning is very helpful since it helps him manage his crew and boosts efficiency and productivity. With the help of his crew, Clay Hutson develops a list if the serious tasks and equipment before travelling to a show.

The Interesting Trends in the Music Industry

Clay Hutson recommends the development of technology in music. As a major player in the industry, he needs to be updated with the latest trends. He states that he finds mobile lighting interesting in the music industry. Additionally, he recommends the creative ways in which artist present their performances to their fans.

Marketing Skills

Clay Hutson has vast marketing skills which makes him remain relevant in the market. According to him, quality customer service and dedication has led to new clients and loyalty from the existing ones. Once a client is happy with his production, they recommend other performers to Clay Hutson.

About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a renowned event organiser who provide services to musicians. He has numerous skills and expertise in stage management, sound engineering, and monitor engineering. His career has made him travel to some continents such as Asia, America, Australia, and Europe with some of the best performance such as Kid Rock, Pink, Lady Gaga, among others. Clay Hutson is among the few individuals who have led a successful career in the music industry. Learn more:

A NewsWatch TV Review Helps Tech Company Achieve Beyond Their Goal

Avanca is an international tech accessories company that produces innovative products. They needed to heavily promote their brand new product, Ockel Sirius B pocket PC, on its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Avanca only had a deadline of 30 days to reach their goal of $10,000 and if they didn’t, the money would go back to the donors. Avanca hired NewsWatch TV to produce a one minute video review if their new product for promotional use. NewsWatch TV’s aired the segment and it reached over 200 U.S. Markets as well as 96 million U.S. households nationwide. The promo review allowed the tech company to achieve beyond their initial campaign goal and ended up raising $456,551 in just 30 days.

NewsWatch TV has provided millions of American viewers with breaking consumer news, technology reviews, entertainment and more for over 25 years. Based in the Washington, DC, area, NewsWatch TV is a multi-award winning series that began airing in 1990 and can be found on both Ion Television and AMC Network. The 30-minute program is hosted by the talented Andrew Tropeano alongside his co-host Michelle Ison and features tech savvy special reports from Amanda Forstrom and Eric Forrest. NewsWatch TV has aired over 1,262 original episodes since its launch.

NewsWathc TV have introduced brand new mobile apps and consumer technology before they’ve hit the mainstream markets. NewsWatch TV also air segments that showcased top travel destinations, exclusive celebrity interviews, breaking medical news, consumer electronic reviews, app reviews and more. Some of the celebrity that appeared on the show include Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Woody Harrelson, Julianne Moore and many others. NewsWatch is owned by Bridge Communications and is viewed by nearly every market in the United States and reaches to an average of more than 90 million households across the nation.

Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews:


Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares for Humanitarian Causes

Stream Energy is an energy provider company serving residential and commercial customers. The business was founded in 2005 and offers numerous services that are flexible and predictable. They provide natural gas supply and flexible electric plans that match the customer’s energy needs. The energy solution company operates in major cities like New York, Maryland, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas.

The company offers a wide range of rate plans including the Flex rate plans that provide flexibility & variable prices and price secured rate plans which offers a stable rate depending on the contract length. Other rate plans include; Smart 30 SkyBell, Free energy program and Smart 30 thermostat. They have continually provided exceptional services to clients since its existence and this has significantly led to the growth of the company, and it’s quickly growing to become one of the world’s leading energy solutions company. Recently, the firm expanded its operational services to six territories in Ohio. Larry Mondry, the chief executive officer of Stream Energy, commented on the expansion and expressed his excitement on expanding the services to a large and potential city like Ohio. The development will give the company a broader presence in Ohio and also create job opportunities to residents.

Stream Energy has been actively participating in humanitarian programs to support and improve lives of other people. During the Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the company participated in funding the recovery efforts of the victims. On March 2018, an article in Patch featured Stream Energy’s Stream Cares, a philanthropic foundation. The foundation’s primary role is to support the needy in the community. Stream Cares have been working together with Hope Supply Co. to help homeless children by providing clothing and learning tools.

Stream Cares have also been in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Foundation, which helps needy families by funding the construction of new houses and repairing the existing ones. Stream Energy has also worked with the Salvation Army Foundation to raise money to help the tornado victims in North Texas. For a long time, the company has also been working with the American Red Cross to provide emergency assistant and disaster relief in the United States. Stream Energy enjoys changing lives of people.

Medical Aesethetic Extrordinaire Dr. Mark McKenna

Being an extraordinaire means that you will have to excel at whatever it is that you’re doing. Whether it’s a job, or it’s participating in sports, being labelled as an extraordinaire is the ultimate complement. The New Orleans-native, Dr. Mark McKenna, is certainly an extraordinaire thanks to his profound knowledge in elective healthcare. This guy is very accomplished thanks to having a MDA as well as having an M.D. The Tulane University School of Medicine graduate is licensed in surgery and is licensed in medicine by the Louisiana Board of Medical Examiners. In addition to that, he is licensed in surgery and is licensed in medicine by the Georgia Board of Medical Examiners.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a leader in elective-healthcare services. OVME is the new king of the hill in the Southeastern region of the United States because it introduces some of the most cutting-edge technologies with medical-aesthetic services. OVME has shaken-up the industry thanks to its luxurious, spa-like facility and thanks to its innovative application. As a person who’s seeking elective healthcare on-the-go, you’ll benefit from this application by making an appointment that can provide the services to you at your place of residence. Yes, this is absolutely true. OVME has its own database of elective-healthcare providers in the immediate area. When someone wants to receive a service, all they’ll have to do is to schedule an appointment via smartphone. This idea is rather genius thanks to Dr. Mark McKenna.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s way of thinking is very progressive. Simplifying the patient’s lifestyle is now possible thanks to all of the new innovations. Dr. Mark McKenna is a revolutionary in a sense. “I truly want to build a brand that caters to medical aesthetics,” said McKenna. As of now, this phenomenal doctor is doing just that and then some.

Accomplishments of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a co-chairman and principle of the Fortress Group. Peter took up his role at the firm in 2002 and he has overseen the fast growth and development of the firm. His educational background has formed the basis for his the impeccable skills he has showcased in the field of entrepreneurship. Prior to joining the Fortress Group team, Peter served as a partner at the Goldman Firm. Since the beginning of his career, Peter Briger has seen the Fortress Group firm rise into one of the largest asset management firms in the country.The renowned entrepreneur pursued his education at the University of Princeton, where he graduated with a BSc in Business administration and later undertook his masters from the same university. Since the beginning of his career, Peter has showcased a great understanding of the business sector and he has worked closely with a vast number of business experts through which he has acquired great skills to manage the firm.

Peter Briger is the head of real estate and credit fund division at the Fortress group and he has overseen the smooth operation of the sectors. His commitment to achieving the best has seen him help many firms deal with their debt issues effectively. Besides, the renowned entrepreneur has also ensured that firms benefit from the finances that the Fortress Group offers them to address their financial challenges.Through the vast knowledge he gained from the various firms he served, Peter has ensured that the Fortress Group firm goes public. Through his collaboration with other firms executives, he has ensured that the firm achieves most of its goals, a step that has seen the firm receive a high ranking at the Forbes millionaire companies list.

The firm also caters for the financial need of both privately owned and institutional based entities with an aim of helping them achieve their set objectives.Peter Briger also likes maintaining a close relationship with other executives and former employers so as to share developmental ideas with them. He is also a board member at the Princeton University Investment Company and he also supports the operations of other companies in the country.Besides, Peter Briger is also a great philanthropist and he has strived to shine a light on the less fortunate individuals in the society. He is an active supporter of the Tipping Point, which is a nonprofit firm that seeks to offer their service to the low-income families in San Francisco and other parts of the country.