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Fortress Investment Group Building Up On Financial Security

In today’s high-tech world where business gets done at an ever increasing rate, people need to be even smarter with their finances. That is why investment management continues to become a key component to success.Obtaining wealth is tricking enough. Maintaining and even building on it can be even more so.That is why an investment management firm such as the Fortress Investment Group is so valuable to their clients. In terms of track records, Fortress stands out as an alternative asset management group that has had success over the years. In late December 2017, the company was bought by Softbank Group for an estimated $3.3 billion dollars and made into subsidiary. However, Softbank chose to keep the Fortress Investment name as a show of the high regard the Fortress brand has in its field.In a world where there are a greater variety of ways to spend capital, Fortress Investment tends are known for its strong alternative asset management abilities.

According to some estimates in 2016, Fortress was managing approximately $70 billion for its clients. Much of the money was involved in alternative investment forms instead of the more traditional investment vehicles such as stocks and bonds.Founded in 1998 and based out of New York City, the Fortress Investment Group has steadily developed over the past two decades. During the early part of the firm’s existence, growth was fairly quick in its handling of private equities. By 2007, Fortress Investment was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, become the first private equity firm in the country to trade its own shares to the public.Despite suffering greatly from the bear market around 2008, the Fortress Investment Group rebuilt itself by focusing more on credit funds.

The Institutional Investor even named the company as the 2014 Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. The firm also was the main lender toward the developers who eventually built the Olympic Village for the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Fortress Investment Group provides a number of services to its clients. It has four main services: private equity, liquid markets, assets under management, and credit. Among its specialties are commercial real estate, permanent capital vehicles (PCVs), and business loans particularly of the long-term nature. Fortress has numerous of clients in North America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean.

Hollywood Films & Their Connections To The Academy of Art University

Do you have a favorite movie? Do you like to spend your free time watching movies? Did you know that hours and hours of hard work goes into producing these films? Yes, this is correct because just as much hard work comes from behind the cameras as it does from in front of the cameras. Jan Cramer, an alumnus of the Academy of Art University, was the head of animation at Digital Domain for the movie “Avengers Infinity War.” With a near-perfect scoring of 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie has shattered certain records that were previously considered to be out-of-this-world. “Avengers Infinity War’s” opening weekend has generated up to $640.9 million worldwide. The movie sits firmly at the top of the record books for having the biggest opening weekend.

Jan Cramer was entrusted with producing ideas and concepts for this movie. The guy has a BFA in Animation & Visual Effects from the Academy of Art University, and this BFA has certainly paid-off. The action-packed movie has some of the finest of animation as well as having fantastic special effects. “These are the moments that I’ve always dreamed of,” said Cramer. This particular job has always been Cramer’s dream, and he is now taking advantage of his natural talents. In addition to “Avengers Infinity War,” he has worked on many other films such as “Independence Day,” “X-Men Days of Future Past,” “Avatar,” “Resurgence” and “Spider-Man Homecoming.”

The Academy of Art University has a rich history that dates back to the late 1920s. It was founded by a painter named Richard S. Stephenson. AAU is attributed to being the largest privately owned art & design school in America.

The school has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It has exhibits, has galleries, has a stellar automotive museum that holds an estimated 200 vintage cars and has a beautiful campus that sits near the center of San Francisco.


Richard Dwayne Blair Helps Clients With All Their Financial Needs

Richard Dwayne Blair is a financial planner who founded his own company called Wealth Solutions in 1994. He finds it especially inspiring to help families, individuals, and small businesses manage their money successfully. He has an expert’s ability to help all of these groups craft custom plans for retirement and wealth management. His credentials are stellar and wide-ranging regarding all things financial.

Blair has codified his system of financial planning into what he calls the Three Pillars. This provides the foundation for successful money management and it entails long-term investing according to carefully constructed plans. This also takes into consideration the different chapters in life and how financial needs change.

A financial roadmap is imperative and this is the important First Pillar. As Blair builds a relationship with his clients during this phase, he gains a clear understanding of their goals. He also takes into account their tolerance for risk and helps them identify growth opportunities.

A long-term strategy for investing makes up the Second Pillar and this is no less important than the first. Richard Dwayne Blair helps them devise a plan that is well suited for their risk tolerance and needs for liquidity. He provides the active management skills of an expert and is able to navigate all market conditions. He is able to help maximize returns in uptrends and minimize risk during downtrends.

Blair closely monitors the accounts of his clients and this is the Third Pillar. Performance is regularly tracked according to several different metrics. Client expectations make up one yardstick of comparison as well as model portfolios and historical market data.

Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions have been faithfully serving clients in the Austin, Tx. locale and its surroundings. He founded the company when he was inspired to make a positive impact in the financial lives of local citizens and their businesses.

Another factor that has provided deep motivation for Blair has been the teachers in his family. He has observed them up close for years and their significant positive effect has inspired him. He considers himself to be a teacher of sound financial practices and his passion has helped many.


All You Need to Know about Malcolm CasSelle, President of WAX and CIO of OPSkins

OPSkins is a company that deals with the sale of in-game virtual assets. However, the marketplace provided by this company is centralized, an aspect which poses technological issues that affect its effectiveness. Under the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle, the company’s CIO, OpSkins hopes to decentralize its marketplace by establishing another blockchain platform known as WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). WAX will enhance the effectiveness of virtual trading through two ways; first, it will foster fragmentation of the market and also reduce fraud. In the recent past, language and payment processing procedures have deterred flexibility in virtual trading. Therefore, WAX aims at ensuring a frictionless trade between buyers and sellers of virtual gaming assets. Additionally, through the use of tokens, the WAX platform will help to do away with intermediaries who are needed when the cryptocurrencies differ. Most importantly, this platform will promote security during transactions and reduce the instances of fraud.

Having pioneered the establishment of several digital platforms, it is quite clear that Malcolm CasSelle is smart and his IQ level on a high level. His career began in 1995 when he became NetNoir’s CTO. His prowess in digital marketing has been built through participation in several projects. Before heading OPSkins, Malcolm was Tronc President and CTO. Other institutions where he has contributed his skills and talent in the digital world include Digital Media, MediaPass, XFire and PCCW among others. Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is WAX President and Opskins CIO. Both of these companies are concerned with virtual trading. Under his authority, he has seen OPSkins become one of the leading marketplaces for online game assets.


His background in computer technology heightens Malcolm CasSelle success in the digital world. He studied Computer Science at Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has expressed his ability to solve problems about virtual marketing. Blockchain technology is growing at a breakneck speed, but fraud and other security concerns are acting as deterrents to its success. The WAX platform comes in handy to solve such issues. It not only addresses security issues but also facilitates frictionless interactions between participants of virtual trade.


Ricardo Tosto Life and Career in the Legal Field

Ricardo Tosto has had a successful career as a lawyer in Brazil. He speaks both Portuguese and English, and he has a diverse customer base. He specializes in commercial litigation and credit restoration. Over the past few years, he has made numerous career moves to enhance his career.

Ricardo Tosto graduated from Mackenzie with a law degree. He also took business courses while at college. Graduating with experience in both business and law helped him quickly help his customers who needed financial advice. He was recently nominated for an award in his field. He was named one of the top 500 lawyers in commercial litigation in the entire world.

Writing a Book

Ricardo Tosto has written a lot of content related to legal advice. He co-authored a book talking about the legal and banking industries. Although the book is not an exciting read, it is often cited by young legal students.

Ricardo Tosto plans to continue writing for various websites and newspapers. He enjoys writing online content related to the legal field.


Ricardo Tosto specializes in specific areas of the legal profession. He enjoys helping clients improve their credit after a major financial disaster. In the last recession in Brazil, millions of people had to declare bankruptcy. He is one of the leading experts on bankruptcy law in Brazil. He is also great at helping customers improve their credit after a significant financial issue.

In the coming years, Ricardo Tosto plans to continue working in his legal practice. He has enough money to retire, but he feels like he is just getting started in his career. Anyone who wants to advance quickly within the legal profession should read about his life and career.

Susan McGalla Steps Up in Marketing Arena

Susan McGalla has become one of the most exciting forces in the world of advertising. There are not a lot of women that sit in this field, but Susan McGalla has the perfect amount of experience because she started in this area and continued to utilize her degree in marketing for decades.

Susan has been aware of what it takes to create a successful marketing campaign. This ability to bring this type of advertising into mainstream market has allowed her to lead a major clothing brand like American Eagle. This skill has also allowed her to work as a consultant when she created her own consulting company.

Marketing is something that has to be done when it comes to clothing, and first impressions are very valuable. That is why Susan McGalla made a decision to revamp the Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line when she became the creative director of development. She could not go off of the designs of others that were in place before her. She knew that in order to make this clothing sell better she had to do it her own way. She had to create fan gear that would actually appeal to the crowd that she felt like she was marketing to.

Susan McGalla has found a way to create a niche in the business world by standing out as a branding leader. Women that want to get into marketing will need to consider just how well this works. Few people will have the ability to get into a network where they are simply able to sit back and follow what someone else is doing. The women that make it to the top are the ones that are innovative. They are the ones that take control and create something that is not typical to the market that they are working in. This is what Susan McGalla at did in her efforts to become a CEO. She studied people that she worked with. She found her niche when it came to the advertising and designing of clothes. McGalla also researched the best strategies for treating her young consumer base.

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Wes Edens Keeps Up The Momentum

About Wes Edens

Wesley Robert Edens is ranked #962 with a net worth of $1.2 billion on Forbes World Billionaires list. Wes Edens is a self-made billionaire who co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 along with Robert Kauffman and Randal Nardone. He sits as one of 7 chairmen on the company’s board. Fortress was the first private-equity and hedge-fund manager to go public in the U.S. Wes attended Oregon State University where he studied finance. Wes Edens was a partner at Shearson Lehman Brothers Inc. and BlackRock Inc. before he co-founded Fortress. His early investments include cell towers, tourism, ski resorts and Chinese senior-living facilities.

Wes Edens Sports Interest

Wes is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, a National Basketball Association team. His recent involvement in sports includes joining with his co-owners and constructing a new arena in downtown Milwaukee. Wes bought into the team back in 2014 with his co-owners for $550 million and has already doubled his money. Over the past year alone the team’s valuation has skyrocketed by 37% making the valuation just over $1 billion dollars.

Wes Edens Annual Salary

According to BizJournals, in 2016 Wes’s overall take-home pay was at about $54.4 million per year. This amount includes his annual compensation at Fortress Investment Group of $13.4 million plus $41 million in shareholder dividends.

Future Endeavors

Wes Edens plans to build a train line between Miami and Orlando Florida as well as a liquefied natural-gas plant in Florida. Wes is most proud of his Springleaf project which assists in financing for those who do not have the highest credit score. The program has received a bit of scrutiny from the industry but he is happy to be able to provide a service that can assist everyone.

Sheldon Lavin Has Transformed The OSI Group Into A Global Brand

When Otto & Sons came to Sheldon Lavin in the 1970s seeking financial help to expand their operations, he realized right away it was an excellent company. One with potential to do great things. As an experienced investor, Lavin saw all the signs he normally looks for in a company in which to invest. They offered quality products, were on a growth trajectory and had a solid stable of clients. Those clients included the expanding McDonald’s franchise which was opening up new branches throughout the United States and a growing number of private brands, restaurants and supermarkets throughout Illinois. So after getting them the needed capital, he began buying stock in the company.

By the time Otto & Sons original owners left in the late 1970s, Sheldon Lavin owned enough shares in the company to take it over. He also had a plan to take the company into the international food production industry. Lavin crafted an effective expansion plan, built a system for maintaining the production of quality food products and began taking the company into lucrative markets all around the world. He built and bought production facilities in Europe, China, India, the Philippines, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the U.S. and began serving millions of new customers.

The practices he set up for the company led to them winning awards like the Globe of Honor in the United Kingdom, the Golden Globe, the California Green Business Certificate and the International Safety Award. He built 10 poultry processing facilities in China over a 20 year period to tap into the huge market there. The OSI Group also provides food items to a large number of American casual dining companies with outlets located in China. Sheldon Lavin was also able to negotiate excellent deals with suppliers and foreign governments around the world and the OSI Group began producing products specially designed to meet the needs of people of various cultures.

While building the OSI Group into a successful global food producer, Sheldon Lavin also supported a wide range of charitable causes around the world. Plus, even as the company grew to over 20,000 employees, he still managed to maintain a close-knit family atmosphere within it. The company now has customers in 85 countries worldwide. In 2016, the Vision World Academy gave Sheldon Lavin the Global Visionary award for his ability to build the company he envision over 40 years ago.

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ClassDojo Revolutionizes the Learning System

Before social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and others, came to be, it was rather easy to look at a person in the eyes and pass judgment regarding character and intention. But now, these platforms have complicated ways in which, people used to communicate. Branded the source of every evil by others, it is factual that there are advantages associated with social media. One such advantage is in teaching as a profession. With it being an isolating profession, teachers find themselves isolated in offices with only their colleagues to talk to. For teachers, social media is here to promote healthy interaction. One such gadget that has supported this interaction is ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a communication application that every American K-8 school owns. Also fundamental to note, almost all teachers in these schools use it. A good example is of David, a man who uses this application to mobilize his community in helping to elevate the education standards in Nigeria. Coincidentally, Stacy was seeking experiences to enable her to make concepts incorporating kindness for fifth-grade students in Illinois.

Well, the two met online and along their interaction, shared their ideas and commitment to introduce students to useful concepts that will, later on, contribute to the emergence of a healthy society. The two teachers learned that they had some common traits that involved wanting to improve people’s lives.

Their interactions, of course, involved learning their cultures. They discussed the types of food Nigerians and Americans prefer. They also pointed out to the different languages American students use. Also, this communication helped their students to interact healthily.

Of course, the back story of this interaction is pegged on Mrs. Weber’s class from the moment her students started collecting useful school supplies to share with the students in Nigerian schools. Well, that is what ClassDojo has been able to do for its users.

ClassDojo is the way forward to building the world’s best and healthiest classroom community. The communication application is used to share reports among students, teachers, and parents. Also essential in tracking student performance, ClassDojo has been revolutionizing the American learning system.

Role of Peter Briger in Fortress Investment Group

Mr. Peter Briger is a co-chairman and principal of board of directors of Fortress. He is a graduate of Princeton University with a business administration degree and master’s degree from the same university. As a result of his qualification and competence, he was appointed as management committee in 2002 responsible for real estate as well as credit management. He is ranked 370 according to the Forbes lists of the wealthiest individuals across the globe. Peter Briger is considered as an enigma in the capital management aspect. In the recent times, Peter has worked closely with other institutions which are have experienced challenges with their liquidity. For instance, Mount Kellett Capital Management LP which is worth $5 billion has been experiencing financial distress, and it turned to Peter for a bailout.

As a result, the Fortress Investment Group LLC which is a subsidiary of Fortress funds agreed to bailout Kellet Capital by investing $200 and gain the majority shareholder. In addition Fortress Investment funds have not only taken control of the organization but leveraged on ensuring business venture. In the recent times the Mount Kellett Company is undergoing restructuring, and as a result, it has retrenched more than 30 employees across the globe. Therefore, the bailout by the Peter Bridger is welcome news which will facilitate the bailout process and ensure smooth flow of the retrenchment exercise. The main reason for the laying off employees was to make sure the organization maximized its returns through reducing the cost implication from huge employees’ workforce.

The entry of the Wall Street on the journal in the bitcoin market has elicited mixed reactions from the Briger who has had a special interest in the instrument of trading. According to Peter Briger, Wall Street entering in the trading of bitcoins will only make it better for the concept to spread further and become accepted by all the parties within the market. In the case of bitcoins, several challenges have been experienced and the recent one being the withdrawal of the Wells Fargo from the business. Thus the engagement of Wall Street in the business is an indicator of the significant impact which the market will benefit from the use of bitcoins in trading. Despite the fact that Wall Street is cagey in engaging in bitcoins, Briger is optimistic about the organization taking up the idea and further developing the aspect. According to Briger it will not be easy for the Wall Street to engage in the bitcoins since it is still perceived as volatile and risky for investing.