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The Chainsmokers Start New Chapter of Career With ‘Sick Boy’

The Chainsmokers are probably one of the biggest bands in the world right now but we wouldn’t forgive you if you didn’t recognize them on the street. Unlike most massive pop icons, The Chainsmokers are a DJ/Production team where their main vocals, sung by Drew Taggart, were added in as a last resort. The Chainsmokers have lived their entire two-year career on the charts and the band is coming back to fundamentally change their image with a new single titled, ‘Sick Boy’.

The Chainsmokers came out of the gate firing as a pop/EDM duo. They released their very first single, ‘Roses’, back in 2015 to nearly instantaneous success. The song quickly made it to the Top 10 charts and their checks were signed and the band was on the rise. Over the past year or so you are probably familiar with their hits ‘Paris’, ‘Closer’ and even a collaboration with Coldplay titled ‘Something Just Like This’. All of these songs fit a certain mold which included heart-thrumming musical numbers with soaring vocals and immaculate production. Taggart and Pall sat down in an interview in order to reveal that this history was going to stay just like that — history.

‘Sick Boy’ looks to be a turning point for the band in a way that their old music could never have been. The song is gritty, darker, and rawer than anything else that they’ve ever done. Taggart is quick to point out that ‘Sick Boy’ came out after the band’s longest hiatus, spanning nine months of relative radio silence, but that this was very much by design. Taggart talks about how the band used to be on a monthly release schedule which allowed them to stay relevant and very reactionary to the current cultural affairs.

Still, turning away from who they were is allowing Taggart and Pall to allow ‘Sick Boy’ to be the next chapter in what has already been a lucrative career. Taggart points to the current global climate, referencing how dark things have been, as one of the bigger influences on the new track and how they went about designing it.

Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez

More and More women are taking on positions of power in the music industry. Recently Billboard brought attention to this fact when they listed their 2017 Women in Music, a list that showcased some of the biggest women influencers in the business. One of these women is Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez. The forty seven year old Perez has built quite a reputation throughout her career as being a fierce dealmaker, and what Desiree Perez knows.

Desiree Perez has played a major part in many Roc Nation projects. During her career she has earned a reputation as being a tough negotiator. Those skill allowed to recently put together a huge deal with Sprint. Sprint invested more than $100 million dollars into Roc Nation thanks to Perez’s work. The deal allowed rapper Jay-Z to sell more than a million copies of his album 4:44, before the album was even released. Perez has worked with Jay-Z to build his music streaming service TIDAL. Perez has helped TIDAL to earn exclusive music from the likes of Beyoncé, Kanye West, Rihanna and even Prince.

Perez has used her negotiating skills often over her two decades with Roc Nation. Perez played a major role in the production of Beyoncé’s Formation stadium tour. She also helped singer Rihanna to collect on a major deal with Samsung. Perez is a part of the group ‘Hova Circle,’ a collaborative group that helps to run Roc Nation. She has worked closely with industry experts like Jana Fleischman, Chaka Pilgrim, and Ty Ty Smith. Perez has built an impressive resume throughout her career. She continues to push Roc Nation to greater heights each day, and read full article.

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Jose Hawilla Starts a Company

Starting a business is not as easy as it seems. Few people enjoy their work. A recent study showed that the vast majority of workers are disengaged with their work. More people than ever before are starting small companies. Starting a company allows a person to have more control over their time. With all of the online options, some people decide to sell products through an online store. Other people offer services to people in the local community.

Jose Hawilla is a successful entrepreneur who is excited about the future. Although he has made numerous mistakes in his career, he enjoys teaching people about the basics of owning a company.

Early Mistakes

Jose Hawilla started his first business when he graduated from college. His first business was a significant failure. Not only did the store fail, but he almost went bankrupt. He made numerous mistakes during this process. He borrowed too much money and had no business plan to follow. He decided to be more methodical when starting a company in the future.

Tips for Business Owners

The process of starting a company is both mentally and physically exhausting. Few people feel like they can be successful over time. It is essential for business owners to relax and rejuvenate occasionally. Some people get burned out by working too many hours each week. A healthy diet is critical for business owners who want to be productive.

Creating a business plan is also demanding. Some people struggle to build a business plan. Working with a business coach is a proven way to get help in this area. Jose Hawilla enjoys mentoring aspiring business owners. Over the years, he has done a great job helping other people in the community. Jose Hawilla plans to start additional companies in the years ahead.

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Equities First Holdings Gives Future Valuation of Stocks

The year was 2012 when there was acquisition from the United States. The acquisition led to the creation of an office in London and the operation was called Equities First Holdings (EFH) begin. It popularized the use of stock-based loans and financial advice. The financial advice and stock-based loans can be used by business or individuals. An assessment of stocks provides future valuation of the stock. The valuation established for the stocks will determine if the stock can be used as collateral. Anyone with shares can be a candidate for a loan. People also come to EFH for financial advice. EFH reaped several benefits from the completion of 700 transactions and over $1 billion in transactions.

A good performance is a factor that have EFH’s operations in Australia and throughout Europe. The operation is available because people trust their products. EFH has a 15-year anniversary. EFH has performs better than some banks in the lending sector.

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Bigger Got Better With LimeCrime Venus XL Palette

LimeCrime Venus XL Palette is a cruelty free vegan makeup palette offering 18 vibrant colors. The daring color variety ranges from bronze neutrals to rustic reds, berries and golden roses that finish with a metallic hue and sparkles that will leave your artistically enhanced face glowing with beauty and pizazz.

Become your own personal beauty Picasso from the comfort of your own boudoir with this chic palette of eyeshadows that comes in a gorgeous pink box with mirror covered in a mini mural of Venus herself. The eighteen different beautiful and vibrant shades can be worn solo or as a layers to create an airbrush finish effect that will leave you looking and feeling like the goddess herself.

Many goddesses already using the new Lime Crime Venus XL palette are raving about how easy to blend the vibrant colors are as well as being a great contrast on almost any complexion from the fair skinned goddess to darker skinned goddesses and found the product to have minimum to no fall out.

This enhanced Venus Palette is a follow up to the original Venus Palette that contained 8 colors has added another 10 for even more options and potential to create your own unique blend and who knows maybe trend. Offering you a buttery pigmented eyeshadow that is easy to blend into a beautiful finished result from the 18 different shades that come in a combined 4 different finishes from the Glow, to Matte, Matte Sparkle and Metallic.

With the grunge eye look in mind you can create any of your favorite looks with the dramatic wash of color or use lighter shades to highlight eyes and brows then maybe add a darker shade to outline and enhance your eyes.

The versatility is limited only by your imagination and can be enjoyed guilt free knowing this is yet another cruelty free vegan product that LimeCrime has introduced to the exciting world of makeup pioneers.