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Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez and Jay Z Negotiating Future of Company

Jay Z has been the the man in every sense of the word ever since he signed his amazing 10 year contract with Live Nation back in 2008. The 10 year contract was locked in at an astounding $150 million and it gave Live Nation profits from both Jay Z’s work in the booth and his time touring around the world. You could say that the contract, despite its size, ended up being a pretty darn good deal for Live Nation. Now that 10 year deal is coming to an end and tendrils of doubt are shockingly creeping in between Jay Z and Live Nation.  Additional article to read on

Termed the ‘360 Deal’, Jay Z and Live Nation are entering an important moment in their relationship. When the deal is up something called a ‘buy-sell’ could end up being triggered. This means that you could see either Roc Nation or Live Nation walk away from the shared contract. Right now there are rumors saying that Live Nation wants to get away from at least the recording side of the contract. The reason? Well, a sourced insider claims: “Live Nation is not in the business of buying recorded music any more.” With that being said, Live Nation is still very clear in their interest of buying Jay Z’s touring rights.  Check for additional reading.

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Roc Nation has been a prolific network for talent as it features Jay Z, Rihanna, Meek Mill, Fat Joe and Shakira. Jay Z has been running the company for years with his good friend and business associate Desiree Perez at his side. Click on for related news. Desiree Perez is well known for her work with Rihanna as well as other music professionals. The two top Roc Nation individuals decided to get proactive about their relationship with Live Nation by taking a dinner in Santa Monica with the CEO of Universal Music. While both sides say that there is no “there” yet, music execs would do well to wonder: is Jay Z on the move?  See

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Talk Fusion Has The Winning Formula

When it comes to running a company, a lot of people are looking for the winning formula. If there is one company that has it and has had it for years, it is Talk Fusion from founder and creator Bob Reina. He founded the company back in 2007, which means they are now at the decade mark, which is an incredible accomplishment for any company. However, like any fine wine, Talk Fusion is only getting better with age. They are not regressing and they are not moving in the wrong direction. They are moving in the exact right direction under Bob Reina.


All the proof that is needed is the fact that they won two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation in 2016. This company not only gave them one award but two awards and they are quoted in this article as being a media giant That is high praise for both companies, but it is all true and the proof is in the pudding. The reason that Talk Fusion has done so well and will keep doing so well is because they know the two most important things: the people and the product. Without the product, the people will not show up and they will not care. Without the people, there is no company and there is no money to be made.


This recent award for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award just shows the kind of time, commitment, and effort that everyone at Talk Fusion is putting into the product. Make no mistake about it, this is a group effort and a group win. It is a lot like a football team. It is not one person that makes the engine run. They have their leader in Bob Reina, but everyone plays a part in making it operate the way it does.


Bob Reina is a man of high character, which is why he was quick to thank as many people as possible. Even though he is the man in charge, he is not shy about giving credit where credit is due and remaining humble throughout the entire process.

Brian Bonar’s Advice About Investing Post French Election

Investors are always waiting for the news to role in when an election takes place, and Brian Bonar’s position on the financial markets is clear. Bonar’s position is that post the French election, ETF’s are the right choice.

These European exchanged traded funds may be a thing of the past right now in the minds of investors that feel as though their future is very uncertain, but Brian Bonar has a different outlook. Given the news, there is still much more to come in European news, so Bonar believes it isn’t over just yet. As an investor, he doesn’t believe it’s wise to throw in the towel, rather that this decision is a bit premature.

Some of the events yet to come include the legislative elections in France, as well as the national elections in Germany. These events are on a different schedule than the U.S., giving way to more attention as they occur. What this means to investors is that there is in fact more room to grow. The investor can watch hopefully and wait with the anticipation of the best is yet to come, if they are patient.

Bonar sees that these ETF’s have plenty of potential, and that they could generate tremendous wealth if given enough time. The discriminating investor will most likely keep a close eye on the elections and other political events to come before making a final decision in regards to ETF’s. The French expected the winner to be a leftist, Emmanual Macron, who was in fact the clear winner.

As a result, those investors that invest internationally were quite pleased with the outcome of this election, feeling confident of how they would invest their money. This is because those investors believe that Macron is more economically stable, holding promise for the country, giving him an easy victory in the election.

The European economy shows promise, and it no doubt will have to catch up to the strength of the U.S. dollar in order to make long-term progress. The European stocks are what investors want to buy because they are less expensive, and while they are they should purchase what they need to boost their portfolio to prepare for coming growth as the landscape changes in Europe.

Brian Bonar is the CEO of Trucept since the company’s change in 2010 from the old name Smart-Tek Solutions. Bonar has held numerous top-level positions with companies since his career began. Today he is noted for his expertise in international trading and investing.

Scott Rocklage Ph.D, Over Thirty Years of Health Care Management

Scott Rocklage Ph.D. has over thirty years of healthcare management experience. In 2004 he became a managing partner of 5AM Ventures. 5AM Ventures focuses on building the life science companies that are able to deliver impressive returns to their investors. They support companies who are working on health break throughs in regards to medicine and science. With strong scientific expertise; 5AM ventures are involved in setting company strategy as well as recruiting, developement and fundraising. Mr. Scott Rocklage‘s years of management experience within the health care industry helped him achieve FDA approval of three New Drug Applications within the United States. Those three drug applications are Omniscan™, Teslascan® and Cubicin®. Mr. Rocklage worked for Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar as a chairman and chief executive officer. Scott currently serves as a chairman of the board for Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara as well as Epirus and Pulmatrix and more information click here.


Doctor Rocklage has an extensive educational background. He attended the University of California, Berkeley and earned his Bachelors in Chemistry. He then attended MIT and earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry. While attending MIT, Doctor Scott Rocklage was able to work on research in the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock. Richard R. was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2005 Chemistry and learn more about Scott.


Doctor Scott Rocklage is currently based out of Boston, Massachusettes. During his over thirty years in health care management he has been the inventor or co-inventor of over thirty united states patents. Dr. Rocklage has written over one hundred publications that are available for peer review and Scott’s lacrosse camp.


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Todd Lubar’s Secret’s to Success

A successful businessman, Todd Lubar has built quite a resume for himself. A graduate of Syracuse University, Lubar has gone through an incredible ride that has led him to be the President of TDL Global Ventures. Lubar recently sat down with Inspirery to discuss his business philosophy, how he got started and how he has become so successful in the business world.

Todd Lubar had an interesting story about how he got started in business. He worked in the credit and finance world for more than two decades. Although this was his 9-5, Lubar was truly passionate about helping people in need and helping them to make their home dreams come true. Lubar was really focused on getting rid of many obstacles that prevent people from getting loans for homes. He realized they need relief.

It took Lubar several years to become profitable with his business. His years of experience in finance mixed with his lessons from the real estate world has given him the framework to find people and help them accomplish their goals. There are lots of people who spend their time dreaming about what they want to achieve in their life, Lubar is committed to helping such people.

During his interview Lubar sheds some light on some other parts of his success. He credits his success to hard work. He discusses his struggle to balance business and family. He ultimately believes you have to find time for both. A book that has really inspired him is The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz. He believes it has helped him to maximize his professional time and working schedule. Check out Medium to know more.

Lubar received his B.A. in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1995. His first job was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. A few years later he joined Legacy Financial group where he helped to build the Maryland office to more thana 100 million dollars a year. Lubar has lots of experience in several industries. This has helped him to understand what makes business run help others succeed. He has an amazing resume already and is set to continue making an impact for many more years to come.

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Digging Deeper Into the Highland Capital

Highland Capital is an institution under the leadership of James Dondero and Mark Okada. Throughout its history, Highland Capital has been dealing with structured products, long/short equity, high yield credit, real estate, healthcare, emerging markets, as well as distressed and special situations. Established in 1990, Highland Capital has evolved to become a dominant force when it comes to matters regarding credit management. It has grown from a company that merely provided services in management and fixed income markets to an organization that deals with protective asset management.



Currently, Highland Capital Management has employed more than 180 individuals all of whom are evenly spread out across the globe. Since 1990, Highland Capital has been expanding and now covers areas like Singapore, Seoul, New York, Sao Paulo, and Dallas. For a long time, Highland Capital Management has found solace in serving banking facilities, foundations, governments, wealthy individuals, companies, pension plans, and endowments just to mention but a few. Highland Capital has been bold enough to use its discipline and experience to realize success. With the corporation having mastered the art of yielding steady returns, the institution has been able to thrive even during tough times. To extend its reach, Highland Capital Management works with affiliates like Highland Brasil NexPoint Capital, ACIS Capital Management, NexPoint Advisors, and NexPoint Residential Trust.



For more than a decade, Highland Capital has deeply invested in the affairs of its employees. To date, the organization brags in spending more than $10 million in charity courses across the globe. Highland Capital has been able to impact the community positively through drives meant to improve the living standards of its employees and their immediate neighbors. It is only a few days ago that the Highland Capital’s NexPoint fund raised $269 million in a rights offering for shares drive. Also, the organization engaged the community by organizing a festival marking the Mother’s Day celebrations at the Dallas Zoo.



Thus, Highland Capital Management has got what it takes to take the global economy to the next level. With the guidance of its most capable leaders, success lies within reach. All you have to do is engage the company’s services since Highland Capital guarantees you of positive outcomes.


James Dondero Ensures His Investors Get Good Returns

Highland Capital is known for investing in those funds that nearly tripled their returns as per the S&P 500 Index in comparison to last year. Highland Capital is now projecting that there will be a tremendous comeback of the health care sector during 2017.



Gregory is serving as the chief investment officer at Highland Alternative Investors, which is one of the units of Highland Capital Management. It is located in Dallas. Currently, this firm manages nearly $15.4 billion. James Dondero along with Gregory is looking after the small-cap stock funding here. James Dondero is the President being the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The fund is not very big as there are just $55 million here in assets.



Here, Gregory feels that Highland Capital has a great degree of competency in credit. This is why they made lucrative investments in partnerships that were related to pipelines. It was done when the oil prices were quite low during 2016. These investments formed half of the return that the fund was able to make during the last year.



The partnerships did not cut any dividends once the fund bought its shares. Its master limited partnerships were able to provide dividends that were either in high single digits or low double-digit range. The cash flow was predicted based on its volume. It was not based on the crude price.



This is where Gregory along with James Dondero focused on those MLPs which had strong sponsors. This is where they would consider the pipeline customers for these oil producers.



Now they are happy with the gains and profits that they have made. This way they could also attain an appropriate place in the market.



James Dondero did notice that in the S&P 1500 Composite Index, only one sector posted some amount of decline during the last year. This was the healthcare sector. The return was close to minus 2.1%. Still, he expects a tremendous rebound in health care in 2017.



James Dondero shows his concern regarding epidemics that may happen in public health. The specific reference here was to opioid addiction in the U.S. Hence companies must take a new approach to get the advantage.

Philanthropist Adam Milstein – Influencing the World

The name of Adam Milstein is well circulated within the real estate world. As a partner of Hagar Pacific Properties, he helps manage more than two billion dollars worth of assets. Born an Israeli native, Adam came to America and obtained his education from the University of Southern California. He then began his career in commercial real estate. As his reputation grew, he became a prominent investor in Israeli properties. Adam was not satisfied until he was able to give back to the Jewish community. He is now one of the most recognizable contributors to the Jewish people, as his name is now included in the top 200 list of philanthropists and social entrepreneurs.


Adam’s work is so much more than monetary value. He is seen as one of the most active within his community service. He founded the Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation, along with his wife. The foundation’s main priority is to keep the Jewish people connected with their heritage. His foundation makes sure the resources are available for those of Jewish ancestry, to learn to read and write in the Hebrew language. He strives to keep the connection alive between the Jewish people and their customs. Adam did not stop there, he also established the Israeli – American council. This council’s priority is to nurture the Israeli-American relations. His continual work now aides in the development of American foreign policy regarding Israeli connections. He is a true philanthropists. His persistence and hard work has expanded his reach across the globe. His voice is to protect the Jewish people and stand for the oppressed worldwide.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Clinical Pathways after Partnerships

The national profit oriented network of hospitals, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, has their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. They serve people all over the USA and are abbreviated as CTCA. In their treatment of cancer, they use methods like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and also immunotherapy. Side effects that come with the treatment are reduced by using integrative therapies.

CTCA are fully accredited, and they have earned Full Standards Compliance that was given by Joint Commission and Top Performer on Key Quality Measures and the Magnet Award. They are the leading cancer hospital in customer satisfaction with Five Stars quality ratings. They have been given high scores by these other companies; Association of Community Cancer Centers, American College of Radiology and National Accreditation Programs for Breast Centres.

The CTCA working together with NantHealth and Allscripts are coming up with a custom technical solution that will allow for clinical decision support solution, access to clinical work in the database of Allscripts Sunrise EHR. Clinical Pathways will help in the treatment of cancer without interrupting with the doctor’s timetable. The system was created with the support of many oncologists in the nation that are continuously improving the cancer care data.

Clinical Pathways programs are patient oriented and aim at integrating the latest cancer treatment trends, regimens, and complementary therapies. They put it into the Allscripts Sunrise HER so that oncologists can have a way to cure and care for the patients. They have come up with protocols that have an advantage to the patients.

Clinical Pathways will have transparency that will allow for an improved quality and efficiency that will reduce variability and unsteady care. Together they all combine the parties (patients and doctors) to discuss and come up with right treatment approach giving patients a positive approach towards the treatment and positivity towards the medications. On top of it too, the Clinical Pathways will easily compile the insurance data for effective strategic treatment.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.


Jay Z’s historical deal with Live Nation worth $150 million is almost done. The rap star is calling out on other heavyweights in the music industry to invest in his business at Roc Nation. The big deal was signed by Live Nation the Jay-Z in the year 2008.Sources within Live Nation revealed that it will no longer be part of the side of the recorded music but will hold on to the touring deal with Jay-Z. The ‘360’ deal will not be extended. Initially, Live Nation had been buying Jay’s recorded music, but they no longer are interested in continuing that relationship. More to read on

Desiree Perez who is the top executive at jay’s Roc Nation had a meeting with the CEO and chairman of Universal Music Group Sir Lucian Grainge. The meeting suggested that maybe UMG might buy some shares in Roc Nation. Sources close to UMG said that there already existed a distribution deal with Roc Nation, just a small stake of the business belonging to the artists.If the said artists had a significant investment, then UMG would have a big share of artists under Roc Nation.  Hop over to for related article.

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For close to twenty years, Desiree Perez has been working closely with Jay Z. Des Perez as she is popularly known has a long history in leading enterprises. Her prowess in crunching numbers has propelled her to great heights.Besides the numbers, she is also a harsh and brave negotiator and closing deals. She was involved in the negotiations on the Beyonce Formation stadium and the Samsung deal for Rihanna, more of this on  She is part of the group that oversees the standard operations at Roc Nation; this includes the management, publishing, and labeling. Most of the success of the big deals at Roc Nation can be attributed to her efforts.

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