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Thor Halvorssen: Activisim for the Betterment of Humanity

There are many people that claim to be defenders and crusaders of human rights. However, not many of them are ready to do everything that it takes to ensure that every human is treated with dignity regardless of their color, wealth or other conditions of life. However, Thor Halvorssen is one activist with a different mindset. He has been the champion of the will of the defenseless for a number of years now and if his success is anything to go by, it pays to help other humans get better treatment from the government and society in general.

Thor is a citizen of Venezuela by birth. Many people have described him as one that was born into the life of activism because both his parents were activists. His father was originally Norwegian while his mother came from the lineage of one of the founding fathers of the nation of Venezuela. When he was a teenager, he watched his father get tortured under a cruel and dictatorial regime. This really changed his outlook on life and thus came his decision to become an activist and learn more about Thor.

He founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. This is a human rights gathering that has been gaining following and has such a huge momentum that currently it has been described as the human rights equivalent of the Davos economic forum. He has also been through a lot in his attempts to advocate for human rights. For instance, there was a time when he was captured in Vietnam when covering a human rights interest story in their prison system. One of his cameramen had to escape with the video tape hidden in his person because their captors wanted it destroyed and more information click here.

He says that he does not believe in the kind of activism where people group together depending on their shared beliefs. He is a lover of all people, but describes himself as a hater of humanity because of their inhumane nature. He states that he does not discriminate against anyone and that as long as he is running in the same cause with a person, then the person is fit enough to be called his friend. Thor is a truly inspirational filmmaker and activist.

How To Be A Successful Litigator Like Karl Heideck

Successful Litigator Karl Heideck

Successful Litigator Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a name which most people in the greater Philadelphia area associate with. If you keep abreast with legal issues and the news, you probably have heard about Karl Heideck. He is a litigation attorney who has created a niche and a name for himself for being one of the best litigation attorneys in the United States.

Karl Heideck started off his career after graduating from law school. He did his first degree in English literature before he joined the Temple University Beasley School of Law. He got his JD in 2009 and went on to gain his admission to the American Bar. He was able to start practising law in the US. Karl Heideck’s law practice is based in the Greater Philadelphia area. He is keen on helping those who find themselves in legal quagmires to settle their issues in and out of court.

A litigation attorney like Karl Heideck normally deals with all kinds of litigation matters. When you choose litigation as an area of specialization, you must consider the fact that you will be going to court to represent clients every now and then. For Karl Heideck, the trial process is not only challenging but also fulfilling because he does what he loves doing. He is also good at research and legal writing.

As a litigator, Karl Heideck does a wide range of things. When he is not in court representing his clients, he is offering them advice on legal matters. He gives clients advice on things such as risk management, compliance practices as well as corporate law related issues. He has also dealt with bankruptcy matters before.

If you want to be a good litigator like Karl Heideck, getting through law school is the first step. It is also important that you develop the passion to help other people.

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All-Natural Products in Wen by Chaz Line Make Hair Healthy and Beautiful in Only a Week

With all the brands of shampoo on the market, it is refreshing to learn about WEN by Chaz, which cleans and conditions hair without the harsh chemicals of average shampoos. The chemicals and other abrasive additives that make up shampoos are responsible for dull hair with split ends.

Entrepreneur Chaz Dean, CEO and founder of Wen, created an exceptional line of organic cleansing conditioners and other styling products to enrich your hair instead of destroying it. Chaz developed these products in his Hollywood studio, which is a secret hideaway for celebrities who want to be unnoticed by the paparazzi. The Chaz Dean Salon is a calm and peaceful get-a-way for his clients, and where he develops and uses his phenomenal products. For more info, visit

Last year, Emily McClure decided to put Wen by Chaz products to the test by trying the Fig Cleansing Conditioner exactly as the directions specified on her fine, lifeless hair. For one week, she reported on the results she obtained being extremely honest.

On her Facebook, she reported that she used the suggested amount, which seemed like a lot to her until she realized that she would not have to use two products, just the one cleansing conditioner. She stated that the product was “heavy” on her hair, which made her wash her hair every day, but when she did these things, her hair looked wonderful. She admits that her hair is now shiny and full of bounce. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner definitely improved her fine and lifeless hair.

Emily recommends using the cleansing conditioners in the Wen by Chaz line, and they are available in six other all-natural varieties including Sweet Almond Mint, Spring Gardenia, Spring Cherry Blossom, Light, Spring Honey Lilac and Spring Jasmine Peony. Chaz also produces natural styling oils, styling crèmes, and other spectacular products to make your hair look amazing. Visit the website to view all Chaz Dean Products.

Good Investments Rest on Three Pillars, Says Richard Blair

There’s a lot of advice and methodology people rely on in order to get their finances in order and prepare for the future. Retirees are especially targeted because they find themselves in a position where they both have wealth to invest and a need to rely on expertise to manage it properly. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions understands this circumstance, and his firm uses a three pillar approach to making sure their clients meet their financial goals.


Wealth Solutions applies Blair’s tested approach to help their clients assess their current wealth status, grow it, and maintain it for the future with a better understanding of how changing markets affect capital. This financial planning not only gives clients the means to live more comfortably but to also be more savvy when deciding how to manage capital.


With such a structured approach, the advisors at Wealth Solutions put clients into the right frame of mind as their current financial standing is better understood, making it possible for a reasonable projection to be made in order to reach their investment goals. This is done with the understanding that the means of the individual and their ability to grow their initial wealth is an individual manner, changing from client to client and subject to changes depending on the current state of the market.


The first pillar Blair defines as understanding the client. This is when an advisor makes an assessment to the clients actual investment possibilities, approximates their possibility for reaching certain financial goals, and understanding some of their spending habits which may impact the potentiality for returns. Taking this information, the advisor can then chart out a plan that helps the client get from where they are to the path that gets them closer to meeting their investment goals.


The next pillar focuses on strategy. Knowing where the client stands and where they intend to be financially, the advisor is then able to determine how to best strengthen their portfolio and get them there. This includes eliminating as much unnecessary risk as possible and maximize returns in a way that doesn’t work against the current market.


The third and final pillar in Blair’s plan focuses on insurance. Many of the clients that come to Wealth Solutions are retirees or those soon to retire, meaning that health concerns and end-of-life expenses are a consideration that must be appreciated. By making sure insurance for long-term care and life insurance are accounted for, clients can avoid large unexpected expenses or reducing the worth of their estate.


About Richard Blair:


Richard Blair graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. This set him up for a career as a financial advisor. In 1994 he founded Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas, advising clients ho to best handle financial markets and prepare for retirement.


End Citizens United Is Dedicated To Campaign Finance Reform

End Citizens United is a political action committee. It has managed to raise over $2 million so far. All this has come from small donors. This group is right on track as it plans to rake in $25 million or more for this entire cycle.
The final aim of End Citizens United is to pass a constitutional amendment. This is aimed at reversing the decision of the Supreme Court regarding Citizens United which was passed in 2010. It led to the rise of super PACs. It also managed to unleash a tide of dark money flowing into politics.
End Citizens United has managed to gather 325,000 signs of people on its petition which demands that Congress has to pass this legislation. But they are not resting at this number. They intend to boost this number. In order to achieve this, End Citizens United has partnered with the “Ready for Hillary” campaign. It will be renting out its email list that comprises of more than 4 million people. This will be used for reaching out to all the potential liberal supporters this way.
This PAC has also announced that it will be endorsing a total of 11 Democratic candidates. These include two former Senates. These are namely, Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin besides Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado.
End Citizens United is not the only PAC that has focused on campaign finance reform. But their communications director, Carbo has clarified why this group is different. This is because they are looking at the political side of it all. The group is actually helping to get people elected. They are trying to get such people in power who wish to change and can change the existing law. This is why End Citizens United is backing those candidates who are favoring campaign finance reform. These are the persons who would be able to stand up against the Citizens United. They are also supporting those who are being attacked by the billionaire conservatives such as the Koch brothers and such other black-money groups.
There is no doubt that this is a high bar for any constitutional amendment. It will be an uphill battle. This is because of the fact that America has not passed any Constitutional amendment. This is as per the records since 1992.
Still, groups such as End Citizens United are doing several other good things. They keep the public aware of the decisions of the Supreme Court. Also, they are able to keep the due political pressure on the Supreme Court as well as on other political entities so that things do not get worse than they already are.
Besides, getting access to such a huge amount of money is definitely going to impact any House race.