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Livio Bisterzo Launches Hippeas, A Global Snack

For so many years, the food industry has concentrated on nuts, lentils and vegetables for meals and snacks. Peas on the other hand have not been given a chance in our meals or as snacks. Hippeas chickpea snacks have then come up with Hippea snack that are gluten free, organic and a packet full of delightful snacks. The chickpea is not only nutritious for human beings but also the plant itself is great for the earth as it releases nitrogen as they grow in the soil.

Hippeas is a brand that has hit the millennial target market in a huge way. The puffs are delicious and at the same healthy, which is a huge plus for the millennial who are always obsessed about their weight and what they eat. Moreover, the company has done an excellent job in marketing the product to the millennial. The Hippeas’ slogan “Power To The PEAple” communicates the importance of peas in their diets. The product has thus hit hard the market and several companies are looking forward to serve the product into their food chains, such as Starbucks.

Hippeas come in six different flavors. All of which are inspired by the America’s Millennial eating habits. these flavors include: Happenin’ Hickory Far Out Fajita, Vegan White Cheddar, Pepper Power, Sriracha Sunshine and Maple Haze. These flavors are crunchy, full of protein and healthy snacks.

Livio Bisterzo is the founder and the chief executive officer at Green Park Brands. The Green Park Brands is a food company that aims at developing and launching healthy products to their customers and at the same time ensuring that they leave a positive impact to the environment and society as whole. Mr. Livio Bisterzo is of an Italian origin, has worked with so many companies in the food industries, where he gathered as much skills and knowledge as he possibly can to start his own company in 2015.

Under Livio Bisterzo’s leadership and the desire to do right by the people and the environment he decided to start the Hippeas Chickpea snack which spoke to the people and to the environment as well. He uses his creativity and an extensive research to understand his target market and come up with products that will be appreciated and that will become a global trend. When asked why peas he tells Forbes that he wanted a product that would be loved by the people for its superiority and also that which will have a positive impact on the environment.

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Makari Is A Leader For Skin Whitening

What Is Makari?

Makari is a skin care company that is exclusively dedicated to providing skin care products for ethnic and colored people. The founder of Makari believed that this is an under served part of the beauty market. They set out of to create products that are especially tailored to enhance ethnic skin types.

Another reason behind the founding of Makari was that most skin whitening creams created contained harmful chemicals that could have serious side effects. Makari set out to be a safe and all natual alternative for skin whitening for those with a darker ethnic complexion. The company also focuses on using all natural products that will gently lighten skin, without the negative side effects of controversial products such as hydroquinone.

What Are Some Of Makari’s Skin Whitening Products Available Right Now?

Makari has a special exfoliating and skin whitening soap. It sells for about $14 per bar and is gentle enough to be used for all skin types, including dry and combination skin. The whitening and exfoliating soap from Makari contains all natural ingredients such as apricot seed, mulberry extract and sodium chloride to gently lighten and exfoliate the skin while not drying it out.

Another skin whitening product from is the body beautifying whitening milk. It retails for about $48 dollars for a single bottle or about $85 dollars for a two pack. The body beautifying whitening milk will moisturize the skin and lighten its tone with daily use. It contains natural ingredients such as licorice and hawthorne extract and carrot oil for moisturizing and lightening.