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Bruce Levenson Is Now Trying To Win A Big Settlement

Bruce Levenson was a part of some big NBA battles as owner of the Atlanta Hawks, and now he’s fighting a big one himself in court. He, along with Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment are suing their former insurance company, AIG for bad faith in honoring an insurance claim. Levenson and AHBE had sold (see, the Atlanta Hawks shares last year to Tony Ressler and company, and AHBE filed a claim with AIG regarding paying out the remainder of then General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract. That case has been ongoing, and AIG refused to offer any payouts, so Levenson and AHBE want damage relief and payment for court costs.

Bruce Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, a deal that included their current arena and also included a large steak in the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers. Prior to owning the Hawks, Levenson founded several businesses and has been a chairman on several non-profit groups. In 1977 after graduating from Washington University, Levenson and his friend Ed Peskowitz started a publication business originating with Oil Express, a newsletter about oil industry trends. According to, that soon led to other industry newsletters, and they became the owners of Unified Communications Group. This company started up TechTarget some years later, and also owns the renowned gas price app, GasBuddy.

As a philanthropist, Levenson supports many educational and fine arts endeavors. He’s helped raise scholarship funds for inner city children through organizations like Hoop Dreams Foundation. He’s given young people a chance to learn the lessons of the Holocaust at the museum in Washington through the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program he sponsors there. Levenson also supports pro-Israel activists such as the SEED Foundation, Birthright Israel and BBYO. He’s campaigned against hate speech and bigotry and helped the Anti-Defamation League run the Concert Against Hate event this last year. Read more about Levenson’s philanthropic works on


How Is Fabletics Using Amazon’s Selling Techniques?

Fabletics and Amazon are quite similar in their approach to sales. They both use a technique known as reverse-showrooming that offers product previews to customers before the items are found in a brick-and-mortar store, and the tactic is catching on around the world. There are several different ways that Fabletics will benefit from such a program, and this article explains how the company will expand its business using a time-tested sales method.


#1: How Is The Showroom Reversed?


Amazon did not start with physical stores to carry its merchandise, and every product is seen in pictures on a website. The company built its business by selling online for less, and they are moving into the physical store market as Fabletics wishes to. Fabletics sells clothing to women online, and they will soon have 100 stores open in America for customers. Every current customer knows the brand from pictures online, and they are coming to the store to see more.


#2: How Will Fabletics Capitalize?


The Fabletics brand will improve its sales using their stores, and each new store allows women to try their clothes on after taking a look. They do not try on clothes online, and they have come to the store knowing they enjoy and appreciate the Fabletics brand. Women who are most interested in the brand are more likely to visit the store because they know what they are getting into.


#3: What About New Customers?


New customers of the brand turn up in the store knowing their friends love Fabletics. Their friends wear slimming and fitted clothing from Fabletics they rave about, and they turn up in the stores looking for the same experience their friends get. Each woman who wishes to have a similar experience in the store will find what she needs when perusing or trying on in the store. The store becomes the place where she falls in love with Fabletics, and she knew about it long before she visited the store.


#4: What Is Fabletics All About?


Fabletics creates fitted clothing for women to use for casual purposes. A trip to the gym or around town is quite simple when women are wearing Fabletics clothing, and each new piece is designed to help women feel beautiful in a new setting. They may wear light clothing for the gym, or they may bundle up in something made for winter sports. The catalog includes alluring swimwear, and there is a section for athletic swimsuits. The company wants women comfortable, organized and less stressed, and they achieve this with beautiful clothes that fit.


The Fabletics brand stands for passion and innovation. Kate Hudson stars in her own commercials for the brand, helps design the clothes and wears the clothes herself in public. She has built a brand that will use the finest of sales techniques, and they will continue with reverse-showrooming to combat companies like Amazon. Teaching women of the clothes before they come to a new store ensures brand loyalty for every woman who wishes to be comfortable.

Adam Goldenberg Takes on Online Clothing Stores for Women

Adam Goldenberg has become a force in the fashion industry. He has managed to rise above the challenges that have been placed on a lot of entrepreneurs that have been working in the fashion world. The majority of people that are trying to venture into the business world are following the same old cookie cutter plans. What Adam Goldenberg has managed to do is create a whole new subscription business with Fabletics and Just Fab. This is an awesome business idea, but a lot of people thought that Adam Goldenberg was talking too much of a risk. Adam and his partner Don has shown that this risk could pay off.

What Adam Goldenberg has done is make sure that a lot of people were interested in getting clothes that could be shipped on a regular basis. This was something that many other executives had not thought about before, but this would prove to be a very quick way to acquire revenue. It is much easier to obtain revenue quickly when customers are making the decision to buy clothes without even going to the website. This is what the subscription services represent. Some customers have even signed up for subscriptions where they send clothes to friends or family members on a regular basis.

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The brands that have been created by Adam Goldenberg represent a large line of clothing items that are exclusively for women. This is something that a lot of women appreciate. It allows them to shop on a site where they don’t have to select filters for garments for women. The whole website is dedicated to them. This may cut out a large portion of the demographics, but this exclusivity makes more women flock to these sites.

Adam Goldenberg is no stranger to the e-commerce and social media world. He put time in at MySpace long before Facebook came along. He knows the value of social media, and he knows how customers build their interests based on the recommendations of others. That is why Adam Goldenberg has been so hyped about the social media buzz that is happening with his companies. He knows where all of this can take him.

There are lots of people that hear about Adam Goldenberg and his companies through social media. This is the way that many people get into the habit of discovering most things. Goldenberg knows that this social media buzz is important.

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How EOS Took Over The Lip Balm Industry

Everyone has seen the cute and colorful little balls of lip balm at the checkout lanes. EOS lip balm seemed to pop up overnight and out of nowhere to become a top seller in the lip balm game, but how did they get there?

Originally, lip balm was something thought to be medicinal or clinical. A boring tube was all that was offered and few flavors existed. Just seven years ago, that all changed with EOS began to pop up in stores everywhere. The company deliberately didn’t build up much information about their product, instead focusing their small start up on creating and distributing the product.

The biggest selling point EOS had was their unique packaging. Most lip balm came in tubes, though a few were in small tubs but the overall reviews were poor because people didn’t feel like dipping fingers in to rub on lips over and over was unhygienic. Through research, EOS found mostly women used lip balms so they brainstormed to come up with a new packaging that would appeal to their target audience. Their orb idea hit all five senses. The soft round package felt nice in the hand, the colors caught attention, the smells were new and lovely, it had a wonderful taste, and made a satisfying clicking sound when the orb was closed.

They met with buyers for drug stores and spent time trying to find someone who would give them some shelf space. It wasn’t easy at first, but a female buyer at Walgreens loved the product and she gave them their first account. After the success there, the product quickly gained accounts with Walmart, eBay and Target.

EOS moved on to try to create a buzz for their product. They sent samples to beauty bloggers who tried and discussed the product on forums like YouTube, Facebook (, and Instagram. A few celebrities agreed to help get the word out and soon Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears featured the product in their videos, EOS became the headline sponsor for a Demi Lovato world tour, and Taylor Swift quickly became the Asian spokesperson for the product.

Finally, EOS also partnered with Keds to create shoes that matched lip balm tubes. They also created a limited holiday edition with designer Rachel Roy, and a Disney edition that sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

All the hard work paid off for EOS. They are now a leader in their field and are considered a household product. People often say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If that is true, EOS is at the top of their game with companies like Blistex and Revo making orbs similar to their products. A more detailed and in depth history of EOS can be found here. For more info, visit


Brian Bonar’s cuisine investment at Bellamy’s

Brian Bonar is a Scottish mogul who started a restaurant in North Country going by the name Bellamy. San Diego has the best cooks in the country, and Bonar made sure he got the most qualified staff for his restaurant. He searched for them from some of his favorite restaurants including El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn.

The restaurant had already announced the workforce turnover which was a nice step if you can Brian Bonar. He gladly employed them in his new restaurant, and this move landed the Bellamy to front-of-the-house man Trevor Da Costa. Among the staff was Mike Reidy, a young cook who was to serve as an executive chef.

Near the Bonar’s restaurant was the Ranch at Bandy Canyon which was holding a big piece of the restaurant Mini-empire. With the green 144 acre land, Bonar intended to make it a four-star event area with a signature eatery of which he would require a marquee chef.

Ponsaty was one of the best chefs in town serving as a Master Chef of France at Escondido and Brian Bonar went for him. It was a great step to have him at Bellamy’s which would qualify it a signature restaurant.

Significant changes are expected to show at Bellamy’s__ talk of corn soups blended with cream, Parsley-cream risotto with poached salmom, crunchy with sea salt, and more other cuisines. Let’s just say that at Bellamy’s you get what you want including the millie-feille that you rarely find in other bistros.

Ponsaty and Reidy were just good and creative in their cooking where they just put the correct pucker through the fatty proteins. They are both not timid with the guiltier treats from France.

At Bellamy’s the chefs ensure that their customers enjoy a whole change of experience when it comes to what they eat. Kyle who is one of the servers explains all the dishes at the restaurant with a lot of professionalism. He also directs them on how to eat a composed dessert without sounding annoying. He is the kind of a person anyone would like to talk to again after meeting him once.

Apart from having the most polite staff, Bellamy serves the finest food in San Diego cooked by skilled chefs, served and explained by knowledgeable service team.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the experienced financial experts and a business mogul as well. He graduated from Strathclyde University with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Stafford University with Master’s in Business Administration as well as Ph.D. in international business development from the same institution.

Bonar started his career as a procurement manager at IBM in 1969. He has worked in several companies holding executive positions including Dalrada Financial Services Trucept and Bezier among others. Earning great experience, he was to build a booming restaurant in San Diego, Bellamy’s. He was recognized in 2010 as the Who’s Executive of the year.