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Bruce Levenson’s Career and Philanthropy Focused Mind

Bruce Levenson is a widely known businessman, with his most notable endeavor according to ESPN being owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He was born in Maryland, and raised throughout Washington DC. After his basic education, Bruce went on to attend Washington University, where he majored in Journalism, which he later took to a career, moving back to Washington DC to become a journalist. Bruce was also studying at the University in Washington DC at the same time to earn his law degree.

Levenson actually became a prominent writer, getting published in many well known journals and papers, including the Washington Star. It wasn’t long before Bruce managed to start up his own business while doing journalism, which he did with one of his buddies, Ed Peskowitz. Together, they created the company, United Communications Group, which started out in a small apartment. In the beginning, they started out releasing papers that documents oil industry events, which became known as Oil Express.

This company grew steadily and built partnerships with other companies, eventually pulling in other newspapers as its own over the years. The founders even released an online search database that showed real time prices for oil trading. Which was great for the industry and oil services. Today, United Communications Group is privately owned and is focused on providing information to many important industries, such as energy, technology, healthcare, telecommunications, and more. They even have a mobile app for their customers to use known as Gas Buddy, which shows the lowest gas prices in any given region.

Along with his successful positions in sports and writing, Bruce has also served as a board member for TechTarget, a company dedicated to supplying large IT companies. He served on this companies board for more than a decade before taking his leave, and today, he is actively involved in many philanthropic efforts, contributing to charities and organizations that better the global community for everyone.


Town Residential Rectifies Problems To Help You Find A Home

I decided to make the move to New York City, but I didn’t have enough time to start my search to look for a new home. I wasn’t willing to settle for just any home, especially since I knew I could afford any home that I wanted. I was willing to lease out a home until I could find something that I wanted to buy, and eventually, it was Town Residential that helped me out.


I have several small businesses of my own, and one business brought in such a major client that it will make me a millionaire several times over by the end of the year, so I needed to move to New York City within the next couple months. I looked around and found a company called Town Residential. I chose Town Residential for several reasons, and it’s not just because of the fact that they could do all the work to find me a home.


When I called Town Residential and told them my issue, they put together transportation for me as well as air travel, just so I could get to New York City and see some of the homes that they had available. In the meantime, I’ve been checking out their website, and I can’t believe some of these homes. I believe that I’ll end up buying a home instead of leasing one, especially since they have such unique homes that are absolutely gorgeous. My Town Residential agent never hesitated to call me, and they always kept me on top of things.


My plane leaves within a few weeks, and if everything works out right, then I’ll be able to find my home and move in by the time period I had set for myself. I’ve never worked with a real estate agency that was so in tune with their customer’s needs, but Town Residential is definitely a different type of agency with their extensive NYC properties. I have worked very closely with my real estate agent, so I look forward to meeting her when I get to New York City soon.

Celebrity Publicist’s Top 4 Online Reputation Management Strategies

Powerful and highly famous political leaders, music stars, and business tycoons know that their careers and fame depend on keeping their reputations clean. The social media has affected the way people live, and high reputations can be ruined within minutes of negative publicity. That’s why celebrities have to employ experts in online reputation management to manage their names online.

One such expert is Jonathan Hay, who has managed several celebrities like artist Rihanna for her first single album “Pon de Replay. This job puts him at the center of attention where his own competitors and the client’s competitors try to bring him down.

The following are the four important online reputation management strategies as shared by the experienced celebrity publicist Jonathan Hay:

  1. Be Bold with your statements

Provided you’re i a competitive business enterprise, boldness is the way to keep away scammers and online attackers. It doesn’t pay to be a chicken, and successful artists have remained relevant even through scandals and endless allegations from the internet.

For Hay, being bold means coming clean on every controversial publicity, and getting media attention for his clients. He for example admitted creating the Jay-Z and Rihanna rumor in 2005 that gained press publicity for Rihanna’s single release “Pon de Replay.”

  1. Actively look out for brand/identity attacks

You should monitor your brand for early detection of any attacks and thwart them from the initial stages. It’s much easier to end online reputation crisis when they begin than a full-blown crisis. You may opt to set up an automatic brand or identity monitor on Google or any other browser to alert you of any mention of your brand.

  1. Identify the source of your attacks

Begin by identifying the sources of the offending online attacks and cut off the crisis from its roots. The best approach would be to settle issues with them amicably or file a lawsuit.

  1. Plan a defense strategy

You want to quickly formulate a plan to salvage your brand’s reputation before the damage affects your profit levels. That may involve educating your marketing teams and strategizing on how to recover and repair your identity. According to Jacob Hagberg, the founder of Orange Fox, you can organize a new event for your business to shine the spotlight on and shield the media attention from the issue.



Billy McFarland Hits The Target Square in The Middle

There are stories in the news all of the time about successful business ventures, but Billy McFarland’s success is very special because he is so young. Yes, he did start a successful business at age 13, and another when he was a freshman college student at Bucknell.

According to INC, The Bucknell experience created a company called Spling, which is still in business, and Billy McFarland is still the CEO. Spling takes ordinary URLs and transforms them into a graphic mosaic which is more distinctive and unique, giving the URL a branding effect. Clients include Discovery and Universal.

In 2013 McFarland launched Magnises, a live social networking platform for millennials. The Black Card is the centerpiece of the model, as it is used to make available very robust discounts and perks with local restaurants, clubs, bars, travel opportunities, concerts, and events. The Black Card duplicates all the data on the member’s credit cards, and then when used, applies the discounts.

These are the places where the millennials are frequenting anyway, and Magnises is simply the grease that oils the engine of connectivity.

Millennials love to expound upon their own experiences but are just as apt to listen and learn from others. In this way, ideas, business cards, and concepts are exchanged and discussed, and relationships form that last a lifetime.

The concept is similar to the American Express model, but the focus is on the local scene, and that is just the way that millennials like it. For a $250 annual fee, a young manager, entrepreneur or professional is granted entry into an elite world of their own people.

As of the end of 2015, Magnises has already attracted over 10,000 members along with a $3 million venture capital cash infusion. Currently operating in New York City and Washington DC, the company now has concrete plans in place for expansion. Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and London are on the radar.

The business model is in place and working very well, according to McFarland, and now it is just a matter of duplicating what is working now to the other geographical locations where the need is. The largest groupings of millennials are centered in the major metro areas, and that is exactly what McFarland intends to exploit in a big way.

Securus Has Been A Godsend For Our Family

Securus has been a Godsend for our family, and we want to be sure that the people in the family can keep in touch with each other. We have a few people in jail, and we use Securus to be sure that they can see us when we talk to them. We want them to know that they are still loved, and we want to show them that they can see us instead of just sitting on the phone and wondering if they can even see us. They will start to miss us because they do not have a way of seeing us, but that is why we use Securus.


They have gotten accreditation from the Better Business Bureau because their company offers really good customer service to every person who places calls with them. They have been very good to people like us because they have the app that we can use on all our mobile devices. That is why they are so good at what they, and they will teach us what we can do to get everyone on the phone. That helps us get the family around the phone and all talk to the ones that we love. We are scrambling every day to make sure that these people are loved, and that is why we use Securus.


The Securus name has been very good to us, and we want to be sure that we can get services that will make life easier for everyone. We want to gather around at least once a week and let our family know that we are all in this together, and I think that it has gotten a lot better because of the way that we can talk to family. It makes more sense to use Securus over other services.