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What Lip Balm Do You Carry With You At All Times?

Lip balm is one of the most important items you will find in any women’s purse. It’s an absolute must. A recent beauty article did a study and found that on average, a woman applies lip balm between 2 and 30 times a day. What we eat and drink, the types of stress we encounter, our current health and hydration status; so many things can account for the drying of lips and the need to reach for that blessed little tube to quench our lips and provide us with a burst of instant relief.

So, which one to choose? Many tried and true staples have held their ground steadily, the Original Chapstick, the occasional roll-on lip gloss, Carmex, and Nivea. These have all proven to help moisture seekers to some degree, although not with total lip satisfaction. But there is one product out there on the market that has really stood out and grabbed women’s attention everywhere. The product I am referring to is Evolution of Smooth. This product has refreshingly new colors and flavors, including Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm, Coconut Milk Visibly Soft Lip Balm, Blackberry Nectar, Honeysuckly Honeydew and many others. And those are just in the round new spherical shaped containers with the easy twist off caps.

Evolution of Smooth also offers straight tube versions of smoothing stick lip balms for those who like the feel of a more traditional tube. Both offer new scents, flavors, tints and colors with unique softening properties that really do last longer than others on the market. These beauty must haves can be found at Target, Walmart,, and other fine cosmetic counters. And to sweeten the deal even more, check out the eos website, where you can also buy multi-packs of lip balm, hand lotion, and their wonderful Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. All in beautiful packaging, you can collect your favorite items while giving back for a charitable cause!

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IAP World Services Announces Acquisition of DRS Technologies And Tactical Communication And Network Solutions

IAP Worldwide Services, one of the largest providers of defense contracting and telecommunications services in the world has just announced the acquisition of DRS Technologies Inc.(DRS) of Oklahoma City and Tactical Communications & Network Solution (TCNS) in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The company plans to integrate the services of both corporations to provide even better service to countries around the world.

The acquisition is important as it will increase world wide capabilities by 50 percent. Both TCNS and DRS’s aviation, engineering, information technology and communications platforms will not only be a natural fit, it will also help in the company’s expansion efforts.

“We have a long-term growth strategy in mind. Our technological needs are forever changing,” said IAP Worldwide CEO Doug Kitani. “We were already one of the leading such companies in the world, and now we are definitely on top through these acquisitions.”

IAP is committed to focused discipline and streamline operations. Contributing the best possible service to a variety of governmental entities is the number one reason why IAP is the most trustworthy in the business.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

IAP has a long and rich history. The company was founded in 1953 as Pan Am World Services. IAP Worldwide Services supplied maintenance and engineering support for many of the early missile launches in Cape Canaveral, Florida. By 1990, the company was acquired by Johnson Controls and soon became the leader in military base management.

By the time Desert Storm rolled around, IAP was fully operational in Saudi Arabia. They supplied mobile power, emergency relief and transportation services for the troops. To this day, the company still has a strong relationship with the military. By 2005 on, IAP acquired Readiness Management Support (RMS) to become one of the largest leaders in global operations, logistics and base support.

Today, IAP provides support for a number of global organizations and military bases. They employ over 20,000 people worldwide and have over 100 locations. The company is committed to providing safe an innovative solutions to meet the needs of customers. The company headquarters have remained in Cape Canaveral, FL for 60 years. Other offices are in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Washington D.C.

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Dick DeVos and his Success Story

Dick DeVos is not only a member of the prominent DeVos family that is located in Michigan, but he is also a businessman in his own right who has dedicated that past four decades of his life to helping others and to preserving the family legacy that has continued to grow over many years thanks to not only the family business, but also to the family’s generosity towards many organizations. Dick DeVos became a businessman in order to follow in his father’s footsteps who are the co-founder of Amway Corporation, a company that specializes in providing many health and household products to homes all over the world.

Dick DeVos, before ever earning a formal education, was a part of the family business at Amway Corporation. Even as a child, Dick DeVos has many fond memories of playing within his brother in the basement of his family home. The basement, at the time that Dick DeVos was a child, acted as the headquarters for the family business. As Dick DeVos and his brother grew older, they helped where they could which included running errands for the employees, taking calls, filing papers, as well as stocking the shelves with the products. Dick DeVos even remembers giving product descriptions to the clients of the company before college.

By his college years, Dick DeVos knew without a doubt that he would be earning a business degree. From even a young age, Dick DeVos was a part of business and had fond memories working with business. By 1974, Dick DeVos has earned a degree in business management and began working as an official employee at Amway Corporation. Though this was a family business, Dick DeVos separated himself and proved himself to be a businessman as well as a leader in his own right. Over ten years, Dick DeVos climbed the ladder towards success to be involved with several different sectors of the company to learn the business.

By 1984, Dick DeVos earned his first opportunity to show his talents as a businessman. The position that he earned was the vice president who was in charge of international sales. While holding this position, Dick DeVos truly made himself stand out and eventually earned the position as the CEO of the company and lead the company into the future. As a dedicated son and a dedicated husband, every business decision Dick DeVos has made has had his family in mind.

Norka Luque Showcase on Music being Her Fate

Norka Luque is a US-based Venezuelan singer who believes that music is her destiny owing to her blessed family, life lessons, cultures and languages that have led to her belief. She was able to burst into the music scene through the support of her producer Emilio Estefan. She was in the country for her showcase where the producer presented her album “Miracle” which is already getting airplay in various Latino radio stations. In order to make the album a success, Estefan had to bring on board various major producers like Alberto and Ricardo Gaitan brothers, Archie Pena, Luis Giraldo and Cuco Pena from Puerto Rico. In an interview, Norka stated that the team took a long time in deliberating the definition of her genre. Her music is a fusion of various rhythms with some ballads, rock, tropical, rhythms & blues and pop.

Norka has been in touch with music ever since she was a young child and she took part in various competitions. After she was through with her high school, she went to France to continue with her studies in the area of International Business but her passion for music still boiled inside her. She decided to find a band, “Bad Moon Rising, funk and rock”, as music was constantly on her mind. She went on to appear in different platforms and this shaped her career development to the solo artist she is today. After her studies she then went back to the United States and took more singing lessons alongside culinary arts and fashion.

About Norka Luque

Norka Luque was born on February 7, 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela. Her whole life story and her path to becoming the great singer she is today is full of inspirations and motivation as she followed her passion ever since her childhood to her adulthood. Latino Show Magazine mentions that she has a definite goal in the music she sings and that is to relay a message of positivity and hope to her fans. Her parents supported her when she was a child by enrolling her for musical lessons. She was also trained in voice practice, ballet, flamenco as well as her academics.

During her time in France, she was a student undertaking an International Business degree course. She had a stint with a music band as she was looking for a way to keep herself in touch with music. Later on she met Emilio Stefani Jr. and this signified the taking off of her career. Emilio got impressed by her music and took her on board. Norka wants her music to change the world for the better.

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Marc Sparks is the Epitome of Entrepreneurship

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur and businessman. He is a 1975 high school graduate and beyond that has no formal training for what he does. Despite his lack of formal training he managed to create and sell millions of dollars worth of self made products. Mr. Sparks has also been responsible for a great many start-up companies.

Some of those start-ups have been unbelievably successful while others were not as successful. No matter the outcome of his efforts, he always learned something about business and himself. Learn more about Marc Spark:

Marc Sparks always approached everything he did with passion, focus, tenacity, faith, business and money making savvy and a sense of urgency. He works in the “let’s just do it now” mode that has been dubbed “Spark Speed.”

He also finds it important to treat others with respect, honesty and with even handed fairness. All of these qualities Sparks incorporate into his equation of success. He finds these qualities work for him and when asked about he manages to be so successful, these qualities and attributes are always at the top of his list.

Mr. Marc Sparks loves to win, but he realizes he will not always be the winner. He does not let fear of failure become a speed bump or pot hole on his road to success and he manages to find a way over and around those speed bumps and pot holes.

He has the ability to build a successful business from ideas that others consider too off beat to work. As he builds a successful business he also builds a company culture. He focuses on short term and long term goals and long range growth plans for his businesses.

Marc Sparks manages by example, as he sets the pattern for his team to follow. He maintains a very liberal open door policy and inspires his team to always have goals to achieve, both personally and professionally. Sparks believes his team will always deliver the very best for the company and customers and clients if they are always growing in their position in the company.

According to Goodreads, Marc Sparks wrote about his entrepreneurial, business and personal life. He left no stone un-turned as he wrote about the good, the bad and the ugly. He feels readers will learn more from his less than successful ventures than his successful ventures. He wants others to learn from his mistakes and capitalize on his good fortune.

He wants his book to serve as inspiration for those who may be walking the entrepreneurial path, but get sidetracked and lose hope. He wants his book to inspire everyone to never give up until they cross the goal line and achieve their dreams. His book demonstrates everyone can reach their goals by utilizing their passion, commitment and faith in themselves.

Thor Halvorssen’s Gritty Strain of Political Activism

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza might only be 39 years old but he’s done more in those three decades than most people do with fifty. For those who are not aware, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is the founder of the well known activist organization and think tank, The HUman Rights Foundation as well as a vociferous opponent of tyranny the world over. Halvorssen is perhaps most well known for his various media appearances on such widely televised programs as FOX, CNN as well as RT tv where he’s typically called on as a expert in regards to the pitfalls of socialism and it’s relation to tyranny and dictatorial power structures.

Thor Halvorssen’s knowledge of socialism and it’s potentially destructive impact on society is so highly regarded because it’s not purely theoretical. Indeed, Mr. Halvorssen, as well as many members of his immediate family have had their lives turned upside down by the dire machinations of socialist regimes. For instance, Halvorssen’s great grandfather, Oystein, a former consulate to Venezuala during the stressful period of World War 2 often engaged Nazis in furious argumentation that frequently escalated into vicious fist fights.

Similarly, Halvorssen’s father, the well known businessman and CEO of CANTV, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was arrested during a investigation into a corrupt Venezuelan banking company, and subsequently imprisoned for 74 days on charges of terrorism. Halvorssen himself was furiously beaten during a semi-covert trip to interview Thich Quang Do, the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam who had been placed under house arrest after having his church and organization banned by the authorities of Ho Chi Minh City. Halvorssen was able to sneak into Quang Do’s house and record a lengthy and informative interview but was discovered and arrested as he left the house. Huffington Post says that, whilst in prison, Halvorssen was beaten black and blue but was able to get the last laugh by sneaking the video card containing his interview with Thich Quang Do out via a confederate who hid the video card in his rectum.

Needless to say, Thor Halvorssen, unlike many other prominent activists, is more than just talk. He’s the kind of guy who is completely willing to role up his sleeves and get down in the dirt and the mud to make a positive difference. Find Thor on Facebook and other social media sites to keep up with his news and event information.

The Inspiration for Developing Visual Search Technology


Retail is something that needs to make a lot of sales in order for it to survive. However, the success of retail depends on the satisfaction of both the provider’s side and the customer’s side. In order for the customer to be satisfied enough to buy a product, he has to be able to find the product that he is looking for. Customers are often particular about a product. However, some products require a particular term in order for the customer to be able to find the item on the internet. It is very hard to find the search terms for a lot of customers. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

This alternative is visual search. Visual search is an invention that helps people find the items that they are looking for. Instead of having to type in the products, they are able to take images of the items that they are interested in and find it online. This makes it easier for the person to know where to go if they decide that they want the item. Also, they know how much they would have to pay in order to buy the item. This makes it a much more convenient deal for the user.

For those that are looking for a visual search platform to use, Slyce is one product that is very helpful. With Slyce, the user can take a picture from any source and the app will present the user with information that will help him decide whether or not to get the item. He will also find other variations of the product. Among the variations are different colors, sizes, and others. Visual search is quickly proving to be one of the most helpful mediums for users and retailers. It is a lot easier for people to do run their errands and get whatever they need with visual search.

WEN by Chaz Miracle Worker for Those With Fine Thin Hair as Blogger Discovers

Emily McClure hates her fine, thin hair which sometimes gets frizzy and unmanageable. She gets frustrated trying to battle her limp mane on a daily basis. She wanted a true hair transformation and was hoping that WEN by Chaz could come to her rescue.
In case you’ve been living under a rock, the WEN system is an incredible one that centers around its no lather shampoo. Stylist to the stars Chaz Dean developed the system with an holistic approach. He knew that sulfate-laden shampoos and conditioners were actually weakening and damaging hair strands. So, he developed WEN by Chaz in botanical formulas to add strength, shine and body back to hair. His unique cleansing conditioners care for hair from root to end. Wen products are available online through Amazon for a fraction of the cost and on select high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

Emily took a personal 7-day WEN by Chaz hair challenge and posted her results here on She also kept a daily hair log and posted selfies to show readers how WEN was doing.

Emily chose the moisture rich FIG cleansing conditioner for her shoulder length locks and hit the shower. She didn’t even use the proper amount of Wen, because she thought that 16-24 pumps of product was too much. Still, she achieved Hollywood worthy results. As she blow-dried and later styled her mane, she received voluminous, shiny tresses.

Emily began posting her hair selfies and getting compliments from many. She was liking her new crowning glory.

As her work week got more hectic, Emily began altering her WEN routine, and noticing flatter hair.

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To obtain the best results from WEN by Chaz, Emily offers these three simple suggestions:

1. Wash every day in the morning.
2. Follow with time and effort to blow-dry and style.
3. Remain on this routine, so your hair can adapt.

You can’t be lazy using the WEN by Chaz System. Read more about Wen: