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Lovaganza Foundation – How it Aims to Achieve Universal Equality for Every Child by 2035?

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The Lovaganza Foundation is on a mission to achieve a universal quality of life for every child by the year 2035. It has been only six years since its founders J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon are traveling around the world to conduct research, create documentaries and speak to influential decision-makers regarding the future plans of the organization. These initial six years are a launching pad for the long-term goals of the Lovaganza Foundation, which is yet to initiate actions plans. However, the Foundation will soon launch worldwide campaign to convince other like-mind organizations to embrace the idea of achieving universal quality of life for every child in the world, between 0 and 14 years, by 2035.

Why Lovaganza is Different?

Perhaps, the Lovaganza Foundation realized that certain individuals and non-profits have made similar efforts in the past, but they could not achieve their goals. Therefore, the management and founders of Lovaganza have come out with a long-term step-by-step plan of achieving their goals. In addition, the mission is also different in the sense that it seeks to make countries responsible for taking actions. As such, its goal includes a plan to devise an official worldwide treaty on Facebook that can build on the mission of the Foundation.


Accordingly, the initial proposed goals for achieving the 2035 milestone include access to clean drinking water, sufficient food, permanent shelter, clothing, healthcare facilities and basic education. In addition, Lovaganza wants to take children out of the war equation, which also includes eradicating domestic violence including underage marriages and child labor.

Step-By-Step Plan

As the first step to achieving the goal, the Foundation has already started its research in various countries around the world. In the coming two years, results of the research will be exhibited through documentaries and related information materials. Before the second step is implemented in 2018, the Foundation will start establishing coordination centers, also known as Lovaganza Centers, to manage activities in individual regions.

By 2018, the Foundation will seek active partnership with at least 10 of the world’s leading organizations that will be willing to adapt and implement objectives of Lovaganza. In the third step, by 2020, the Foundation will began soliciting nations to work on its objectives immediately. By 2022, Lovaganza Centers in each of the eight major regions of the world will actively support and monitor each nation that commits to the task. By 2025, in the final step, the Foundation believes that it will have the support of almost every nation in the world enabling it to establish a worldwide treaty.

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Online Reputation Management Firm Overcomes Negative Online Press

Online reputation management is a huge concern for business owners these days. One bad customer review or post online can lead to major problems for companies these days. With this in mind it is easy to understand why so many business owners turn to online reputation management companies to help them avoid the potentially damaging side effects of negative online press.

With the rise in popularity of social media sites and the ability to comment on virtually every piece of content online, one negative customer experience can quickly turn into a PR nightmare. This happens every day to all kinds of businesses. What happens, though, when the company suffers from negative online press? The team at Status Labs actually went through this type of scenario not too long ago.

Status Labs has worked diligently over the years to provide online reputation services to thousands of individuals and companies. The company is based out of Austin, Texas, but has offices in both New York and São Paulo. Serving a client roster that exceeds 1,500 the company provides a wide range of online reputation management services and other public relations services.

Status Labs is known for helping their clients to experience improved engagement with their target audiences. This, in turn, helps the online reputation management firm’s clients to enjoy increased sales and better relationships with their customer base. The ultimate goal that Status Labs works toward is helping every one of their clients to look positive in search results and to utilize the power of online marketing to improve their sales numbers.

When this company found that they were the center of their own online reputation crisis they quickly went about implementing effective solutions. The company improved relations with charities and other organizations in Austin. They also took stock of employee relations and created an action plan to improve the employee experience at the company. Finally, the company changed their policies related to hiring. The negative online press they received was related to the outside actions of a former executive, so it is easy to understand why the company has changed its policies for bringing new employees on board.

Seeing how Status Labs was able to resolve their own online PR nightmare proves that the company has what it takes to be recognized as one of the top online reputation management companies. It is no wonder that the company continues its successful run in this competitive industry.

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A Color Revolution

Doe Deere has been a force of nature in the makeup world for some time now. Her brightly colored lipsticks and palettes have taken the market by storm and made it okay for women to feel confident in neon hues. With her cotton candy pink hair and beautiful milky skin, Doe emulates a 1960s goddess with just a touch of rainbow pride. She cites Dita von Teese as an inspiration, and we can certainly see the resemblance.

Doe reveals that she was not always gifted at applying her makeup. She has commented that until her mid-twenties, crazy rhinestoned eyebrows and heavy theatrical makeup were staple looks for her. Although we cannot imagine anything unflattering coming off of her makeup brushes, we are glad that she continued to experiment and delve into the world of cosmetics. After all, without her brand many women may not have found their voice when it comes to fashion and makeup.

Back in the early 2000s, Lime Crime was born, and took most people by surprise. Neon lipsticks were not exactly the norm in makeup at the time, and that is precisely why Doe decided to create them. She wanted something unique and beautiful that the “unicorns” of the world could enjoy. Today, her brand thrives, so obviously Doe had a wonderful idea. The liquid lipsticks in her line have become somewhat of a cult favorite, and with their gorgeous hues and long wearing formula, it is easy to see why. Where else can you find sunshine yellow lipstick for that bumblebee costume, or neon orange for that sexy traffic cone appeal?

Finding yourself the topic of social media discussion can be daunting and a bit unnerving, but Doe takes all of it in stride. She has realized that although being a figure on the World Wide Web can feel unreal, it is necessary to keep in touch with her band of unicorns and spread plenty of her glitter love. Doe has taken to posting plenty of looks for her followers to recreate and draw inspiration from. She knows her audience, and exactly what they like to see.

Surely Lime Crime will be around for some time, and that is a wonderful thing for women of all colors and ages. Doe’s brand has a little bit for everyone, and this makes it extremely marketable. In a world where everyone seems to want to be the same, it is lovely to find a woman who prides herself on being just a little bit different.

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Coworking Spaces are Creating Employees who are Thriving

More and more small businesses are establishing their place of work in shared work communities. Coworking spaces are especially popular in larger cities such as NYC and Chicago, and the surprising fact is that these workers are thriving. Shared environments report ratings as high as 6 in 7 point surveys with employees in an average work setting, the common office, scoring lower in satisfaction.

Interestingly enough, thriving in the co-working situation came as a surprise to researchers. Ever since this characteristic was discovered, researchers have been studying the reasons why. They found three significant explanations as to why employees in co-working environments are thriving.

1. Employees have more control in their jobs.
2, People who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful, which creates satisfaction.
3. Workers feel a part of the community instead of sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours.

WorkVille NYC

At 1412 Broadway in Midtown West NYC, you’ll find ab ideal shared office space NYC. WorkVille has the entire 21st floor of a luxury building and offers an incredible package of amenities that any small office would desire.

How does fresh coffee prepared for you every morning sound? They have a 24-hour access for those nights you just can’t quit and each “office” comes with high-speed Internet, phones, mail service, printers and your choice of three terraces to have a private conversation or just get a breath of fresh air.

Another drawing factor is the level of communication that is available between the employees of the various businesses. Coworkers are likely to pick up a conversation in the cafe or outside on the terrace, which draws them into the community. On the other hand, when individuals are seen in other parts of the building, their privacy is respected.

WorkVille NYC is a premier coworking space that offers an amazing, luxury environment for reasonable rates. WorkVille is so reasonable, in fact. that you can “bid” for your space, and barter for the lowest monthly price. Does this sound like an improvement over struggling monthly to pay the rent, utilities, and all the extras needed to get your business started? WorkVille has discovered the secret and it has become a growing coworking community in NYC.

Securus Technologies Stay In The Path Of Justice

I found the article published on Securus Technologie’s website to be very interesting. It showed how Securus Technologies had to investigate a fraudulent company. There are many companies that support correctional facilities with their telephonic services. Global Tel Link happens to be one of those companies. Global Tel Link has installed their telephones in correctional institutions throughout Louisiana. On June 7th of this year, it was published that Securus Technologies, a provider of criminal justice technology solutions, did an investigation on Global Tel Link.

Securus Technologies found that Global Tel Link committed infractions that have cost the citizens of Louisiana over $1,243,000. Global Tel Link has scammed many of the correctional facilities by adding seconds to the duration of every call, and they also installed phones that were programmed to charge calls a higher rate than was originally established with the facilities. Global Tel Link did these practices illegally and deliberately did so in order to overcharge their customers.

This is an interesting report, because it is nice to know that there are companies out there monitoring things that not everyone thinks about. Since there are many companies that get a profit by offering their telephonic services to different correctional institutions, it is very important that inmates and their loved ones know exactly what they are paying for. The amounts that were originally stipulated to these facilities should be respected, and the individuals that work in the facilities should be able to trust that they are dealing with companies that are honest and just. It is good to know that there are companies such as Securus Technologies that are around to help keep wayward companies in line.

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The Skout App Encourages Interaction

Skout is a social media app that has been exponentially growing every since it was created. With hundreds of millions of users of this social media app, Skout has expanded into over 180 different countries all around the world. this global platform has been designed to perfectly fit in with both the at home desktop or even the mobile platform. Skout was build for social interaction on many different levels. Individuals can use this app to meet new people, talk to new friends, or even practice a little flirtation. The steps for joining the Skout app is free and is an easy process. The only recommendation is to not only add a photo that is up to date, but to also add accurate information about likes and dislikes. This information will be used by the Skout company to match people up accordingly.

In recent news, this global platform was acquired by MeetMe after this company purchased Skout for almost $30 million. The deal of this exchange was to let Skout continue as a standalone brand in exchange for 5 million shares of the company. MeetMe has taken the role as Skout’s new investor that has made plans to improve the technology, the chat interface, as well as the search filter of the company. Within the next two years, MeetMe has estimated that Skout will profit over $100 million if all goes according to plan.

MeetMe took special interest in Skout due to the popularity and the unique features of the site. Within less than ten years, Skout has already been able to attract over 3.5 million users to the app per month. In addition to this number, it has been estimated that around 42,000 individuals are joining the Skout app each day. With the many improvements on the way thanks to the new investments, the creators of Skout are excited to continue enhancing this unique platform.

One of the most unique features of this app is the shake feature. What this feature does is creates a random chat room with another random individual. Users who use this shake feature can either stay and chat with the individual or can continue using the feature to find new people. At the end of each chat, individuals can even bookmark each other that will notify each individual when the other comes online. The point of this app is to encourage both online and offline interaction.

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Understanding The Benefits Of The Shared Office Space


The coworking space is a growing trend in many major cities where the working life many people have switched away from the traditional office space. Instead, many workers who require office space are looking to work for themselves in roles that used to require a large amount of office space, which would traditionally require working from home or renting space in a traditional office. Coworking space may not be a new idea, but the Harvard Business Review reveals this growing trend for office workers is providing a new sense of identity and community among those who choose their own working hours, but wish to work around others and develop their own identity.

Workville offers for rent in New York to include a luxury version of both shared and individual work spaces that encourage free thinking and the exchange of ideas. Workville NYC has embraced the idea that a free flow of ideas can be encouraged by making their coworking spaces a luxurious option that includes a range of cafes, terraces and communal spaces for workers to mingle. At times when deadlines are getting tight more individual spaces are also available to make those working freelance or startups as happy as possible with their New York office space.

There are many reasons why the use of coworking spaces has become such an ongoing trend, including the need for a freelance or self employed worker to feel part of a wider community. In many ways, the use of a coworking space makes it simpler than ever to enjoy being in a busy, but non threatening office environment, which is created by the fact people working in different fields are working in the same shared space. Instead of fostering rivalry the use of a shared space can make it easier than ever to make friends and get ideas from people working in different industries.

Along with the need for community and a much more enjoyable working life the need for access to a shared office space is all important, which is why the majority of these buildings are created to be open 24 hours a day and seven days per week.

Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital Receives Top Industry Honor from NACVA and CTI

Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operating Officer and co-founder, Anthony Marsala, was recognized by National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) as a leader in the hedge fund industry. NACVA annually recognizes young and distinguished leaders in its 40 Under Forty Awards. The awards honor leaders who have made great strides and contributions in areas like financial forensics, business valuation, expert witness protection, M&A and litigation consulting. All forty honorees were chosen by CTI’s (Consultants Training Institute) and NACVA’s Executive Staff.

The judging panel revealed that the 2015 candidates’ pool was composed of impressive professionals which made the decision making process quite difficult. The two professional bodies (NACVA and CTI) are founded on qualities like industry excellence, quality and a spirit of visionary leadership that surpasses all expectations in the fields of financial consultancy and accounting. It recognizes accomplished leaders in the industry regardless of their professional affiliation with either of the two bodies.

Importance of the Awards

The 40 Under Forty Program recognizes accomplished leaders and gives them a national platform to offer their insight and contribution to coming generations of mavericks. Recognizing the hard work of these professionals allows others to work harder and achieve the same recognition. This motivation is important because it fosters pioneers. This propels the industry forward and offers clients top notch services.

The COO and Executive VP of CTI and NACVA, Brien K. Jones, stated that the bodies are always looking for the best in the industry. All 2015 honorees were carefully shortlisted from a list of 125 nominees. Anthony Marsala has specialized in business valuation and Corporate Finance. His primary focus throughout his 13 year career has been mid-market companies and startup ventures.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is highly dedicated to excellence, service delivery, integrity and professionalism. It is a globally recognized investment banking firm with offices in three continents. It serves clients in Africa from its Accra, Ghana, offices, Asia from its Haryana, India, offices and North America from its offices in Chicago, Illinois. It offers several vital financial services to clients including M&A expertise, corporate advisory services, valuations and financial opinions. It serves private institutions and public corporations.

The company employs professional staff who are well versed in modern financial matters and strategies. They offer much needed financial advisory services to clients ensuring optimal outcomes. Madison insists on learning about the business operations of its clients. This allows them to get valuable insight into the business and enables them find areas that ought to be improved. It is difficult to offer a solution without understanding where the problem lies. Madison Street Capital is headed by Charles Botchway. It was established in 2011 as a boutique firm offering financial advisory services. It has since grown into a globally recognized firm.

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The Plans of Andy Wirth

With the love of nature flowing in his blood, Andy Wirth was never surprised when he decided to become an active businessman in the mountain resort industry. With his love for business as well as his love for nature and beauty, this seemed like the best possible choice for him. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

As a successful businessman, it came as no surprise when Andy Wirth was honored with the opportunity to become the CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is the result of a merge between two of the largest ski resorts in the Tahoe Valley.

To his current job of over five years, Andy Wirth brings over two decades of experience to the table. With hard work, Andy Wirth has been able to mark his ski resort as one of the hottest ski resorts to visit each year. Through renovations and long-term investments, Andy Wirth has been able to improve this ski resort immensely.

As an owner of land, Andy Wirth has come to know and love his land. Despite the current drought that has been hitting the Tahoe Valley over the past few years, Andy Wirth has come out on top and even has made future investments that will be sure to put his resort on top.

With this in mind, the KCRW radio station was eager to talk to Andy Wirth and discus his future predictions for the ski industry as well as any plans that he has for the future of his ski resort. With the lack of snowfall on an annual basis, the KCRW radio station was expecting to hear sad news about the faltering of the ski industry on the West Coast.

Though Andy Wirth admits that many ski resorts will be put out of business within the years to come, he also adds happily that his ski resort will continue to grow in popularity. When Andy Wirth was even asked as to how many winters e believes his business could continue running, Andy Wirth responds confidently that his business would be able to withstand an infinite amount of winters.

Andy Wirth elaborates by stating that the key to his success is through adaptability which is a skill that all businessmen should learn.

Thanks to his ability to adapt, Andy Wirth is proud to announce his future investments on clean and renewable energy. As Mr. Wirth’s first priority has always been on the environmental impact of his resort, this drought has given the push that he has needed in order to invest in a cleaner way of producing energy.

New and renewable energy will be both cost-effective in the long-run, but will also improve the environmental footprint that is left behind by any large business.