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Glenn Beck Misses Again

Glenn Beck, the prominent conservative commentator, has made a terrific living for himself by playing the role of an outraged citizen. He portrays himself as an ordinary man who recognizes that things just aren’t right. He’s not an outright conspiracy nut broadcasting with a tinfoil hat on his head, but he does say some rather inaccurate things from time to time. Some of these comments might be harmless, but some are downright vile. The most recent example of this is Beck insinuating that George Soros, the wealthy patron of democracies around the globe, is somehow an anti-Semite.

Mr. Beck seems to be unversed in the past of Mr. Soros. For starters, he seems to be unaware that Soros was a young boy in Hungary when the country was occupied by the Nazis. George Soros helped inform the terrified Jews where German checkpoints and searches were being performed in the community. He also tried to rely messages of rebellion to the Jewish leaders. These messages came from George’s father, a man who recognized that submitting to the Nazis would only lead to destruction, humiliation, and death in the end.

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Glenn Beck’s Ridiculous Misreading of George Soros Might Not Be As Inappropriate As Busting a 14-Year-Old’s Balls for How He Behaved During the Holocaust, But It Still Sets Back the Cause of Human Understanding

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Oblivious to this, Mr. Beck insinuates that young Soros was somehow in cahoots with the Nazis. Beck darkly whispers that George Soros is experienced in destroying communities and making governments tumble like flimsy houses of cards. If Mr. Beck didn’t have such a devoted cult of listeners, such charges would be laughable. Unfortunately, the record needs to be set straight that George Soros is no anti-Semite, and he is not Godzilla out to swipe out governments. Of course, unless you are talking about the type of governments Mr. Beck would hate, such as Nazi and communist governments.

It is important to get this message across because words matter. George Soros knows the importance of words himself when he did work to bring down governments Beck would despise. For example, in 1984, every typewriter in Budapest had to be registered by the police. In rebellion, Soros smuggled in a Xerox machine to ultimately make a mockery of the tight control of information attempted by the police. Then there are the words of Lord Mark Malloch Brown. Raising his glass in a toast at the 80th birthday party of George Soros last summer, he said four people were responsible for bringing down communism: Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and George Soros.

Why must Mr. Beck insist on spreading these lies about George Soros in the face of such obvious facts? Mr. Soros helped the Jews in Hungary during the Nazi’s hideous reign. He helped circumvent the massive communist system decades later by fostering the open communication of ideas. Mr. Soros is the type of hero Glenn Beck should admire. Instead, Glenn Beck seems determined to drag George Soros through the mud of false accusation and laughable conjecture. It should give any reader pause to wonder exactly why Glenn Beck would want to do such a thing. Perhaps Mr. Beck has sinister aspirations of his own.

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Securus Technologies Reports on GTL

Securus Technologies, a provider of criminal and civil justice technology for public safety, has announced a release of many reports that will involve wrong doing and breaches by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link. The CEO of Securus Technologies expressed his disappointment over GTL’s lack of integrity. Securus will review multiple issues of systematic wrong doing. Press releases will be issued over a period of six months in an effort to shame GTL into acting with better integrity. Story published on PR Newswire‘s website.

The first release covers a 17 page order by the Louisiana Public Service Commission dealing with GTL’s conduct and practices when they provided outbound telecom service to thousands of inmates of the Louisiana Department of Corrections.
These are the findings that resulted from the Louisiana PSC investigation. Global Tel Link was found to have added 15 to 36 seconds to the duration of each call. The company also programmed their telephones to rate calls at a higher level that the standard rate caps allowed under the law. GTL is accused of inflating charges by adding money to its call charges. This was done just to overcharge. The report states that GTL overcharged customers by 1,243,000 dollars.
The finding by PSC were dated January 21, 1998. Securus America Technologies takes the position that wrong doing by GTL has continued in some capacity since the time period of the report. The full Louisiana Public Service Report commission report is posted on the Securus website.

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Sanjay Shah And Other Hedge Fund Leaders Have Banner Years

Sanjay Shah and a lot of his colleagues have had great years recently because they are willing to think outside the box. There are a lot of people who are counting on these people to make sure that they are going to make money, and people like Sanjay Shah are showing that there is a better way to do hedge fund investment. The hedge funds that are the most successful have people leading them that are very focused on customer service and the boutique feeling that they give.

Sanjay Shah started Solo Capital by himself, and he wants all his staff to give the same kind of service that he gave when he started the company. He is very committed to making sure that all his customers are happy, and he is the kind of person who is worth the millions he makes every year. His leadership of the company has seen the fund rise in volume every year, and he has loyal customers who want to come back to him and spend even more on new investments.

There are a lot of smaller companies in the world that are doing very well, and they are all in a position where they can produce high profits from less investors. These companies are not focusing on having a lot of customers so much as they are on efficiency. Sanjay Shah has been very efficient with his investments, and he wants to make sure that Solo Capital is serving every customer exactly the way they want to be served. That is much easier than searching for the fastest way to make a dollar, and it makes Sanjay Shah and his colleagues the best leaders in the industry.

Hedge funds like Solo Capital are perfect for people who want to get into a new side of hedge fund investment. These companies are much more friendly to their customers, and Sanjay Shah runs the company with service in mind. He is always thinking of how to help customers make money, and his fantastic performance proves that his plan is working within the Solo Capital framework.


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Venezuela’s Recent Economic Collapse

During the past months Venezuela has experienced one of the most significant economic collapses in the world. While being a nation rich of natural resources such as oil, the nation has adopted a number of economic policies that have prevented economic growth. The economic policies of socialism have been widespread in the country during the regime of former President Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro. During their regime, the nation has had a number of policies that have not only put restrictions on economic growth but have also made the lives of Venezuelan citizens quite mediocre. Policies such as excess government spending, social benefits, industry nationalization and also price controls. As a result the country has developed a failed economy.
With all of the negative economic effects of socialism analyst Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa sees Venezuela now has the highest crime rate in the entire world. Crimes such as looting and kidnapping are most common. Along with high crime, medical care is inadequate as many people die in the underfunded and run down hospitals. Purchasing medicine is only attainable on the black market as well. Along with inadequate medical care and crime, Venezuela has a food shortage and therefore many people are unable to be fed properly. Lastly there is a power shortage and also no availability of long distance phone service, according to Velasquez Figueroa. While these problems are plaguing the nation, President Maduro is blaming other people such as private businesses and the United States for the country’s economic collapse.