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The People and Brenda Wardle Versus Penny Sparrow

Sharing racist and offensive materials over social media is by no means new. In the past, such postings or sharing has led to public shaming, separation from employment and even legal repercussions. This is the case even in South Africa, where groups like “Woke Twitter” are on the prowl to expose such behavior and the people who perpetuate them online.

Penny Sparrow, a woman made famous after sharing a racially incendiary post demeaning Black South Africans at a beach, has been separated by the Democratic Alliance which quickly tried to distance itself from her and her views. Woke Twitter also exposed Chris Hart and Justin Van Vuuren for their racist posts.

Woke Twitter, which has aligned itself with movements such as the #BLACKLIVESMATTER organizations that have been active in the US over the last year, has become something of an Internet crusade to expose harmful views on race, sex, gender, cultural stereotypes and the people who share them. Their intent, they’ve stated, is to promote tolerance and encourage the South African government to legislate in favor of protections for people of color in their nation.

Charmaine Crowie, Sparrow’s daughter, spoke to the Cape Argus following the fallout that publicly shamed her mother, claiming that the family has been the target of harassing and threatening messages in response to the post. This mirrors concerns some have over groups like Woke Twitter and the effects of their well-meaning actions.

But what of Penny Sparrow and others like her? The end of apartheid as an institution of South African society was not that long ago, meaning there would be others like her, and technically nothing she did could be considered criminal or in violation of the South African constitution. Or could it?

Legal analyst, Brenda Wardle, has stepped forward to make sense of Sparrow’s posting. She stated that although Sparrow has a right to free speech, the dehumanizing components of her post broke clauses of the constitution, placing prejudice on Black South Africans and limiting their opportunity to equal speech with her racially offensive language.

Operating as Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College of Law, Brenda Wardle is a respected legal analyst of South African law. She became a prominent legal mind during the early days of the Oscar Pistorius trial and authored her analysis in “To Kill a Fragile Rose: the State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius”.

When deciding what is and isn’t worth sharing online, it’s safe to say that someone is watching and consequences may be inbound.

Watch Brenda Wardle:


Healthy Dogs Have Healthy Food Choices

Beneful is the brand that has been providing the premium dog food that my dogs really love. There are all types of vitamin-rich flavors that my dogs seems to be pleased with. I am pleased with the number of flavors that this company provides for dog owners. There are many options, and I love the fact that Beneful takes the time to develop these flavors. The Beneful brand is under the watchful eye of Purina, and this company has taken great strides to make quality cat and dog foods. That is something that I admire about what the company has done with Beneful. It is always striving to make dog food better. Purina has purchased some other dog food companies, but Beneful is the pride and joy for most consumers that simply expect better dog food choices. Quality dog food that is affordable is what the Beneful brand provides. I have become a fan of this company for this very reason. I really do believe that this is a huge step for when it comes to healthy dog food. In the past dog owners like myself may have believed that something like this was trivial. Over the years I think many people have become consciously aware of how the type of dog food that they buy affects their pets. Dogs may not be human, but they follow the same pattern that we follow in terms of healthy eating choices. Humans that have poor dietary regiments will find themselves with many health issues. Much of this will be related to what they are eating. The same thing goes for dogs. If dog owners don’t take the initiative to buy healthy pet foods for their dogs they will see a decline in the health of their beloved pets. I believe that all of the quality brands that are surfacing are simply the tip of the iceberg. Overtime I believe that most brands will have some sort of quality petfood that consumers can choose. This is not something that is simply a flash in the pan when it comes to dog food production.

Meet Helane Morrison, And Her Amazing Career As A Compliance Officer

They say behind every successful man there is a woman. I say behind every successful woman, there is a hardworking, determined and smart heart and mind. Helane L. Morrison is a very successful woman in the business world. She currently holds different positions in Hall Capital Partners LLC where she joined in 2007. These positions include Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer. She also serves as a member of Executive Committee of this firm. It is not easy to find a woman with such credits in the business world. She has also served as the head of the San Francisco Office under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission also known as SEC for around 8 years. She was Regional Director and District Administrator tasked with checking on securities enforcement, litigation, and regulatory matters in the extensive northern California region. 

Helane Morrison used to previously practice law in San Francisco. Here she honed her career under a law firm known as Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin for nearly ten years during which she also became a partner. She mainly practiced on business litigation, private securities actions and SEC matters where she acquired a lot of experience that came to help her later in life. Later she moved to private practice. She currently serves as a board member of different organizations. These organizations include Regional Parks Foundation and Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. She also holds talks on legal issues of affecting compliance issues.

Her career as a compliance officer is what brought her so much fame. Since she was a lawyer, it was easy for her initiate enforcement actions as she understood the “Compliance Rule.” This rule is also known as the 206(4)-7 of the Investment Advisers Act; it states that all registered investment advisers have to adopt and implement all written policies and procedures in order to evade instances of violation of rights and privileges of their clients.

Most enforcement officers view this act as difficult to work with. This is because it prevents most of the compliance officers working for investment firms to do their work as they are supposed to. Most compliance officers feel that the freedom in this act leaves most personnel with a lot of freedom that affects their workmanship. If guidelines were put in place to guide how this sector conducts itself to avert the problems that chief compliance officers may face in future.

Even with guidelines in place, some freedom is due to be left for compliance officers. Those tasked with checking on enforcement should consider how the firm performs investment wise. The risks involved and the impact of risks should be analyzed by the Commission concern. All this should be taken into account in the streamlining of compliance and enforcement industry.


Greg Hague and His Many Jobs

Greg D. Hague is a businessman with a mission. He wants to transform the home selling process in the United States. He believes that selling homes is a concept that has remained roughly the same for 75 years now. He also thinks that that’s outrageous. Hague has conducted research that indicates that the method used is not at all practical or effective. His research shows that people tend to lose between 3 and 8 percent on their home sale prices. Hague has just established a brand new real estate coaching firm called Real Estate Mavericks. His priority with this company is to offer real estate coaching assistance. Real estate consulting is one of Hague’s big areas of expertise.

Hague is based in the city of Scottsdale, which is located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona’s capital city. He wears many hats. He has launched numerous businesses, to be specific. He is an author. He’s a law professor. He’s a lawyer. He even works with Harvey Mackay, the writer behind “Swim With the Sharks.” This book was a bestseller named on The New York Times’ respected list. Hague has gone into business with Mackay as a partner.

Hague was born on September 30th in 1948. He’s a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended the public institution Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He graduated from the school in 1971 when he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. After that, he earned a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree from Washington, D.C.’s American University. He attended the Washington College of Law while there. He got this degree in 1974. Hague was only 18 years of age when he got his initial license in real estate. He got his initial law practice license merely 8 years later, too, when he was only 26 years old. This occurred in 1974, the same year he completed his J.D. degree.

He began his career by working with his family members. They had a business called Hague Realtors. This company was notable for being among the Cincinnati region’s biggest brokerages. Hague took it upon himself to establish his own real estate agency toward the end of the 1970s, in 1978. He named this company Heritage House Real Estate. It took only about a year for this company to take off and turn into a massive brokerage in the city. The firm expanded and had 220 real estate agents, 11 separate offices and 600 plus listings for properties within a rapid period of time. Heritage House Real Estate, however, quickly closed its doors. Dropping real estate transactions and significant interest rates in the market forced the agency to shut down in 1980, only two years after it began in the first place.

Hague has written pieces for illustrious publications such as the Real Estate Law Journal by the Arizona State Bar. He also released a book in the summer of 2013. This book was titled “How Fathers Change Lives” and was about inspiring parents.

Hague is currently married to wife Roseann Hague. The pair have three children together.

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Beneful Dog Food Promotes A Happier Dog

My home is a lovely place because I have a beautiful wife, three gorgeous children and a couple of friendly dogs. I have one large breed dog, and we have a small dog that the kids love to run around town with on a leash. They take him for walks and to the park whenever they can find the time. I love my dogs and my family does too, so we do our best to provide the best, highest quality dog foods that money can buy. I did my fair share of research to find this information on Youtube, and I encourage every pet owner to look over things on their own time. High Quality Food Means High Quality Ingredients I found this very interesting article that was put out by a credible site called the Daily Herald. In the article, the writer talks about the fact that premium foods have been using grain free ingredients for a long time. While this may be true, these brands have recently increased their standards, and they now accommodate more requests from dog owners about what should go into their premium dog food blends. Now, these premium foods are made to meet the dietary needs of their customers. I prefer to buy Beneful Dog Food for my dogs because it is made with real ingredients. The dry dog food that I buy for the dogs is Beneful Original Dry Food. It’s made with salmon, so I know it’s food that I can trust. They just love the taste, too. They make a meaty looking blends called Beneful Chopped Blends that we buy to mix into the dry food. This is great treat for your dogs on the weekends, or it can be their regular meal if they like it enough. Judging by the blends of real ingredients, texture and fragrant smells, I think that most dogs would appreciate what Chopped Blends has to offer to their pallet. This information was originally published on the website called the Daily Herald. It can be found by going to this link for the full article content.

A Few Important Things You Should Know About CCMP Capital And Stephen Murray’s Sad Demise

Those that follow private equity matters know CCMP Capital very well. It is a global company of repute in matters related to buyouts as well as growth equity transactions. Since it started operating, the company has invested not less than $16 billion. The company operates according to NY Post in four targeted areas namely; industrial, consumer and retail, healthcare as well as energy and chemicals. The company has been able to create a reliable reputation as a world-class investment partner through its powerful value creation model.

Since 2006, the company has been operating as an independent firm. However, its professional managers continue to manage the private equity portfolio owned by J.P Morgan partners. The firm has had a 31 years heritage that it takes pride in and cherishes a lot. It also has a lot of industry experience that can only be attributed to its very important experience in the four industries it operates in. With time, it has been able to know when to invest, how to invest and in what market conditions.

The company has a strong team that it relies upon in all transactions that it makes. It also has very reliable resources that are in form of very reliable advisers who have a lot of experience in terms of the years they have been in operation. The firm also ensures that it maintains a professional but very close working relationship with the managers of the companies it partners with.

When it reaches an agreement on the different financial targets and objectives, its professionals are involved in very active monitoring of the initiatives by frequently making interactions with the portfolio company top management. CCMP professionals have a firm belief that teamwork, partnership, diversity and integrity are all very important ingredients to the success of any partnership.

CCMP Capital suffered a very big blow when its President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Murray passed on in 2015. Stephen had been one of the longest-serving members of the team, and his sad demise was as a result of a long ailment.

He was one of the most seasoned and respected members of the Stephen Murray CCMP Capital team. Many who knew him said that he used to work hard, was known to embrace teamwork and was willing to go the extra mile to see to it that his company remained on top of its game all the time.

When matters related to being qualified for his job were concerned, Murray was on top of the game. He was a Boston College Economics graduate of 1984 and a Columbia University Master’s of Business Administration graduate of 1989. He was also a respected philanthropist who donated a lot of his personal money to community organizations related to development. He also used to sit in different company boards before he passed on.

A GoFundMe is Started for Autism Rocks

Autism is a common issue among children. Fortunately, there is a new GoFundMe campaign that has started for a program called Autism Rocks. This was started when Sanjay Shah, a philanthropist born in the UK had sat with a famous rapper called Snoop Dogg and he had recently gotten this idea to put together gigs throughout the world in order to raise money for his autistic son. In 2014, he has launched the campaign in which he has included Autism Rocks as his choice in charities. He has been passionate about the research of autism since his child had received the diagnosis. He has invited stars such as Lenny Kravitz to perform top hits in order to raise funding for Autism research.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Autism Rocks. He was always interested in helping children. He has been sponsoring kids in India for 10 years with through Plan International. For a while, he was not sure of any other forms of charity. However, he has started well with his pursuits at sponsoring children that are in need. While he was doing charity work, he was also working at Merrill Lynch, an investment bank. He also followed up with other investment banks which included Morgan Stanley. He had a profitable career when he worked for investment firms.

Sanjay worked as the head of the trading department until sometime in 2009. The turning point came when he has decided that he wanted to escape office life. There were a few things that he hated about the office. The commute and the long hours have proven to be very tedious for him. He wanted to have a greater effect on people. He also wanted to help his child develop. With his desire, Sanjay Shah and his wife has founded Autism Rocks. This provides a platform for Shay to find the causes of autism so that he could not only find effective ways to treat it for his child, but also for other families with autism. His GoFundMe campaign to fund his research on autism is a big step in the right direction. Check out his website for more information.

Nicki Defies Human Rights Activists Letter While Gilbert Roberts Continues Mission Offensive on WNBA Players

Nicki Minaj is all after the dollar and not even cries from the most influential human rights movement in the UK could make her cancel her Angolan Scheduled end-year performance. In an open letter to Nicki, the Human Rights Foundation movement founded by a celebrated filmmaker, Thor Halvorssen, warned Nicki against receiving any proceeds from the Unitel Communications sponsored concert. Nicki could, however, hear a thing of it and even went ahead to post pictures of her crew’s touchdown in the country.
In the letter, HRF informed Nicki that the payment she would be receiving is as a result of corruption and violation of human rights by the Angolan president’s family that controls the communications company. Nicki, however, proceeded with her performance after hand-picking the cast that will feature in her upcoming comedy series ‘Freeform’ that will debut on the ABC family early 2016. In the series, her childhood role will be starred by Ariana Neal with model SelitaEbanks acting as Grace, Nicki’s Mom.
Nicki’s defiance of human rights foundation warnings and her upcoming series aren’t the only news causing a storm over the internet. Former WNBA player Gilbert Arenas is at it again, lashing out at the WNBA players with his Instagram sexist videos and comments. His commentaries and arrogance have attracted a lot of criticism and bashing from both the WNBA players and their spokesman. Both parties have termed his comments as repugnant, disrespectful, and a cheap way of gaining relevance.
About Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssen, the president of the Human Rights Foundation, founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, and Patron of a children’s Peace movement in Prague is a Political Science and History graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. He turned to active human rights advocacy in 1989. Halvorssen started out by leading anti-apartheid protests in London opposing the then racist South African rule.
Thor understands the scars of human rights violation given that his diplomat father was once in 1993 falsely arrested and tortured in a Venezuelan prison. Through these movements which he is a founder or member, he continually exposes human rights violations across the world. His opinions and views have appeared on various, media forums with world viewership including the Economist and Forbes as well as gaining covered by Al Jazeera, CNN, and the BBC.