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Doe Deere Compliments Fashion As She Breaks All The Rules

There are leaders made every day and Doe Deere is a self made leader of fashion. To say the least she doesn’t mind breaking a few rules that someone (who knows) set into print what is right and wrong with fashion. Ms Deere shares a few secrets of her own as to how she decides what colors, styles and the matching of wardrobes.

If Doe Deere could be a fairy princess, she would be one who makes the magnificent color schemes found throughout the world. She has numerous times stated how much she loves colors of all kinds. She has made known a few combos she is favorable too. It is pink and green, peach and periwinkle, hot pink and lavender. She pairs them up often and loves how the colors make her feel.

Intimidating? Not for Doe Deere. She lives to mix colors and patterns. With the right combination of patterns She has been quoted saying that patterns are fun! The more the merrier. While others are browsing their closets for the right look, Doe Deere has a knack for bringing patterns together and it looks great. If you want to be brave, but not too much out of your comfort zone, match up different patterns, but keep the same color scheme. Once you are more comfortable matching different prints you can be more adventurous.

Who ever makes up the fashion rules doesn’t keep Doe Deere from marching to a different “tone” of her own fashion rules. With that in mind, remember your makeup and hair can be part of the fun too. You don’t have to stop with color for your hair, mix it up and let it be a tiny bit on the wild side.

Whoever said bold fashion has to age, has not met Doe Deere. The same person who made the color patrol, most likely wanted you to tone it down when you hit a certain age. Not so for Ms Deere. Colors make us feel. You know they have done studies after studies on what colors of walls need to be in different building. If blue walls at the doctor’s office calms you down, can you imagine how you will feel once you start wearing the bold colors that make you feel happy. Your age doesn’t need to be a factor in deciding on the color or pattern of your garments.

Ms Deere continues to explain how she feels about her clothes. She loves her special day clothes which is every day. She explains by telling about a fancy sequined sweater she was dying to wear, but doesn’t have a special day coming up anytime soon. She feels clothes were made to be enjoyed and wears her fancy sequined sweater whatever day she feels like it.

Colors were made to make us feel, sorta like expressing who we want to be. Patterns and styles can be fun to wear regardless of the occasion. Love who you are and be that person who stands out in the room. Go ahead, you know you want too. Live a little, be adventurous with your colors and mix patterns. Yes, go ahead and wear that special day dress even when it’s not a special day. You will love how you feel.

The lesson? Wear whatever it is makes you happy, because that’s what fashion is about. Pleasure, creativity, and living out loud.

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The Vivid Landscape of a North Korean Defector

Yeonmi Park has drawn readers into her world. She has left many readers of “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” with tears in their eyes. She has created a book that will be discussed for years to come. Right now, however, Yeonmi Park is getting a lot of discussion about the book in a way that she was not quite prepared for. Park has been interviewing a lot to discuss the credibility of this book. That is a big deal because negative comments can put a dent in the human rights activist platform that Yeonmi is creating. What Yeonmi has managed to do is take on the naysayers with interviews on Youtube where she comes to her own defense on the various topics in the book. She has stated that she was ashamed about some things that have happened in her life. Those things may have been crowded in mystery in the book. There have been some alterations to her narrative in terms of what happened and what was written out of shame. There are other things that have been altered out of her lack of memory. She is clear, however, on the starvation. She has stated that lack of food was constant, and access to food gave her an immeasurable sense of happiness. Her transition has truly been amazing, and people that read the book for the first time will be impressed. The memory lapses by Yeonmi Park will not take away from the overall journey that this child went through to get to where she is today. What naysayers will realize is that it is not about the individual events that are taking place. To the contrary, this a lot more about the sum total of the experiences that led Yeonmi Park to the Guardian a platform for human rights activist. Park does not want these same harsh times to fall upon any other young North Korean girls. Her autobiography paints a graphic scene of the cruelty that she endured, but it also paints a picture of desperation that inspires people to do something about the situation.

Slyce Inc. to launch a new technology ‘Slyce link’ for retailers

Slyce Inc. released a press statement on November 25, through Marketwire announcing a done deal contract with a Fortune 500 global retailing client. The contract with the new client will ensure the replication of the revenue generated for the duration of the deal/agreement period. The new customer will benefit from Slyce’s visual search and digital voucher services.

The company talking to Marketwired press also announced the launching of a new image recognition solution for retailers, ‘cart abandonment’ problem; called ‘Slyce link’. The new link enables sellers to show images of similar products to their consumers. The link enables retailers to give their customers options of other products that are similar to the ones they are looking for. The link is highly sophisticated because it has a visual appeal. The consumers can see the product options, compare them and make a decision on what to buy’. Customers may show an interest in purchasing a product but because they do not have anything to compare it to, they abandon the purchase halfway through. Through this link, a consumer will have alternatives. They can decide which product they want after seeing the rest of the available products. The retailers will show their customers visually, other available substitute products. Through this link, retailers can help their customers make a shopping decision by showing them other available options they may be interested in. The links will immediately present themselves, and they can click on it to shop.

Other uses of this link could be:
• Displaying other goods that look like what you the consumer is looking for – As explained above, one can show other designs/types of the product the store has.
• Other products the customer may like – To showcase other products like dresses, shoes and bags that the client may be interested in.
• Shoes to match the desired dress/bag – A customer shopping for clothes may also want a shoe or a bag. Showing her shoes that match with the dress may benefit the seller since she may end up buying the shoes, dress or both.

Slyce Inc.’s primary goal is to ease and enable strong sales techniques and channels for online retailers. Consumers do not have to visit the store to see the products as retailers can take photos and post them online. Large retail brands like Neiman Marcus and Tilly’s make use of Slyce Inc. technologies.

Beneful’s Vast Line of Dog Food

Dog owners who are looking for a change in food can benefit from the different varieties that are offered by Beneful. The company is one that is dedicated not only to the dogs, but also to the owners in that they aim to make it easy for them to pick out the dog food that is right for their playful pal.

Healthy Puppy is a dry dog food that is intended for dogs who are one year of age and younger. It has many different nutrients in it that are made to mimic the ones that can be found in the mother’s milk. A puppy food is essential for puppies and Healthy Puppy is at the top of the line for your pup.

Originals is a variety that is created by Beneful and is designed for dogs who do not have special requirements in their diet. It has a lot of nutrition, but does not do anything special for dogs who need to gain weight or lose weight. The flavor of originals is nearly the same as the puppy food, so it can be used to make an easy and smooth transition from puppy food to adult dog food varieties.

Dogs who do not get a large amount of exercise will benefit from the Healthy Weight brand of Beneful. It is made to supplement what they are not getting out of exercise and can be used in combination with another weight loss routine for your dog. Dogs who use healthy weight will be able to do better at managing their weight and will be more successful while losing weight. This could also reduce some of the stress that is put on an older dog’s legs and the issues that it could have with your dog’s heart. Healthy Weight on is a great diet option that does not sacrifice anything in the flavor department just because it is healthier for your dog who is not as active as others.

Playful Life of Beneful on facebook is great for dogs who get a lot of exercise. These dogs require more nutritional densities to ensure that they get what they need. The food is great not only for very active dogs, but also for dogs who need to put weight on. It can also be used for dogs who have a hard time maintaining the weight they need to survive and is a great option for younger dogs who are hyper.