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Application of Cosmetic Surgery and the Popularity of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Cosmetic surgery is an optional framework that is performed on customary body parts with the key goal behind enhancing the look of a man and/or clearing aging marks. In 2014, around 16 million cosmetic frameworks were performed within the US alone. The amount of cosmetic mechanisms conducted within the United States has for all intents and purposes duplicated right from the beginning of the century. Case in point, 92% of cosmetic operations were conducted on women in 2014 a higher percentage compared to 88% in 2001. Around 12 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2007, whereby chest development, eyelid surgery, liposuction, nasal surgery, and abdominoplasty were the leading five surgeries.
If you have cosmetic surgery, it’s basic that the surgeon and other specialists in the field doing the job to be totally knowledgeable and trained in the kind of system you’re having. You should discuss the approach in an unpretentious manner with your surgeon. Solicit all the necessary questions guaranteeing you’re totally aware of what the framework incorporates, how it will be done, what the results may be, and what happens if anything becomes critical. The procedures, frameworks, and gauges of cosmetic surgery are totally fixated on enhancing a man’s look. Boosting an aesthetic provision, extent and symmetry are part of the key targets. Cosmetic surgery can be conducted on various body areas such as the neck, head, and body. Since the treated locales work well, the process is thus considered elective. It is carried out by experts from various medicinal fields, plastic surgeons included.
Doing a great job in the field is Dr. Jennifer Walden who is a Board Affirmed Plastic Surgeon as per the American Leading gathering of Plastic Surgery, and she is authoritatively association prepared to deal with Cosmetic Surgery. She recently shifted her possessed cosmetic surgery practices from New York City into Austin, Texas with the objective that her twin young fellows, Houston, and Rex, get an opportunity to be raised near their home. Dr. Walden is a dynamic piece of the Esthetic Plastic Surgery, prestigious American Culture. Moreover, she is an individual from the American Culture of Plastic Surgeons including the Kindred American School of Surgeons. Presently, she serves on the Governing body of America Plastic Surgery Society, more so being is the Assistance Communications Commissioner for the same master affiliation. Amid 2014, Walden was respected being one of the Texas Super Doctors.

The Beneful Company

Businesses that are meant to cater to pets and pet lovers are frequent. Among these companies is Beneful, which is a well known name in the pet business. Beneful is the name of a dog food branding company that was originally owned by Nestle Purina, and was created in 2001. The company’s goal has always been aimed at pet nutrition and accomplished this by making their food products closely resemble beef and stew for dogs. When the company was first gaining ground Beneful began its own advertising campaign by spending $34 million on marketing, which was the biggest amount spent on a campaign in Nestle’s history total. The advertising proved to be effective because Beneful had earned around $300 million in total revenue in just five years. Because of this, the company was able to later use some of that money, $36 million to be exact, to refurbish many of its food production facilities in St. Joseph, Missouri. Those specific facilities were in the business of producing mainly wet dog food. Afterwards, Beneful decided to make its presence more international, first by releasing special dog posters in Germany that would have the scent of dog food on them. Then in 2011 the company took it a step further by airing special television ads in Austria that only dogs could hear, followed by interactive pet billboards being released that regular people could just play with. Being a pet food company and all, Beneful offers a variety of dog food products on Petco, mainly dry, wet and canned dog food and snacks food in addition to this. One of their special products was released in 2005, called the Beneful Healthy Harvest product line, which was the company’s first venture into using soy as the main ingredient in dry dog food as opposed to meat. The company also launched Beneful Prepared Meals later on, which is essentially a packaged food product that also comes with some food that could be served in a fresh dog bowl.


Today we will be discussing how to find the best foundation of your face. This is not as difficult as it might seem. Thankfully, we are provided with some great tips from the famous Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics.

Doe Deere has been in the business a long time. She knows what to look for. She is also familiar with the most common mistakes girls make with their makeup, and by extension their foundation.

Here Deere’s general guidelines for finding the perfect foundation:
1) Go to a place where you can find many products to try on. The idea is not to judge the bottle by it’s appearance. Never judge a book by it’s cover. You will need to test the product. This is one mistake that many girls make. They let the appearance of the bottle do the thinking for them.

2) Your hand is not always the best place to try on the foundation. Your hand is going to have different color pigments from your face. If it goes on your face, try it on your face. That is what it’s there for.

3) Allow the colors to settle in to your skin. Ideally, you should wait about 30 minutes. This gives the darker shades of your skin a chance to absorb it all. Ideally, the color should settle in to your skin, becoming invisible. If this doesn’t happen, then this is not the right color for you. You might need to try a few shades. Never settle on the first shade you try. You want to go more towards the yellowish colors anyway. Try out a few. See what happens.

4) The best results are achieved in natural light. Never go by the store lights. Most of them are out-dated. They will give you the wrong impression. Go outside. Going outside will make it all look better. If you have the right foundation, the rest will take care of itself.

5) You also need to look at your skin type. As Doe puts it, “your skin type will present a base for all your choices.” If you have skin that is prone to acne, you are going to better off with oil-free.

What if you have dry skin? This is wasy. You will be better off with a hydrating foundation. If you have any questions about this personally, you can always get in touch with Doe on her Twitter account.

6) Have one foundation for the summer. Have one for the fall and winter. This will give you a good balance between light and dark. You will want the lighter tones for the spring and the heavier/darker tones for the winter.


What you need to do is talk to a professional, like Doe. When all else fails, she is there. Any question you might have, she is there. Go to her social pages like Twitter and Pinterest and get to know her life and her passion. This is one relationship worth investing in.

Yeonmi Park Stands in North Korea’s Way

When you first set eyes on Yeonmi Park you probably think of a small porcelain doll. The 21 year old North Korean defector is a tiny figure with an angel like glow and a hesitant, soft voice. Everything in her countenance is a response of, and the opposite, of what she had to endure in North Korea. She imparts a notion of gentleness that seems so at odd with the world she came from. It’s this peaceful looking woman that is using her past and her voice to oppose the oppressive regime that rules her home country. Yeonmi Park is as close to a real life Katniss from ‘The Hunger Games’ as we will ever see. The plan was never for Yeonmi Park to gain notoriety or any sort of fame. All the refugee had wanted to do was share her experience at the One Young World Summit. Of course she wanted to be heard, but she didn’t want to become an icon — not Park. But that’s now the world we live in. Instead, her passionate and emotional speech quickly went viral on Twitter. Soon people all over the world were falling in love with the young girl who survived so much. Before she knew it she was standing opposite of Kim Jong Un and challenging him with her words. Let’s take a look at how park described growing up in North Korea and we’ll let you judge the impact of her statements. In many of the more civilized places on the planet we like to think that the citizens of North Korea are somehow exaggerating the strength of the Kim Jong Un regime. How could any amount of people stand by and let someone so completely oppress them? Unfortunately, the roots of this oppressive regime go deep. Park leaped right into it at the Summit, first talking about her childhood. She was raised to believe that even the birds and the bees could hear her whispers and somehow report back to Kim Jong Un and the rest of the regime. Citizens so feared being outed by the government, or their fellow man, that speech itself was a rather reluctant commodity. An oppressive regime is one thing, but an oppressive regime that is also violent a different beast entirely. Singing, unique clothing, and Hollywood movies were expressly forbidden to the citizens of the country. Park detailed  on BBC how she watched her friend’s mother executed for being caught watching a Hollywood film. Park herself admits that she didn’t know what the outside world was like until she saw her first movie, which happened to be ‘Titanic’. She fell in love with the romance and the freedom and the hope and eventually that kernel of hope would grow, but not for awhile yet. In any case, Park’s long and harrowing story is best heard straight from her own soft spoken, halting English. What we can take away from her horror story is that there is a world of people out there suffering, and they need the help of people like Yeonmi Park.

The Second Generation Moto E Is Added To FreedomPop’s Services

Freedom Pop has already broken new ground as the first provider of free talk, text and data services in the U.S., according to Android Authority. The popularity of the service has been increased as the initial talk, text and data plan offered has become well publicized across the country; FreedomPop allows its users 200 talk minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data at no cost each month. Any user in need of extra talk, text or data can look to add a paid plan each month without the need to sign a long term contract with FreedomPop. In fact, a FreedomPop user can cancel their plan at any time without penalty.

The growth of FreedomPop has seen the company look to increase its offerings on googleplay with the addition of entry level Smartphones provided for sale by the wireless communications company. The first phone to be offered for sale has been revealed as the Motorola Moto E that offers a 4.3 inch display and certified pre-owned quality. Added to the five megapixel camera is a 30 day money back guarantee that provides security for all users to enjoy with their one month free trial of a premium FreedomPop plan.

The low cost of the services offered by FreedomPop are matched by the special pricing offered on the second generation Moto E Smartphone. The Moto E is on sale for just $49.99 through FreedomPop and their partnered retailers and is a low price when compared to the $249.98 suggested retail price for a certified pre-owned Moto E. FreedomPop is offering the cell phone as the latest step in its growth that should include more than one million customers being served by the end of the 2015.

Investment Banking and The Benefits Investors Can Reap

Business persons have been searching for modern methods that can help to make operations easier and more affordable. Technology has responded positively to offering many solutions to issues that businesses have been facing. Each investor wants to achieve stability while at the same time maintaining efficiency and enhancing competitiveness. Business can sometimes get tricky due to factors like changes that occur from time to time. As a result, one may end up making losses, which will wk against the attainment of success within a business. Investment banking offers solutions to many fears that people have to deal with while in the financial markets. It is one of the easiest ways to manage transactions and to get the assurance that no losses will be recorded.

Businesses need research to emerge successful. This is one of the elements investment banking has invested in. They have a well trained team of professionals, who are tasked with research and the development of strategies that can help one to navigate through the market. Investment banking seeks to establish the future of a venture and the market as a whole. They also work to get information about barriers to business and help to offer ways in which some of these challenges can be eliminated. Most professionals will confirm that investment banking has been a great solution to business issues that seem too technical for ordinary persons to deal with.

Different professionals will confirm that it is necessary to hand over services to well established professionals, who have been in business for many years. This helps one to enjoy the benefit of working with well trained professionals who are able to avail solutions to different issues that affect business. James Dondero is one of the many professionals who have invested in ensuring their businesses achieve success in the most competitive markets. James Dondero is the founder and president of Highland Capital, which has been offering financial management services for businesses across the world. The firm is well established and able to offer the most reliable service. Through the help of James Dondero, the firm has been able to absorb the best talent in the market and this has worked in their favor by having seamless services delivery. James Dondero is also a mentor to many young professionals who attest their success to his support and efforts. Jim Dondero has been crowned in many instances for helping to maintain professionalism.

Also necessary for business success is the management of risks. How a business handles risks and how they lay strategies to help curb harmful effects that come with business risks matters. Investment banking offers solutions to some of the issues that emerge while running a business and has been able to assess different risks in the financial markets. Getting the real picture of the risk portfolio of an investment allows one to make the right decision. With investment banking, one is able to prepare for the future to ensure some risks do not hit the wrong way when one is not aware.