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Writing the Best Wikipedia Articles and Getting Them Accepted

Wikipedia’s website features articles written by people of all kinds of backgrounds who have a knack for research and writing. Getting Wikipedia to accept articles submitted to them isn’t easy though. They have really high standards. Because they have become such a well known source of information, they choose what articles can be put on their site very carefully. They want to be sure that every article they offer is as accurate as possible. That is why anyone who wants their work featured on Wikipedia needs to follow some important guidelines.

Before beginning to hire wikipedia editors, do a search on your chosen topic on the site first. This is to make sure that no one else has written about the same topic. If you have your heart set on a topic already done, you can choose to edit the page written instead. If you find the author is missing facts or know some that you can include then go ahead, but site your sources. Everything written must be factual. If your topic isn’t taken then stop and think about it before you begin. Is it about a subject matter that many people would want to learn about? Do you have enough facts and materials about it? Is it interesting? Wikipedia does not allow articles that promote or advertise, so as long as it is informational, you can start writing after that.

When you have finished with your article and have sited all of your sources then be sure to review your work several times for grammar and punctuation. Wikipedia will reject any articles full of errors. If you need any help with your article then is a site that helps with proofreading, choosing topics, and they can even write your article for you. They have experienced writers that know what Wikipedia expects from good material.

Nobilis Health, The Way Healthcare Should Be

When you think about the healthcare field in general, you know that it will always be a tremendous industry. As long as people are on this planet they are going to need to take care of themselves, and that means a great investment in general. When you start to look at the overall climate of the current economic industry, you can already see what the future is going to bring. As the baby boomer generation continues to get older the amount of healthcare, surgeries, and treatments is only going to increase and that means certain buys within the healthcare industry truly are going to be the stars of the next decade.

One of the top healthcare companies in the current climate is Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health has not only started to show the success that any major corporation would like to see from a financial perspective, but their general operations support their financial success as well.

The financial aspect of Nobilis Health is extremely strong at this point. As a full service healthcare development and management company they already have the infrastructre to support almost the whole spectrum of health services. Not only does that mean they look good with their current finances, but they have the capacity to continue to grow. Obviously investors would love that information in general, but the customers and clients who work with Nobilis Health will have a great chance to continue getting all of their services from the same place. When it comes to finding more and more ways to take care of your customers, you not only have the opportunity to grow your services and financial books, you also have the chance to provide better and well rounded healthcare.

Another major reason you have to think about any operation for the long term perspective is because you need to think about long term sustainability. If you can find an organization where they are financially sustainable, then you have a chance to see the company make it for the long haul. However, if you have a company that is so attractive they are making deals with major organizations, then you truly are starting to see an operation that will continue growing and expanding for years down the line. This means better systems, better leadership, and better equipment to go along with more experienced healthcare experts. In short, if you can grow an industry to be one of the best in its field from a financial point of view, then you pretty much already have a company exactly like Nobilis Health according to Mackies Stanley.

At the end of the day no-one can guarantee that any given organization or company will be more successful just because of what they are currently doing. That being said, there are already a lot of people and other organizations that currently believe in Nobilis Health. If you are looking for a company to watch for one reason or another, you have to continue to keep your eyes on Nobilis Health and what they will do in the coming years.

The North Korean Defector

North Korea is not a stranger to the world. The country is known for its kept secrets as well as its horrible reputation to brutalize the citizens. Despite the rumors of North Korea, it has been hard to extract concrete truths as to what goes on behind the walls of the North Korean border.

North Korea has the world’s fifth largest army in addition to having the capability to use their nuclear weapons to create a war. Despite this, one woman in particular is a North Korean defector and has been constantly, in her many years of being free, helping other refugees from North Korea escape the horrible regime.

This woman’s name is Yeonmi Park and she is 21 years old. Ever since the age of 13, Yeon-mi Park has been been a human rights activist whose goal is to speak out against the totalitarian regime of North Korea. In response to this, North Korea has denounced Yeon-mi Park as a citizen. This strategy was used to silence the human rights activist for good. It was the country’s attempt to silence Ms. Park for speaking out against this secretive and repressive regime.

There have been multiple North Korean defectors who have spoken out against North Korea. What comes with this dangerous job are the death threats that every human rights activist is, by now, used to. One activist, Park Sang-hak, launched helium balloons with anti-regime pamphlets over the North Korean wall. This act was responded by a hit-man who was intercepted in South Korea with a poison-tipped needle. The hit-man was on his way to murder Park Sang-hak.

One of the growing businesses in North Korea is that of trying to get rid of those who speak out and those who are defectors of North Korea. This particular case has even been suggested to be taken to the International Criminal Court to be tried in front of the United Nations. The United Nations’ accounts in North Korea are based upon the 300 testimonies that have been given by North Korean defectors.

Yeon-mi Park, despite being so young and fragile looking, as been speaking against this repressive regime. She does so by explaining her life in North Korea as well as her life after she escaped. Her story follows a long path of sadness as she explains that she became a part of the human trafficking industry and was separated from her mother and her father. Before even becoming fluent in English, Ms. Park was giving commendable speeches of her hard journey to be saved.

Yeon-mi Park is one of the thousands of North Korean refugees that escape the border each year. Her story and her hardship have given much detail as to what every refugee must go through in order to be free. These testimonies that have been given by thousands on North Koreans show that the totalitarian regime in North Korea is one that must be stopped. If little girls such as 13 year old Yeon-mi Park must escape from her country, then something must be done.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s success as a business and technology executive

Technology plays a significant role in every business aspect from customer communication products, accounting to product design and development. It is hard for a business to succeed today without injecting a heavy dose of technology. The advance in technology has increased and eased ways to run and grow new enterprises. For a company to grow, it needs a properly designed website. It would help in using adopting software that could enable the company to manage its operations.

One person who has made great strides in business and technology is Shaygan Kheradpir. He is the current CEO and board chair at Coriant. He joined this company after working closely with the management team for some time as the operating partner. Shaygan’s active role in the Coriant strategic planning and operations steered him to the top position as the driver of the company’s growth. He was appointed to focus on providing solutions to the customers in today’s competitive and dynamic markets.

Shaygan has traversed the world since his birth. He was born in London, but spent most of his early childhood in Iran. He attended high school in Swaziland at Aidlon College and later moved to the United States Cornell University where he earned his bachelor’s to doctorate degrees in electrical engineering. The reason for Shaygan Kheradpir living in many places is partly due to the fact that his father was a doctor and had to travel a lot. This helped Shaygan understand different cultures and blend well with others.

Shaygan Kheradpir started his career at GTE Laboratories where he gained experience in network routing management and controls before being promoted to chief information officer in the same company. After GTE merger with Bell Atlantic to for the Verizon Communications, Shaygan became the president of the e-business division in the new company. His innovative ability contributed to the diversification of the telecommunication services and automated all the operation in the company. He has climbed now to become the CEO of Coriant management team on September 28, 2015, replacing Pat DiPietro.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a renowned business and technology leader with more than 28 years of experience as an executive in technology, financial and telecom services. It was not a mistake that accredited companies like Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks found it fit to hire Shaygan Kheradpir as business and technology executive. It was because success in business requires people with great business knowledge and superb skills in working with technology. Shaygan has proven to be a valued asset to all the companies that he has worked because he can identify the problem and address them. He is also able to create and update their technology, which boost their business operations.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an admiration and inspiration to many for his success in the business technology. He has contributed to the modern way of running a business. He is the man to watch in the business and technology development.

Attributes of Chicagoan Business

Chicago is gradually growing and turning into a great hub for business. Being home to some 66 companies out of the 1000 companies listed in the world’s fortune list, the country is a great economic force in the world of business. This growth has attracted some of the greatest global marketing executive including Majeed Ekbal. Majeed Ekbal graduated from American University but he has spent most of his career life in Windy City. He is a well-respected entrepreneur especially in the Chicago market where he has established his line of products. He began with a grocery shop which grew into a great venture in the Chicago market. His fist venture the grocery was known as Expresso.

He identified the difficulties that peoples where having in locating some of the food stuffs they needed and ventured into the business of availing such products to the clients. Satisfying this need, he built a great business venture that has become a great outfit in the market today. He worked hard and in the process he created another overseas investment company and currently he is a proud employee of the Razorfish firm where he works in the public relations department and he has been very effective. Majeed Ekbal is also a brand manager and client’s relations manager in this firm. He still lives in Chicago although he has been showing interest in the Middle East markets.

Business in Chicago is on the rise as the country is experiencing exponential potential and business executive are refocusing on the state’s economic viability. Business here have been registering great profits with the greatest records having been in 2014.the business growth has been in different fronts especially in the innovation and technology and the growth is currently increasing. According to several reaches done in the country, the growth has been on an upward trend and this is expected to continue in the same fashion for quite some time. The business community is actually anticipating a better yield in 2015 going by the current trend.

In the Chicagoan market, it is evident that the representation of gender is gradually taking a fair stand. The recent promotion of several female executives is one of the major indications that the market is responding to the need for gender equality to b enhanced. In Chicago, business is booming in all sectors, internet, the banking systems, electronic devices and even in the health and education sectors. The economy is building up as result and the future looks bright forth Chicagoans. As the expansion of business goes on, the economy is benefiting from the great growth and the viability of the Chicagoan industries. The great business opportunities that are coming up are as a result of the continued activities in the economy.

A Few Facts About Skout That You Did Not Know

Skout is an Android and iOS app that can be downloaded for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store. The app is not very new, and it is designed to allow users meet new people and exchange pictures. The app gives users two ways to sign up; using Facebook or using their email address. Soon after signing up, a user is required to populate their profile using basic information like whether they are interested in men or women. This plays a very big role in displaying the other kind of people that the user might be interested in.

The app has a main screen that simply shows a grid view of the people online at the time. When a user taps on the image presented, he is provided with a profile that displays their last few posts, their basic information as well as the points they have earned. From that point, it is easy to start communicating with them by winking at them and chatting. When they appear online, one is also alerted, and it is possible to leave likes or comments from their last comments using the phone.

When a user opens a drawer on the left of the app, some alternative means to browse the network are revealed. The ‘Buzz’ shows a special feed of other local people whereas the ‘Look at Me’ is a bidding game that allows other bidders to bid their accrued points hoping that they can attain a feature spot and end up with getting better visibility. However, the most interesting feature is the ‘Shake To Chat’ that starts a conversation with a random stranger provided he/she is online when the phone is shaken. The feature reveals both profiles after forty seconds when the chat happens.

On Skout system on techcrunch, many activities require points so as to be performed. The best thing with them is the fact that they can be purchased using cash or using other means like engaging with advertising partners and showing people the importance to take some added features. When it comes to spending the points earned, they can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from who viewed the profile as well as sending other users gifts. Other very notable features include the wink bomb facility that allows users to send a large number of winks to a specific user with an aim to get some attention.

Skout has been rated as a very competent social networking app, and it has played a very big role in bringing people from different walks of life and from different corners of the earth together. Currently, the app is rated at position 381 when numbers related to free apps are concerned and position 319 in top grossing apps. Skout has and will continue being a very effective platform to connect people from all over the world in an intriguing and phenomenal manner. The best thing with it is the fact that it is free, and it only requires a phone with an internet connection.

Create Social Networks With Skout

In today’s society, social networks have become increasingly important in all ways. People seek out social networks in order to be able to connect with others. Doing so has many kinds of advantages. People are able to use their networks to be able to learn about all sorts of information they may not otherwise have access to in other ways. Someone might want to know if the schools are good in a certain area in New Jersey or if the winters are hard in a given part of Germany. They can use their connections to get access to firsthand information this way.

Meeting in person can be even more effective. This is why people look to an app such as Skout in order to be able to make such connections directly in person. In person connections have become even more important in today’s world. A short meeting in person can be a great way to establish a connection with someone that can last for a very long time and help them feel connected for the rest of their lives. This can also allow the person to be able to have the chance to interact with someone and make a life long friend just from a brief connection with someone else. In person meetings can be easy to arrange via Skout often with little need for the user to do much beyond show up.

Having fun meeting others is one of the main points of having access to an app such as Skout. The app allows the user to be able decide where and when they would like to meet the person as well as other factors such as the ages of the people they would prefer to meet. In this way they can narrow down the kind of people they want to meet in person. Meeting with someone older can be a great way to get in touch with a mentor who may be able to help them figure out the kind of direction they want to be able to take with their career. Another person who is younger may wish to be able to meet only those who are in their age group in order to have a fun night on the town with someone who is their own age and shares their very specific interests as well as their kind of worldview and their understanding of the world.

Skout makes setting up such meetings so much fun on People can also chose to use the app to tell others their general location. This can help someone just indicate that they are in Los Angeles but not necessarily tell others any more specific details. So a user can let people know where they are in general and then have others they have met decide if they want to be able to meet while that person is in that general area. Hookups of all kinds via this app can help the user vastly expand their own private social networks more easily.

Lime Crime’s Rock and Roll Style

These days, it isn’t enough just to wear makeup that combines powder and concealer. Sure, there are plenty of makeup brands out there that offer primer, foundation, powder and concealer but isn’t there something more we could be asking for in our makeup?

The answer is yes.

How about colors that truly rock a woman’s beauty and take her from good looking to knockout stunning? How about glitter pots that give her an iridescence that positively glows? How about lip colors that go on smooth and stay on with a bolt of color that stays on for the long term? How about Venus inspired grunge shadows that shade and smooth to give her an extra dose of urban glamour? More than anything, how about the look of Lime Crime makeup?

Lime Crime is a new makeup line on tumblr that is shaking up the cosmetics world with its brilliant colors and brilliant concepts that combine a rock and roll edge with the kind of quality cosmetics women today demand.

Lime Crime is the inspired brainchild of Doe Deere, a Russian emigre turned Internet entrepreneur who launched the line back in 2007/2008. Deere’s mission with Lime Crime has been to introduce a more boldly creative feel into the cosmetics world, with colors that can’t be found in any other makeup line, and a vibe that make a true statement about the power of beauty.

Lip Colors That Rock

One of the most popular products in the Lime Crime product line is the one of a kind Velvetines lip color. These gorgeous lip colors are the first ever “liquid to matte” lipstick products, and they were developed over months in a laboratory by Deere herself and a dedicated chemist. These full color lipsticks go on silky smooth and then dry to a full color matte texture that’s attention getting and very kissable. These lip colors are also certified cruelty free, and they come in a wide range of gorgeous pinks, reds, purples and even a mushroom beige.

For women who want a bit more wildness in their lip colors, Lime Crime also has the fanciful and fun Unicorn lipsticks. These lipsticks go on smooth and a little more wet, but the texture is still full and matte. These lip colors are boldly beautiful, and range from amazing pinks, purples, and reds, all the way into glitter rock hues of green, yellow, orange and blue.

Women who want to really rock their Lime Crime look can add on a dusting of Zodiac Glitter. These glitter pots have beautifully iridescent glitter that goes on with Glitter Helper adhesive, for a shimmering look that’s truly stunning. After she’s glittered up, she can add some light and shadow with the Lime Crime Venus Grunge Palette shadow kit, for a look that’s arty, edgy and gorgeous as can be.

When it’s time to really rock that look, women should choose the bold, wild colors of Lime Crime cosmetics.

Investment Banks Do Provide Help For Small Businesses

Investment banking is commonly thought off as something very large corporations engage in. Corporations most certainly do meet with investment banking firm representatives. These businesses positively must put their money to work in viable vehicles. The investments have to be safe ones and the funds in those investments must grow. This is also something individuals do with their money when the discuss matters with a financial or investment advisor. What can small businesses do? Is there an avenue for them to turn to safeguard money and allow the funds to grow? Yes, small businesses should turn towards investments banks.

Investment banks do work with large corporations. Small businesses also are taken on as a client by investment banks. There are several unique ways an investment bank could help a newly established business or an entrepreneurial endeavors.

Investment banks commonly serve as lenders to small businesses. Small businesses can go to any type of institution and request help with financing. An investment bank might prove to be the better choice for certain businesses in particular situations. The professionals like James Dondero working at an investment bank could also serve in an advisory capacity in regards to business plans and goals. A standard lender does not do this. Businesses small and large are frequently reliant on advisors in various business matters. An investment bank may provide multifaceted advice in addition to facilitated a very important loan.

If there was one major benefit that an investment bank delivers to a small business support for a growth strategy would top the list. Growth comes in many forms. A a small business may wish to open up two or three more stores in a five-year period. Another small business may have a multi-year plan that lead to an IPO. Going either route can be a difficult task for any enterprise with limited assets and personnel.

James Dondero, Highland Capital Management’s President and Co-Founder, is an example of someone who is able to serve as a “guiding light” to businesses in need of advice. Dondero has a wide range of experience in investing, lending, and even philanthropy. Experience and expertise are two traits an advisor must possess and Dondero is an example of someone who would be a source of help to a growing small or large business.

Small businesses may have very large plans. With the right funding, support, and advice, the business has the potential to achieve those desired goals. Investment banks exist as a potential source for help in all these matters.

Facts About Heads Propaganda

As per Wikipedia, Jose Buffo and Claudio Loureiro established the Heads Propaganda advertising agencies in 1989. The firm came at a time when the economic level of the nation was unstable. The team was focused on making it through the economic situation, and it set out specific goals that could guide them. They carried out a market research to identify the demands and preferences of the potential customers for them to know products to produce and the level of services to offer. Heads provided their clients with first line services, and this attracted several media groups. They were able to have their first loyal customers within a short period.

In 2002, the company decided to change its managerial and ownership structure to one that gave them more control of their operations. The changes have brought a rapid increase in the profits. The records show that the organization has reached many people. Technology has also boosted their operations by making it easy to reach their clients and their shareholders. For an advertising house, they will use the modern tools to come up with attractive designs and graphics that will help fulfill the demands of their clients. Modern tools and equipment help to ensure that the services given to clients are of good quality.

For any profit-making firm to prosper, it need to have strong leadership and management. Claudio Loureiro, an entrepreneur in Brazil, founded the largest advertising firm in this country. He established the agency to meet the demand from the public that were seeking to promote their companies and products. He joined Pontifica University in Parana where he completed his undergraduate studies in law. He has won several awards during his practice as the best advertising expert in this region. Loureiro has also worked as a producer on various films giving him a chance to interact with many parties in the industry.

Staffs will determine the level of success of the company. This particular firm has invested in educating their workers to ensure they are aware of the changes taking place in the industry. Introducing experts who have specialized in field to train the employees ensures they get the best skills. Heads agencies welcome new graduates from college and universities to work as internships for them to gain the required skills. They have come up with a system to absorb them after training them to work in the various units. Staffs work in improving their relationship with the customers to ensure they remain updated with the changing taste of the clients.

The private company has created employment to both the local and foreign people. It pays revenue to the government and provides security to the local community. Many people have also identified their talents due to the help of this company. It also participates in Corporate Social Responsibilities. Reports from the agency outline that they have taken part in developing social amenities and donating to the needy citizens. They also contribute to the growth of the education and the medical wellbeing of the local society. It aims at alleviating poverty and supporting the local talents.