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Why Lime Crime is a must have for makeup lovers.

Stylish nails are not a thing that can be easily achieved however with Lime Crime the makeup line on tumblr, the look can be easily mastered. The appearance of marble nails or jewel crusted nails can be obtained with the help of Lime Crime.

Nails are important to showcase for woman and should be matched in beauty to the jewelry on the hands of women. The jewelry is sparkling and therefore why shouldn’t the hands of the women wearing the beautiful jewelry. With nail polish choices by Lime Crime, any look is made possible and more women are realizing what they have been missing out on once they try the nail polish line for the first time.

Eyeliners and eye shadow are going to make your eyes pop no matter what color choice you make when doing your makeup each and every morning before school or work. The eye liners can be paired identically to the eye shadow or can be a bold choice made intentionally to not match your eye shadow. The grunge eye shadow line can be worn to any function and is not made to be specifically worn by any specific type of person.

The Zodiac glitter is one way to add and embellish the eyes or really any area. The glitter is beautiful and marks the onset of makeup choices that will allow you to broadcast your individuality without sacrificing taste.

The makeup can be worn to almost any function no matter if it is a wedding, baby shower or simply to school for the day. If you know someone who loves makeup but is put off by the traditional colors, the color choices by Lime Crime is one choice that will have your loved ones or friends speechless.

The makeup line leaves people speechless not only because of the colors that are made or exhibited by Lime Crime but also because the makeup is not tested on animals and is certified as being cruelty free. More makeup lines are offering cruelty free makeup choices however not all makeup lines will carry the color palette that you will find with Lime Crime.

The Lime Crime company was established by a fellow makeup lover who decided that because she was unable to match a color palette of her liking to any other makeup line, she instead would make her own palette colors to match her individuality as well as others who would enjoy and crave the color options available to the public from Lime Crime.

The color palette is not meant to be worn by those who like the traditional color choices as they may find that this color palette is too bold for their taste or liking. The colors instead should be worn by those individuals who crave bold and eccentric color choices. The colors that are readily available to consumers can be purchased do holidays, birthdays and any other special event where a present is a must have. The present would be the talk of the party once people realize the colors of the lip sticks, eyeliners, mascara and even nail polish.

990Sells Makes Moving A Breeze

990Sells is a home sales and moving clearinghouse for American families. Selling a home, buying a home and moving is a stressful process, and 990 sells homes has created a process that is much simpler for every homeowner. This article explores how 990Sells makes life simple for every user, and homeowners can simplify their move using resources offered by 990Sells. There is no need to pay too much in commission or move without knowing all the facts first.

#1: 990Sells Keeps Commission Low

990Sells keeps commission as low as $990, and homeowners who have purchased a home in the past know that $990 is nothing compared to the exorbitant commissions charged by some agents. The commissions may rise slightly based on the services each customer uses, but a base rate of $990 is so low that anyone can afford to sell a house without losing money. The search engine allows users to find new listings, or a listing can be created with no upfront fee.

#2: Moving Resources

990Sells offers moving resources for customers who are unsure of how to pack up everything they own. There is a moving resource book offered by 990Sells, and homeowners can use these resources to make their moves as efficient as possible. Moving can cost far too much money when users do not have help, and 990Sells helps users save even more money while they are shopping.

#3: Who Is The Agent?

Users may search for agents in their area, and the site automatically sends an email to users with a profile of their agent. Users get to know their agent quickly, and users may change agents at any time. The search function also allows users to find homes in a certain area. The agent information for each home is listed, and home shoppers may speak directly to the agent for the home. The home shopping process is cut down to mere moments, and the commissions on the house are still incredibly low.

#4: 990Sells Advertises Everywhere

990Sells is a website dedicated to customer service, and every listing is sent to all the major online home shopping outlets. There is a long list of places where the property will be listed, and the site maintains the listing until the house is sold. Users need not search on every website for a house when 990Sells offers a listing for every house on all those sites at once.

The 990Sells philosophy is savings and information. Users will save incredible amounts of money on their homes, and the site offers more information than any other. Contact with the seller’s agent happens immediately, and sellers may list their homes for almost nothing. 990Sells speeds up the selling process for all parties involved.


Handy: A Cleaning and Handyman Service Ahead of Its Time
Handy is a mobile home service based in New York, which was established by Umang Dua and Osin Hanrahan that allows one to order a handyman or a home cleaner from one’s mobile device, such as an iphone or an android device. The Handy brand on youtube was birthed in 2012 at Harvard Business School by both Dua and Hanrahan, where they both met one another as roommates for the very first time. They dabbled around with start-up ideas until one day they were both motivated by their messy room to start a cleaning and handyman service. Hanrahan and Dua began to recruit freelance cleaning personnel and a few engineers then started building up clientel. By the summer of 2012 the two businessmen were accepted into Highland Capital, where they would start to actually build their business. The company has been very successful, having achieved a booking rate of over a million dollars a week in only a two year time frame. The Handy brand has grown dramatically in a very short time span and raised over twelve million dollars. Most of the Handy brand’s revenue is generated from the company’s home cleaning services rather than its handyman services. The success of the brand thus far is due to being manage by Highland Capital Partners, and General Catalyst Partners. The company’s sales inflated sixty percent in only a three month time span. Handy offers its services to London as well as twenty five cities in the US and two cities in Canada. With the company’s success, it has been able to employ cleaning professionals offering a flexible schedule and an average pay rate of about eighteen dollars an hour. Handy makes sure to hire the best cleaning personnel making sure to screen each potential employee thoroughly. While only three percent of potential employees are hired, the Handy service offers a money back guarantee if one doesn’t find the work acceptable as well as covering the cost of any damaged goods that may have been damaged during the cleaning process. The Handy brand was built upon the fact that it offers reliable services from well experienced personnel as well as being known as a very reputable cleaning and handyman service that is trustworthy. The proof is in the pudding, the consumer is getting increasingly comfortable with the thought of ordering a professional home cleaner or handyman through a mobile service. The company, itself, has shown more than enough potential to grow beyond just a handyman and home cleaning services.

What Everyone Needs to Learn About Using Skout

When it comes to dating, no one wants to end up with the wrong partner. In fact this is among the worst scenarios one can ever imagine. Getting the right person entails more than just choosing an appealing personal image. It is necessary to search for someone in the same mission as you are. This means it is advisable to first understand what the other person wants in a relationship. However, using traditional methods of dating it can be difficult to get all this information. Platforms such as Skout has made it easier to locate the right partner and to offer information about the person that one needs to get in touch with. Skout is a leading developer that has managed to create different dating platforms for all users. The Skout application has been so popular for the many useful features that are incorporated in the product and many people have been able to find love through this platform.

Looking at the interface, one will realize that Skout is created for all levels of users and is made to offer as much flexibility as there can be. The system is created with easy-to-use features and comprises of a great looking interface. It does not matter whether it is the first time on the application because all details that are useful to guiding users are provided precisely. When installed, Skout does not need much space to run. It is available for users both on Android and iOS systems. Unlike most applications that when installed slow the system, Skout does not offer such an effect and rather maintains the speed that is supposed to prevail for the system to run seamlessly. Even when one looks at the rating and reviews left by different users, it will be easy to realize that Skout is a reliable dating application and website that allows users to express their freedom.

Searching for information about different uses on the platform has been made easy by the fact that Skout offers a system that allows for easy navigation through the many members that are available on the system. Skout is one of the biggest dating platforms and it can be difficult to locate the right partner without features that help users to sort through easily. The sort feature is designed in a manner that allows members to browse for information using criterion like age and location. This makes it easier to get specific results about the type of persons one is looking for.

It is also worth noting that Skout has been instrumental in ensuring all details provided by members are secured and made secret to the users only. No information is released for public access, something that offers members the confidence of browsing through the system. Also among advantages members are guaranteed to receive is the pricing offered by the Skout team. They offer affordable rates that are fair for all users and are always available to offer support services especially for new members who are struggling to understand the system.

Susan McGalla: Role Model For Women In Business

These days there are many business women who are peddling their advice around town, but many offer only vague, cookie cutter advice for those looking to get their career off the ground. bizjournals’ Susan McGalla, knows what women are looking for and through her consulting firm P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, she offers business women expert advice about branding, marketing, and how to get a business off the ground.

Susan has done many speaking engagements, offering her sound business advice to a variety of audiences, including at the Carnegie Mellon University Series and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburg. Ms. McGalla realizes that women don’t want fluff, they want honest, proven methods that produce results.
This is an evolutionary time for individuals looking to break into the business world.

The youngest of three children, Susan McGalla, had two older brothers and a football coach for a dad. As she grew up, Susan was encouraged to work hard and to present her ideas openly throughout her formative years. As a result of this strong upbringing, it never occurred to McGalla that there were any limitations in being a woman. As a matter of fact, she didn’t even realize there could be. Her parents raised her to excel and push forward no matter what.

Susan attributes her strong upbringing to her success in business. After attaining her BA from Mount Union College, Ms. McGalla began a career with Joseph Horne Company and then in 1994, she moved on American Eagle where she found success in a male dominated company. She moved up the chain of command there, eventually attaining the position of President and CMO.

Susan has since branched out on her own, and currently advises others as a top financial consultant. In this format, she is able to achieve higher personal goals as well as full autonomy.

Susan McGalla enjoys encouraging other women to push forward in their aspirations and hopes to serve as a role model for women looking to excel in the business world, as well as, young girls searching for a career path. She attributes her success to a can do attitude and the fact that her parents expected as much from her as from their sons. This led her to feel that she was no different than them and that the playing field was even for all, which allowed her to plow forward in her own way, never stopping to notice that she was one of the only women at the top.

Details of Atlanta Hawks Ownership Bid Finally Emerging

The two Hawks ownership front-runners are finally emerging as the lengthy process of selling the Philips Arena and the franchise enters the seventh month. Several people who can be said to be in the know have disclosed that two groups can now be considered to be the finalists. The current owners of Hawks and the prospective buyers are said to have signed non-disclosure agreements preventing them from publicly speaking about the process of the sale.

The Genesis of Hawk’s Sale

The Atlanta Hawks came up for sale in January following a September email that came from Bruce Levenson the principal owner, expressing some personal concerns. Mr. Bruce Levenson of prnewswire is the partner and Co-Founder at the huge United Communications Group (UGC). He co-founded UCG in 1977 with Mr. Ed Peskowitz and even after being with the company for 27, he continues to propel the business strategy of UCG and plays a huge part in the acquisition efforts of the firm. In addition, he is the Owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC.

The Bid Particulars

It is reported that entrepreneur Antony Ressler has come into an agreement to acquire the Hawks for an estimated sale price of about $850 million, according to confirmed sources. The sale of the Atlanta Hawks is going to be financed partly by cash and the assumption of some of the outstanding debt. Sources close to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN have indicated that Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer and CEO Steve Koonin are likely to become part of the new owner’s long-range plans.

Budenholzer, in his press conference just ahead to Hawks 1st round series of Game 2 against the Brooklyn Nets, confirmed that he was aware of the sale reports but insisted he was more focused on the game.

Sources informed Shelburne that the impeding deal, which also includes Philips Arena operating control, is expected to be made public later on Wednesday. Earlier, Yahoo! Sports had reported that a deal was close between Ressler’s group and the Hawks. The Hawks are said to have engaged the services of Inner Circle Sports and Goldman Sachs to handle the whole process. A number of interested parties have been meeting in Atlanta after the preliminary bids became due on Feb. 24.

The Hawks Current Status

As the Eastern Conference the No. 1 seed, the Atlanta Hawks host on Wednesday night the Brooklyn Nets in first-round series Game 2. Currently Atlanta is leading the series at 1-0. They have secured the Eastern Conference the top seed and are thus set for what may turn out to be a long playoff run. Should they go on to clinch the NBA championship, it’s possible that Adam Silver, the Commissioner could be handing the Larry O’Brien trophy to the present ownership.

Final Verdict

Although there is an April 10 deadline for final bids, that date could get shifted because theoretically, additional bids are still under consideration. Nevertheless, reliable sources have indicated with some degree of certainty that as of now, there are only two finalists for the Atlanta Hawks sale bid. The entire process however could take until June for it to be conclusively finalised.