The investigation, Analysis and Communication Solutions for Inmates from Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based prison technology company, founded in the year 1986, and works to provide communication solutions, and managing investigations through monitoring information between the inmates and outsiders to ensure safety to the public. The company serves over 1.2 million incarcerated people and works with over 3,450 agencies and correctional facilities in America. Our company has over 1000 employees from all around the United States.

In the ever-evolving field of technology, we, therefore, have to keep up with new technology innovations, so as to pass on the advancements to correctional facilities. Recently, we endorsed the latest software from JLG Technologies, Investigator Pro 4.0. The software came with a number of new features such as the ability to track voice samples from both parties that are then used to identify the voice from any other call sources.

JLG Technologies, from its Chief Operating Officer Michael Kester, was confident of the new software saying it would go a long way in helping investigators curb criminal activities before they happen. He also stated that the toolkit, with its heightened sophistication in Biometric levels, will help uncover high-profile gang-related crimes, that happen across correctional facilities. The toolkits have also eased the otherwise tedious and in most cases confusing criminal gang-related networks, that operate via telephone with inmates, by offering the voice identification searchable feature. Our investigators will now be able to easily notice suspicious outside parties by tracking the other inmates that particular parties have communicated with.

The toolkit will also assist our investigators in identifying if the suspicious parties have ever been incarcerated before, or if any of the former inmates are still in contact with the current inmates. Our company maintains advanced monitoring solutions, that help in keeping track of current locations of inmates in the facility for public safety.


Why Go To Work At Workville’s NYC Coworking Space?


As the name implies, coworking spaces are just that, a place where you go to work. But they represent a dynamic shift away from some of the traditional norms of going to work. Coworking spaces are becoming popular places where employees who do the bulk of their work outside the office can setup shop with their own work habitat, or places where self-employed people can start clientele networking. And much of what you need to get started such as office space, printers, fax, mail service, and of course coffee machines are usually provided at coworking spaces, so all you need to do is bring your computer or mobile device there to get going.

So why travel to a coworking space instead of just working from home? Working from home will always be an option, and in some cases coworking spaces also include coliving suites which function as a sort of dorm apartment, but that’s another topic not included here. But simply working from home can get lonely, especially if you’re a social butterfly who loves to interact with other people, make new friends, or just looking for an atmosphere that motivates you to be productive. And at a coworking space, you just might be able to pick up another job if you’re having a slow day with your current one. Plus, many coworking spaces come with some recreational rooms where you can play pool or watch TV after hours, or fitness rooms where you can workout or have a relaxing massage once your day is done.

Offices for rent in New York City available at Workville are great new coworking spaces, and here you can come to work and enjoy yourself. Getting to WorkvilleNYC isn’t too difficult from public transportation as it’s in very close proximity to Times Square and the Financial District, and you have quite a variety of options to choose from while renting a workspace there. You can choose between open workspaces in a lounge or café type setting, or get your own private office suite if you’re willing to pay a little more. WorkvilleNYC also has conference rooms and special dining areas, as well as open terraces if you’re planning on reserving the place for your own events. You can access the building 24/7 and on-site cleaning staff are there to tidy the place after hours. You can schedule a tour of WorkvilleNYC by going to or by giving them a call.

Adam Goldenberg is taking JustFab to new heights

While New York is known for having some of the biggest business headquarters in the world, they do have several rivals. The glitz and shine of Los Angeles are extremely attractive to businesses in the fashion industry, and many companies choose to locate there. There are hundreds of successful business leaders live and work in Los Angeles, and Adam Goldenberg is one of them. Adam Goldenberg currently serves as co-CEO of JustFab and has already had a great career.

Adam has always wanted to change the world with his business skills. At the age of 15, Adam founded Gamers Alliance, his first company. The company was incredibly successful, and three years later he sold it to Intermix Media. Intermix wanted to add him to the leadership team, so he quit high school and joined the company. When Adam was just 20, he was named Chief Operating Officer. Adam Goldenberg was the youngest COO of a publicly traded company at the time. During his time at Intermix, Adam met Don Ressler. The pair would go on to make a major impact on the business world.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became friends and they started several companies together. They started by creating a brand incubator platform called Intelligent beauty. The company was successful, so the two moved on to other projects. Adam and Don have founded numerous successful health and beauty brands over the years, and they started to work out the details of a personalized shopping experience on crosscut.vcthat would live online. They wanted the excitement of social media to merge with the fashion world. Adam and Don also wanted this experience to be completely affordable.

The pair knew that their idea was largely untapped, so they had a grand opportunity to capitalize on the situation. Successful online endeavors have to be fun, social, and engaging. They launched JustFab by expanding Intelligent Beauty on YouTube. JustFab is a truly unique service that captures the excitement of the fashion industry in the online world. The service allows members to receive a selection of fashion items tailored to their personal taste on a monthly basis, and it only costs $39.95 a month.

Adam and Don are determined to make JustFab a revolutionary product. They are not just a subscription service, they are a way to keep engagement high. They interact with their customers regularly and are working hard to meet their needs. The company is constantly expanding and Adam has left a major impact there.

Norka Luque’s Amazing Musical Journey

Norka Luque is among the few female musicians who have cemented themselves as talented and humble icons with no controversies in their careers. She uses her golden voice to inspire the hopeless in the society. Her song lyrics are carefully composed to include words that have a moral impact on listeners.

Born in a middle-income family in Venezuela, Norka was always a sweet dreamer who made her parents admire her intentions. As a result, they gave her an unconditional support to exploit her love for music. They enrolled her in ivy-league musical training schools in her country. While making music, Norka also decided to pursue her normal academic ambitions. She became a Business Administration student in France and got a degree. She also explored other options including Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion.

While in France, she did not stop her musical ambitions. She became part of a band that performed in events within the university and the neighboring community. It was this time that she received a special call from Emillio Estefa Jr, a renowned Venezuelan producer. This opened doors for her long-time dream to become a great musician. Norka Luque could not hide her joy of becoming part of Emilio’s record label.

While under Emilio, Norka produced many songs that became big hits in Venezuela and neighboring countries. She worked with a team of composers known as Luigi Giraldo who played an integral role towards the release of her song “Miracle”. The song was a huge success and topped the charts for 14 weeks in a row. Since then, her name has always been a respected one in Venezuelan music industry. She has performed with several high-profile artists including Grupo Treo, Santaye and Jossie Cardoba. She has also featured in Billboards events in her home country.

Norka musical career is far from over. She currently has her own label known as Norka Music. She uses the label to sign new artists and nurture them to become talented and skilled individuals. She also uses the label to promote her songs and bring a positive message to her fans. She is promoting her new song “Milargo” in Venezuela and US. According to her, the song is an embodiment of hope to people who are burdened by personal and family issues. Norka Luque’s destiny is music, the cornerstone of her happiness and purpose in life. She lives in Miami, Florida where she enhances her musical career.

Bob Reina Inspires, Gives to Great Causes

Bob Reina is a rare CEO that has a mission to change the world. He is known by his associates a great leader with a shining light on what should be done to better the lives of others. And it isn’t just a physical manner he wants to help people. He truly believes that he has a “greater responsibility” to help others realize their dreams due to his success.

The vision and commitment to changing the world is apparent. It seems to trickle down the organization, as it now a part of their corporate DNA at Talk Fusion, the technology company he founded in 2007.

It seems that the goodness Reina is spreading in the world starts right at home in the business. He provides instant pay for all associates, so they aren’t waiting around to get their funds. This way, they are able to better pay their bills, medical expenses, and help out friends and family with their monetary needs.

But Bob Reina doesn’t leave it at that. He is always finding more ways to give back. In fact, he allows his employees in over 140 different countries to help out by offering one free account to a charity that they choose. This free Talk Fusion account is not just the basics either, like some other companies do. It is loaded with all the best features of a premium custom account. They can access video email, video newsletters, video conferences, email templates, live chat, and more. Reina feels that every great nonprofit deserves a voice, and like a great leader he is giving it to them.

More About Reina

Bob Reina has personally broken donation records by giving $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Florida. He also donates to orphanages in Nepal, victims funds in Nepal, earthquake victims in Japan, and animal rights shelters.

Reina began as a criminologist with the police force. Clearly, he has a history of helping as a public servant. But he saw an opportunity to help even more people and change the world with video marketing services, so he founded Talk Fusion in 2007. He has continued to give back consistently, which you can see more about at

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Talk Fusion Diamond Rush Motivational Moments… by MollyJimenez

Legal Representation Services that are offered to the SEC Whistleblowers.

The Congress’ approval of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and the Consumer Protection led to a significant evolution of the United States’ finance industry. The enactment took place in 2010, and it was the first noteworthy amendment since the Great Depression. The passing of the Dodd-Frank Law facilitated the formation of a competent whistleblower protection program. The plan is dedicated to guaranteeing the protection of all individuals who volunteer to give useful intelligence to the Securities and Exchange Commission on institutions that violate the federal securities laws. The whistleblower protection laws guarantee job security to the SEC informants and gives that a right to receive a financial motivation from the commission.

Since the enacting of the whistleblower protection acts, various law companies have been created in the United States with a primary aim of providing legal services for the informants. One of the principal firms in the whistleblower representation sector is the Labaton Sucharow law company. It is a pioneer in the business, and it has managed to establish unique platforms for offering its legal solutions. The firm has a strong whistleblower representation practice that guides its team of investigators, financial analysts and forensic auditors who have ample information on how the law is implemented.

The undertakings of the Labaton Sucharow law firm are governed by Mr. Jordan A. Thomas who was formerly employed by the SEC as the assistant director and the Department of Enactment’s deputy principal litigation counsel. He is acknowledged for being a major participant in the formation of the whistleblower representation program and its implementation.

The regulations of the whistleblower protection program state that the informant should be offered 10-30 percent of the money that the commission gains as penalties from the offenders. The sanctions’ threshold is one million dollars, but an additional financial reward can still be given to the informant if the engagements of other law enforcement agencies lead to extra fines. The Doff-Frank Act also indicates that employers do not have the right to revenge to the whistleblowers for offering information to the SEC.

The commission also allows the informant to provide information without disclosing his or her identity, and this can be done through the representation of an attorney. The first consultation at the SEC is free, and the organization assures attorney-client privilege protection for any intelligence that is given. They also provide a free interpreter to encourage foreigners to give any information that they have on rogue companies.

What Lip Balm Do You Carry With You At All Times?

Lip balm is one of the most important items you will find in any women’s purse. It’s an absolute must. A recent beauty article did a study and found that on average, a woman applies lip balm between 2 and 30 times a day. What we eat and drink, the types of stress we encounter, our current health and hydration status; so many things can account for the drying of lips and the need to reach for that blessed little tube to quench our lips and provide us with a burst of instant relief.

So, which one to choose? Many tried and true staples have held their ground steadily, the Original Chapstick, the occasional roll-on lip gloss, Carmex, and Nivea. These have all proven to help moisture seekers to some degree, although not with total lip satisfaction. But there is one product out there on the market that has really stood out and grabbed women’s attention everywhere. The product I am referring to is Evolution of Smooth. This product has refreshingly new colors and flavors, including Vanilla Mint Visibly Soft Lip Balm, Coconut Milk Visibly Soft Lip Balm, Blackberry Nectar, Honeysuckly Honeydew and many others. And those are just in the round new spherical shaped containers with the easy twist off caps.

Evolution of Smooth also offers straight tube versions of smoothing stick lip balms for those who like the feel of a more traditional tube. Both offer new scents, flavors, tints and colors with unique softening properties that really do last longer than others on the market. These beauty must haves can be found at Target, Walmart,, and other fine cosmetic counters. And to sweeten the deal even more, check out the eos website, where you can also buy multi-packs of lip balm, hand lotion, and their wonderful Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. All in beautiful packaging, you can collect your favorite items while giving back for a charitable cause!

Visit the EOS Facebook page for more information.

IAP World Services Announces Acquisition of DRS Technologies And Tactical Communication And Network Solutions

IAP Worldwide Services, one of the largest providers of defense contracting and telecommunications services in the world has just announced the acquisition of DRS Technologies Inc.(DRS) of Oklahoma City and Tactical Communications & Network Solution (TCNS) in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The company plans to integrate the services of both corporations to provide even better service to countries around the world.

The acquisition is important as it will increase world wide capabilities by 50 percent. Both TCNS and DRS’s aviation, engineering, information technology and communications platforms will not only be a natural fit, it will also help in the company’s expansion efforts.

“We have a long-term growth strategy in mind. Our technological needs are forever changing,” said IAP Worldwide CEO Doug Kitani. “We were already one of the leading such companies in the world, and now we are definitely on top through these acquisitions.”

IAP is committed to focused discipline and streamline operations. Contributing the best possible service to a variety of governmental entities is the number one reason why IAP is the most trustworthy in the business.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

IAP has a long and rich history. The company was founded in 1953 as Pan Am World Services. IAP Worldwide Services supplied maintenance and engineering support for many of the early missile launches in Cape Canaveral, Florida. By 1990, the company was acquired by Johnson Controls and soon became the leader in military base management.

By the time Desert Storm rolled around, IAP was fully operational in Saudi Arabia. They supplied mobile power, emergency relief and transportation services for the troops. To this day, the company still has a strong relationship with the military. By 2005 on, IAP acquired Readiness Management Support (RMS) to become one of the largest leaders in global operations, logistics and base support.

Today, IAP provides support for a number of global organizations and military bases. They employ over 20,000 people worldwide and have over 100 locations. The company is committed to providing safe an innovative solutions to meet the needs of customers. The company headquarters have remained in Cape Canaveral, FL for 60 years. Other offices are in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Washington D.C.

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Dick DeVos and his Success Story

Dick DeVos is not only a member of the prominent DeVos family that is located in Michigan, but he is also a businessman in his own right who has dedicated that past four decades of his life to helping others and to preserving the family legacy that has continued to grow over many years thanks to not only the family business, but also to the family’s generosity towards many organizations. Dick DeVos became a businessman in order to follow in his father’s footsteps who are the co-founder of Amway Corporation, a company that specializes in providing many health and household products to homes all over the world.

Dick DeVos, before ever earning a formal education, was a part of the family business at Amway Corporation. Even as a child, Dick DeVos has many fond memories of playing within his brother in the basement of his family home. The basement, at the time that Dick DeVos was a child, acted as the headquarters for the family business. As Dick DeVos and his brother grew older, they helped where they could which included running errands for the employees, taking calls, filing papers, as well as stocking the shelves with the products. Dick DeVos even remembers giving product descriptions to the clients of the company before college.

By his college years, Dick DeVos knew without a doubt that he would be earning a business degree. From even a young age, Dick DeVos was a part of business and had fond memories working with business. By 1974, Dick DeVos has earned a degree in business management and began working as an official employee at Amway Corporation. Though this was a family business, Dick DeVos separated himself and proved himself to be a businessman as well as a leader in his own right. Over ten years, Dick DeVos climbed the ladder towards success to be involved with several different sectors of the company to learn the business.

By 1984, Dick DeVos earned his first opportunity to show his talents as a businessman. The position that he earned was the vice president who was in charge of international sales. While holding this position, Dick DeVos truly made himself stand out and eventually earned the position as the CEO of the company and lead the company into the future. As a dedicated son and a dedicated husband, every business decision Dick DeVos has made has had his family in mind.

Norka Luque Showcase on Music being Her Fate

Norka Luque is a US-based Venezuelan singer who believes that music is her destiny owing to her blessed family, life lessons, cultures and languages that have led to her belief. She was able to burst into the music scene through the support of her producer Emilio Estefan. She was in the country for her showcase where the producer presented her album “Miracle” which is already getting airplay in various Latino radio stations. In order to make the album a success, Estefan had to bring on board various major producers like Alberto and Ricardo Gaitan brothers, Archie Pena, Luis Giraldo and Cuco Pena from Puerto Rico. In an interview, Norka stated that the team took a long time in deliberating the definition of her genre. Her music is a fusion of various rhythms with some ballads, rock, tropical, rhythms & blues and pop.

Norka has been in touch with music ever since she was a young child and she took part in various competitions. After she was through with her high school, she went to France to continue with her studies in the area of International Business but her passion for music still boiled inside her. She decided to find a band, “Bad Moon Rising, funk and rock”, as music was constantly on her mind. She went on to appear in different platforms and this shaped her career development to the solo artist she is today. After her studies she then went back to the United States and took more singing lessons alongside culinary arts and fashion.

About Norka Luque

Norka Luque was born on February 7, 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela. Her whole life story and her path to becoming the great singer she is today is full of inspirations and motivation as she followed her passion ever since her childhood to her adulthood. Latino Show Magazine mentions that she has a definite goal in the music she sings and that is to relay a message of positivity and hope to her fans. Her parents supported her when she was a child by enrolling her for musical lessons. She was also trained in voice practice, ballet, flamenco as well as her academics.

During her time in France, she was a student undertaking an International Business degree course. She had a stint with a music band as she was looking for a way to keep herself in touch with music. Later on she met Emilio Stefani Jr. and this signified the taking off of her career. Emilio got impressed by her music and took her on board. Norka wants her music to change the world for the better.

More information for Norka Luque: